Fashion Feature

IdolEYEzing Sun
Sun? Where? Actually… right here.

The Seekers
That youth-inspired army known here as GenEYE is quite clear about where it stands when it comes to eyewear.

Totally OURS
 Eyewear has long been a necessity in the quest for better vision. But now it truly, rightly and fiercely independently declares itself as the Ultimate Accessory with a pride built on the powerful concept of… OUR EYEWEAR… Totally OURS.

THIS eyewear is OPtimum in satisfaction with an added chat-factor beyond your wildest dispensing dreams.

Eye Declare
May we boldly introduce frames that smartly and clearly state: Eye Declare!

Stunning Sun
Picture a day that starts with a glorious SunRise AND ends with an even more regal SunRise. Yes. You read that right. With SUNS like this, who needs night?! 

Cat Power
Fact: The Cat is back. The CatEye shape is all cozy and anew. With its upsweep frame front literally making a sad gal smile, it was bound to return...

Brand Standing
Can the designer brands hold their own? Have a look, scan the “seen” and decide where you stand on this BrandStand.

Deluxe Redux
Forget everything you “think” you know about luxury eyewear.

Guys Eyes
Bears MENtioning: Eyewear for guys is the hottest trend in EYEWEAR for EVERYONE.