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Transitions Optical Challenges Consumers to Test Their Eye-Q With New Online Quiz

Transitions Optical, Inc. is challenging consumers to put their eye health knowledge to the test through a new, interactive quiz found at TestYourEyeQ.com. Supported by the Transitions Cultural Connections program, the quiz explores the eye health risks more commonly faced by culturally diverse groups and urges those who are at risk to take charge of their eye health by scheduling regular eye exams and wearing the right eyewear to protect and enhance their vision.

Throughout the quiz, consumers are armed with information and links to resources tailored to specific ethnic groups, including eye health content through Transitions Optical’s Eyeglass Guide. The quiz also provides access to an online eyecare professional locator where consumers can enter their zip codes to find a location near them.

“Our research has shown that the majority of consumers don’t understand that their ethnicity could be a significant risk factor in developing eye health issues,” says Manuel Solis, marketing manager, labs and strategic partnerships, Transitions Optical. “We hope this quiz will serve as a fun way for patients of all ethnicities to learn more about their risks and take that next step by scheduling an appointment with their eye doctor.”

Transitions Optical will be promoting the quiz directly to consumers through online advertising, and eyecare professionals can also link to the quiz from their own websites or social media pages. Additional multicultural resources are available free-of-charge to eyecare professionals by visiting MyMulticulturalToolkit.com or contacting Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506.


Shamir Launches New Certification Program

Shamir Insight is launching a new in-office educational program, known as the Shamir Certification Program. This program is designed to provide practices with an in-depth education on Shamir’s premium products and technologies as well as provide an opportunity to receive hands-on training from a Shamir account executive, where eyecare professionals can address their specific practice needs.

The new program will replace Shamir’s current educational offering, the Freeform Certification Program. This completely revamped program will provide a brief history of Shamir, detail the company’s technologies, latest products and lifestyle designs, as well as offer ECP’s fitting tips and techniques. The program is designed to give ECPs an overview about Shamir and their line of premium progressive, occupational and single vision lenses as well as enough detailed information to help them confidently dispense, fit and order Shamir products.

If a practice is interested in becoming Shamir Certified they can simply schedule a seminar at their convenience with one of Shamir’s Account Executives. The practice will be required to sit through a one hour in-office presentation. Upon completion of the presentation, the practice will receive a framed certificate verifying that they have successfully completed the Shamir Certification Program. Each attendee will also receive tools that will allow for a more successful experience when fitting and dispensing products.

“Education is one of Shamir’s primary goals and programs like this one are a proven method to communicate this important information to ECPs. The previous program was a tremendous success with over 2500 practices and over 7500 attendees learning the benefits of Freeform Technology. The updates that have been made to our new program provide critical information for longtime and new customers alike. Our new program includes more specific product information to help ECPs differentiate between Shamir’s superior designs and enable them to educate their patients so they can be sure to provide them with the best possible vision,” says Candice Keating, director of marketing.

The Shamir Certification Program is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2014. A seminar can be scheduled by contacting the Shamir account executive in your area. For other questions or more information regarding this new program, contact Shamir’s Customer Service department at (877) 514-8330.

eL&T Tip of the Month

tip image

When it comes to sport eyewear, we must consult the American Society for Testing and Materials. Founded in 1898, the ASTM is responsible for testing and developing safety standards for numerous product groups, including sport and safety eyewear. The standard that specifically relates to eye protection for most sports is ASTM F803. Sports that fall under this standard are baseball, softball, basketball, field hockey, women's lacrosse, squash, racquetball, soccer, tennis, volleyball and badminton. Other applicable standards include the ASTM F1776, which covers the sport of paintball.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

Local Eye Site

New Products

Slit Lamp Smartphone Adapter

OptiSource International
Description: Inexpensive solution that allows eyecare professionals to use their mobile device to upload, store and share their slit lamp clinical findings with other professionals.
Features: Instead of having to purchase expensive equipment to produce high-quality photographs of the anterior segment, the user can now attach an adapter to the slit lamp and obtain high resolution images using their smartphones.

“With the universal improvement in smartphone cameras, it was time to release this highly sought-after device,” says Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. “The universal fit and function makes it easy to attach and insert/remove any smartphone in just seconds.”

The following elements are needed to take slit lamp images with a smartphone:

  • A camera with 5 megapixels or more
  • Optimal illumination
  • OptiSource Slit lamp adapter

(800) 678-4768

Digital Refraction System

Manufacturer: Coburn Technologies
Description: Complete digital refraction system (model HRT-7000).
Features: The HRT-7000, manufactured by Huvitz, is a compact and ergonomic design for the most effective use of space with the smallest footprint. It features a unique handle mechanism to facilitate the movement of the upper table and equipment with ease. A power arm for manual or digital refractors offers 45-degree soft movement to accommodate any patient comfortably. Integrated keypad buttons offer easy control of power arm and chair to provide convenience for positioning of patient’s eyes.
Availability: Available in keratometer or slit lamp configuration, with chart projector or digital chart.
(800) 262-8761

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