Material Witness
It’s not just a pair of eyeglasses. Witness that with this eyewear.

Unique Boutique
Optique Unique: A vibrantly whimsical eyeglass store brings quality and service to the suburbs of New Jersey.

Freedom Under the Sun
When it comes to eyewear’s Declaration of Independents, sunwear may just be the proudest signature.



The Story of Five Covers
It’s showtime with five brands for five cover stories.

Insight for Expo
Make these eyewear trends your Show-To-Go-To.

Sun Kinda Wonderful
Depend on SUN to push the eye style envelope.

Your atTENtion Please
Focus your atTENtion on ten special frames setting trends in today’s opti-sphere

Eye'll Take Blake
Celebrated eyewear designer Blake Kuwahara sets the bar for true eyewear art.

Think Independently
The eyewear scene is ripe for powerful independent thinking.