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Vision Council's New Study Addresses Impact of Digital
Eye Strain

It seems like digital eye strain is on lots of people mind's lately, at least in the vision care field. The Vision Council just released a major study addressing this growing problem called "DigitEYEzED: The Daily impacT of DigiTal ScreenS on The eye healTh of americanS." The report has already generated considerable coverage from consumer media such as the "Today Show" and NBC News, and is helping raise consumer awareness of digital eyestrain and how to minimize its effects.

Carl Zeiss Vision also contributed to the discussion by releasing a consumer-oriented infographic designed to heighten awareness of the symptoms of digital eyestrain to a broad range of media outlets, including newspapers and health-oriented websites. Zeiss report that since it released the infographic in December, it has been picked up by publications with over 26 million in combined readership, including the Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times.

"Digital eyestrain is widespread, affecting up to 70 percent of U.S. adults, and yet very few of them have computer eyewear that could address the problem," says Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision's vice president, marketing. "We believe that there are two main reasons for this. First, most computer users are unaware that the symptoms they are experiencing may relate to their eyewear, and that task-specific eyewear is available. Second, many ECPs have experienced difficulties in ordering computer eyewear, causing them to give up on the product category. The result is a missed opportunity for both patients and practices."

In simple terms, the infographic explains key symptoms and causes of digital eyestrain, and how eyewear designed for computer and digital device use, like the new Zeiss Officelens, can address the symptoms. It is available for ECPs to download at zeiss.com/officelens.

Hoya Vision Care has also helped to raise awareness of digital eyestrain by focusing on the dangers of being overexposed to High Energy Visible light, a portion of the blue light spectrum that can harm vision. Hoya recently commissioned a consumer research study to test market messaging options with eyecare patients, "Strategies for Keeping Purchases at Independent Practices: Prescribing for Blue Light Overexposure." Copies of the study are available through Hoya territory sales managers or via our social media channels including Hoya's weekly e-newsletter "Your Hoya Minute."


Essilor to Launch New National Consumer Ad Campaign for Xperio UV Rx Polarized Lenses

At Essilor of America's national sales meeting, company executives announced the launch of the second year of national consumer advertising for Xperio UV prescription polarized sun lenses.

"We saw tremendous interest in Xperio UV sun lenses following the launch of our national advertising campaign [in 2013]," says Carl Bracy, executive vice president of market and business development, Essilor of America. "We remain committed to the growth of the prescription sunwear market and hope the campaign will continue to increase consumers' interest in polarized sun lenses and drive more traffic to ECPs across the country."

The Xperio UV national advertising campaign will be back on the air in the second quarter of 2014. Essilor said the campaign is intended to drive awareness of prescription sunwear and the benefits of Xperio UV lenses by showing relevant situations of how the lenses eliminate blinding reflective glare and offer an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 50+, the highest level of UV protection that provides at least 50 times more protection from dangerous UV radiation compared to wearing no lenses at all.

To further support the independent ECP, Essilor will also launch a national point-of-purchase campaign, sending consumer display specialists to over 4,000 practices across the U.S. to help incorporate updated Xperio UV point-of-purchase and educational materials throughout each practice.

Essilor executives also announced that a new television commercial for the company's Crizal lenses began
airing Jan. 13.

eL&T Tip of the Month

tip image

Protecting the eye means the frame must fit securely around the natural protective home of the eye, the bony orbit. The bony orbit consists of seven bones: frontal, zygoma, maxilla, lacrimal, ethmoid, sphenoid and palatine. A direct impact can fracture any one of these bones surrounding the eye, causing a blowout fracture. This severe type of injury can cause the muscles of the eye to become entrapped in the bone, which often leads to serious and sometimes permanent vision loss. Therefore, when you put the sport eyewear on your patient, look at not just the front, but also the sides. A well-fitting pair of sport eyewear should cover the entire bony orbit, above the eyebrows, down over the cheekbones and fit securely around the sides of the head.

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New Products

Spring Hinge Tool Kit

Santinelli International
Description: Santinelli's new Spring Hinge Tool Kit allows you to remove, repair and replace spring hinge temples with ease. No more fighting with hard-to-handle tools that were not designed for the job at hand.
Features: These optician must-have tools simplify the challenging reassembly of "pesky" spring hinge temples. Once the spring hinge temple has been removed from the frame, the spring hinge retracts into its housing, making it nearly impossible to realign with the frame end and reinsert the screw. The patented, handy tool kit has everything you need to extend the spring hinge from its housing, simplifying the realignment and assembly. The kit includes hemostat-type clamping plier, easy-lock tweezers, lever tool and set of three pins, with six varying sized tips. Made of high-quality stainless steel. Click here to view a video demonstration of the kit.
(800) 644-3343

Magnetic D-15 Color Blindness
Diagnostic Kits

Gulden Ophthalmics
Description: These two new compact magnetic D-15 color blindness diagnostic kits offer significant advantages over previous D-15 test kits. The kits are comprised of numbered, colored discs housed in a compact sealed plastic box that is only 16-by-4 inches, thus saving valuable counter space in the examination room compared to other magnetic D-15 kits.
Features: The tests are easy to administer and simple and easy to perform by patients, according to Gulden. Patients simply use a magnetic stylus to arrange the discs in the correct color order as they perceive it and the arrangement is then evaluated. Patients with color perception deficiencies ("color blindness") will have difficulties trying to arrange the colored discs and will usually make mistakes. The evaluation of the patient's arrangement differentiates normal color perception from congenital or acquired moderate and strong defects in deutan (green and green weak blindness), protan (red blindness) or tritan (blue-yellow blindness) color discrimination. Based on the mistakes, the type of color blindness as well its severity can be calculated. The tests can be used for occupational evaluation and classification. Encased in the plastic enclosure, the discs are kept clean, are not subject to fingerprints as in unenclosed, unprotected test kits and cannot be lost; a convenient velcro cover protects the discs from fading due to sunlight and ambient light. The kits include a magnetic stylus with leather pouch and score sheet.

The widely-used popular D-15 color blindness tests are available in this new, compact, magnetic format: the standard Farnsworth Dichotomous D-15 and the Lanthony Desaturated D-15 with desaturated color discs, which make the test more challenging.
(800) 659-2250

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