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You're Eyeweared

The Donald 'Trumps' Eyewear



The Donald “Trumps” optical with a Branded Eyewear Collection that Signatures his acclaimed name, fame and style
Hold onto that eyewear Donald. It will help your vision AND your branded businesses.

He’s taller than you would imagine. And MUCH leaner than he appears on TV. And… yes… that is his hair. And it’s really not that bad. Sort of like a one-year-old (red-headed) baby’s hair.

And in no way is he dismissive even though his public persona has soared thanks to his recent reality show, “The Apprentice,” and his catch-phrase “You’re Fired!” In fact, it actually seems like “You’re Hired!” might be Donald Trump’s greatest success-salvo since one of his most brilliant business acumens seems to be surrounding himself with the most talented people for the job at hand.

He’s totally done that with his new Donald J. Trump Signature Collection of eyewear from Eyewear Designs. Now we won’t try to fool you into thinking we spent hours chatting with our buddy Donald about the color potential of zyl, the astonishing ascent of semi-rimless and the potential pitfalls of having Omarosa peddle mirrored pince-nez. Our time with him was extremely brief. We never even got to sit… although he did. He just suddenly appeared in a conference room in his Trump Towers office suite, solidly shook hands, snickered slightly when we handed him a copy of 20/20 and immediately commented on the fact that we should be suing ABC’s 20/20 news magazine show for stealing our name.

“So you folks put out a magazine on eyewear. That’s good because I feel glasses are gaining in importance. That’s what Andrea [Gluck, Eyewear Design’s co-president and the driving force behind bringing the branded Trump collection to optical] tells me and I believe her because they’re [Eyewear Designs… remember? You need to follow fast here because when a born-n-bred New Yorker makes a point the logic is there but the latitude of thought is broad and rapid] the best I’ve found to create an eyewear brand that’s worthy of the Trump name and what people expect when they buy something great with my name on it.”

Whew. At this point we’re just there to keep pace as Trump notes HIS accent AND Andrea’s accent and MY accent all speeding solidly down Queens Boulevard since birth. “You look like a pretty smart guy. You sound like one too. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the Trump glasses and since you’re wearing glasses you can tell me that we’re on target here, which, of course, we are.” They are… and it’s a pleasure telling him about some recent trends in eyewear and even edging in a question about his vision and the possibility of his wearing glasses.
“Right now I see things by wearing a contact lens in one eye but I want to start wearing glasses and I can prove that by putting these on for you right now.” He does that and then obliges by keeping them on for the whole super-sonic photo shoot. “Andrea, can you make me up a few pairs of these? James, should I get plastic lenses or glass ones. Which’r better? Can we get these made into sunglasses for when I play golf?”

Following some rapid education on current lens tech (and an extremely goofy attempt on my part to show him that 20/20 incorporates a whole Lens & Tech magazine) Trump decides to give us his opinion about the most negative aspect of laser surgery… and it’s a great one. “I’ve got this close friend who always wore great, thick black frames like those giant frames Aristotle Onassis use’ta wear. Well, then he had the surgery on his eyes and the first time I saw him without his glasses he looked ancient. It was because his great glasses where covering up all the wrinkles around his eyes. I felt like tellin’ him ya wasted ya money. Maybe I’ll give him a pair of my new glasses. Andrea, can we get them made up for him with some fake lenses?”

Trump assures me he’ll certainly be wearing his new glasses soon because he always wears ALL of his branded products. He shows me his cufflinks. He asks me to touch the sleeve of his impeccable navy blue suit. “It’s selling very well in Macy’s and everybody should shop there because that’s where real New Yorkers shop.” He points out that all his ties are licensed Trumps and tells me I should try the cologne, which he’s also wearing. It actually smells good… sorta like baby powder… so perfect with his hair. And suddenly it’s over in seven minutes and six seconds by the trusty counter on my tape recorder. “I think you probably have enough now. I hope you put me on your cover. You are putting me on your cover, right?”

Did’ya Know This? *Trump’s got his own magazine, TRUMP WORLD, and he’s usually NOT pictured on the cover.*As well as being a golf fanatic and quite a good player, Trump recently published a highly readable book called “The Best Golf Advice I Ever Received.”

It hadn’t been our initial intention but the man (and the mogul) won us over. As developed by Andrea Gluck and her Eyewear Design Team the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection is a brand that hits exactly the right notes in terms of style, price, appeal and approach at this moment in optical. In initial delivery it doesn’t compromise on a promise to be at once bold and modern, yet intensely wearable—face friendly in distinct styles and a variety of shapes and materials designed specifically for men and for women.

And although he freely admits he had nothing to do with the design and development, Trump had everything to do with scrutinizing every detail and energizing the product in his own inimitable style.
This is a business and real estate adventurer capable of continually re-inventing, re-invigorating and re-establishing his public persona and his personal fortune no matter what the odds. As well as being on our cover “The Donald” is also coming to Las Vegas soon with The Trump International Hotel & Tower, a 60-story super-luxury condominium right on the strip.

And, most importantly, for our opti-purposes, Donald Trump is both a man and a brand capable of putting eyewear front and center on the face of America and faces of countless Americans from aspiring apprentices to established business pros intent on improving their vision and doing it with a crafty take on style and good sense. n