Fashion Feature

IdolEYEzing Sun
Sun? Where? Actually… right here.

THIS eyewear is OPtimum in satisfaction with an added chat-factor beyond your wildest dispensing dreams.

Eye Declare
May we boldly introduce frames that smartly and clearly state: Eye Declare!

Stunning Sun
Picture a day that starts with a glorious SunRise AND ends with an even more regal SunRise. Yes. You read that right. With SUNS like this, who needs night?! 

Cat Power
Fact: The Cat is back. The CatEye shape is all cozy and anew. With its upsweep frame front literally making a sad gal smile, it was bound to return...

Brand Standing
Can the designer brands hold their own? Have a look, scan the “seen” and decide where you stand on this BrandStand.

Deluxe Redux
Forget everything you “think” you know about luxury eyewear.

Guys Eyes
Bears MENtioning: Eyewear for guys is the hottest trend in EYEWEAR for EVERYONE. 

What Matters
With eyewear the heart of the Matter IS the Matter...

Eyewear doesn’t follow trends these days… Eyewear MAKES trends.