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Transitions Optical Intros Mandarin Version of Bilingual Diagnosis Guide

Transitions Optical is adding to its popular bilingual eyecare guide series with a new tool to help English-speaking eyecare professionals enhance communication with Mandarin-speaking patients during the diagnosis of an eye disease or vision problem.

The What to Expect: Diagnosis Guide, with content in side-by-side English and Simplified Mandarin, features six stackable cards depicting the eye health issues most common among Asian-Americans: diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, cataract, hypertensive retinopathy, glaucoma and myopia. Each of the cards includes an overview of the eye health issue, types or stages, treatment options and vision wear recommendations. Each card also features illustrations and images representing how the patient's field of vision may be affected by each eye disease or condition. The cards are housed in an 8-by-11-inch easel-back folder that can be displayed easily in the exam room.

Asian-Americans are the fastest-growing ethnic minority population in the United States and a growing percentage of patients for many eyecare professionals. Nielsen Universe Estimates have confirmed that while most Asian-Americans can understand English, 77 percent speak a language other than English at home. Taking the extra step of offering bilingual education tools is not only a way for eyecare professionals to ease communication barriers during the eye appointment, but also can help to show respect for the Asian-American culture.

"We designed the bilingual guide series so that even if the eyecare professional doesn't speak the same language, he or she can simply point to the content in English and then the patient can read more about an eye health issue in their native language," says Manuel Solis, marketing manager, labs and strategic partnerships, Transitions Optical. "In addition to using the guide as an in-office tool, we also encourage eyecare professionals to go to MyMulticulturalToolkit.com and print out PDF versions of the individual cards, which can be given to patients as a take-home reference about the eye health issue."

A similar version of the What to Expect: Diagnosis Guide is also available in English/Spanish, providing an overview on the eye health issues more common among Hispanics. Eyecare professionals can request printed copies of the Diagnosis Guide and other multicultural resources free-of-charge through the "My Practice" section of MyMulticulturalToolkit.com.


Adlens Adjustables Win iF Product Design Award 2014

Adlens announced that its Adlens Adjustables glasses have been honored with an iF Product Design Award 2014. The Adlens glasses were selected out of 3,249 entries. Based on the Alvarez technology platform, Adlens Adjustables are continuously adjustable, robust and correct over 90 percent of spherical errors (-6 to +3 diopters).

Rob Stevens, chief technology officer at Adlens comments, "Our skillset encompasses two usually separate areas: We develop instantly adjustable optical lenses and precision engineer the corresponding frames at the same time. For 60 years, the iF Product Design Award has been an internationally recognized label for exceptional design, and it is a great honor for us to have the recognition of the best product designers in the world for our product."

Entered in the category Medicine/Health + Care, Adlens Adjustables were evaluated by the jury considering criteria such as design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of intended use, safety, brand value and branding and aspects of universal design.

Adlens Adjustables will be presented together with the other winners from all iF design awards 2014 at the first iF design exhibition in Hamburg, in the center of HafenCity, Hamburg's meeting point for the media and design industries. As a special highlight, Adlens Adjustables will also be part of the new iF design exhibition in Shenzhen, China, from the end of May 2014. For anybody unable to see the product in Hamburg or Shenzhen, Adlens Adjustables will also be presented in the comprehensive iF online exhibition at ifdesign.de, in the iF Design app and in print in the iF Yearbook 2014.

The lenses consist of two wave-shaped plates that glide across each other to change the corrective power of the lens. Their ease-of-use and affordable price make them an ideal product in general and optical retail as a temporary spare pair and for the treatment of patients with fluctuating vision due to diabetes or after eye surgery. The technology upon which the Adlens Adjustables product is based was originally developed by the VU University in Amsterdam Netherlands. Adlens has developed the product range continually, most recently with a sunwear range being launched in spring 2014.

iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes the design awards, in particular the three major awards: the iF product design award, the iF communication design award and the iF packaging design award. The iF design award mirrors both current trends in design and the economic benefits delivered by well-designed products.

eL&T Tip of the Month

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The main purpose of spectacle lenses is to manage wavefront aberrations of an imperfect eye, specifically the second order aberrations defocus (corrected with sphere power) and astigmatism (corrected with cylinder power.) But other higher order aberrations also affect vision in low-light conditions when the pupil is larger.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

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New Products

Glare Testing System (GTS)

M&S Technologies
Description: M&S Technologies announces that the U.S. Patent Office has awarded Patent No. 8,550,631 to the M&S Glare Testing System (GTS).
Features: The American-made GTS consists of four precisely calibrated, high-intensity LED lights mounted to the Smart System visual acuity testing system (also available as a stand-alone system) that replicate real-life glare conditions at the touch of a button. Co-engineered with Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS, the GTS gives consistent, repeatable results to effectively evaluate patients who complain of poor vision due to glare, especially while driving at night. The consistency of the GTS from exam room to exam room and visit to visit allows the eyecare professional to track the progression of cataracts and recommend ways in which to increase the quality of the patient's vision.
(847) 763-0500

Fastgrind 7.92c software

Super Systems
Description: Earlier this month, at the 2014 MIDO Optical Fair in Milan, Super Systems showcased its in-office lens surfacing system, Fastgrind, which now operates on the company’s latest software design, 7.92c. This software was updated in order to enhance the user experience, improve the efficiency of the machine and to implement the capabilities to produce new digital lens types.
Features: Fastgrind customers can download the newest software updates through a special section of Super Systems’ website superoptical.com, as soon as they are released. The site also provides access to training videos and manuals, and customers can browse and order from Super Systems’ lens inventory and optical equipment selection.

The new 7.92c Fastgrind software features:

  • The addition of an updated user interface with step-by-step instruction for the inexperienced. Important formatting changes make this more accessible for the user.
  • The implementation of a dual grinding rate for an exact finished lens thickness. This cuts down on the time it takes to produce two lenses in one grind.
  • New changes to the software include the ability to retrieve previous jobs by criteria such as specific date, date range, job number or customer name. You can also view a history of lenses processed by type, material, base and add power.
  • With the 7.92c software update, Fastgrind has also added the capability to produce single vision high-index with AR, single vision SunSensor Brown with AR and ADDvantage Short high-index with AR.

(800) 543-7376


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