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Getting a Grip on Sports Eyewear

Photographed by NEDJELJKO MATURA
Fashion Editor: GLORIA NICOLA

Left: LIVE EXTREME from Live Eyewear • Circle No. 225
Right: FALCON Tri-Pack from Hilco • Circle No. 221
Into extreme board sports?  Going mountain biking? Teeing off on the links? Casting about for a quiet day of fishing? There’s a sports glass designed to meet every need and then some. So push the limits… of Form, Fit and Function. This is eyewear as equipment. Get a firm grip on the sports niche… and face it head on.
A Fitting Solution
Streamlined and ergonomically engineered to fit the contours of the face, sports frames that hug the head and stay secure even in the most rigorous conditions are a must. Rubberized, grippable nose pieces and temple tips—adjustable, durable and sweatproof—enhance comfort and fit. And note, sports glasses—more than other eyewear—need to be designed to stay on top of the head or hang comfortably around the neck when not in use.

From left: FREEON from Rudy Project • Circle No. 233; ADIDAS Thruster A270 from Silhouette Optical • Circle No. 234; COLUMBIA XST Alpine Lite 8001 from L’Amy Group • Circle No. 223; KORE Vented from Kaenon Polarized • Circle No. 222
Water, Water Everywhere…
…But not on lenses. Hydrophobic lens treatments facilitate the runoff of water droplets from the lens surface, maintaining vision free of distortion typically caused by wearing glasses in an aquatic environment or in the rain. Ideal for surfers, sailors and all water sports enthusiasts.

From top: ZERORH+ West Nile from Allison Eyewear • Circle No. 217; CHAMPION 359 from B. Robinson Optical • Circle No. 231; MAGNESIUM M-FRAME from Oakley • Circle No. 229

From left: PORSCHE DESIGN 3001 from Rodenstock North America • Circle No. 232; REC SPECS Freestyle 2 from Liberty Optical • Circle No. 224; WILSON 5001 from Aoyama USA • Circle No. 218
Venting and anti-fog systems continue to grow in sophistication and style. Innovative designs allow air flow through the top of the frame without letting light back in. Some styles have actual controls the wearer can adjust to manage air flow to the eyes.

From left: RIPP RS from Native Eyewear • Circle No. 228; SNAKE Pinnax from BollĂ©/Subsidiary
of Bushnell Performance Optics • Circle No. 219; GPX Polarized 3920 from Gargoyles • Circle No. 220

From top: Scoop HS from Spy • Circle No. 236; TIMBERLAND T325 from Rem Eyewear • Circle No. 230; REVO 2013 from Luxottica Group • Circle No. 226; RECORDER from Smith Sport Optics • Circle No. 235