Eyewear and Trends: Frames and Sunwear Trends



These pieces are the ultimate in eyewear accessories. They are real… real pieces of jewelry. Made with the same materials and techniques used in the jewelry industry. And just as a beautiful, carefully selected piece of jewelry enhances a wardrobe, these designs not only add new dimension to ultraspecial luxury eyewear, they can stand alone as the elegant jewelry they are.

Photographed by Ned Matura

From top: LOREE RODKIN Eyewear Necklace, sterling silver, from Sama Eyewear; TORRE DE GRECO Necglass EG 774, Mediterranean coral, pearls, faceted amethyst, faceted onyx and sterling silver, from Denise Solay Designs; BUTTE RFLY NECKLACE made of palm tree wood with leather butterfly, from Face a Face; LA LOOP 207, peridot stones with sterling silver, from La Loop

UltraExtra Trends
  • Sterling silver
  • Yellow gold, bronze, steel
  • Semi-precious and precious stones
  • Customized, one-of-a kind and limited-edition designs
  • Exotic materials—wood, horn, coral