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Nike Max Transitions Products Featured on NikeVision.com Homepage Takeover and New Product Demo Videos

Signaling the strength of the partnership, and confidence in the technology and brand, Nike Vision has launched a "takeover" of NikeVision.com, featuring the company's three co-branded products with Transitions Optical. Nike Max Transitions Golf, Speed and Outdoor Tints were each highlighted in three separate videos that demonstrate each product's adaptive technology in changing light conditions. The videos and social media assets are available for eyecare professionals through the Transitions professional Facebook page.

"It goes without saying that we're tremendously proud of our partnership with Nike, one of the most elite sport brands in the world," says Grady Lenski, managing director, adjacencies, Transitions Optical. "The homepage takeover and product demo videos are a reflection of the power of this collaboration—this is a perfect opportunity for eyecare professionals to leverage the power of these two brands."

All three Nike Max Transitions products are available for purchase at NikeStore.com. Eyecare professionals can order product and point of sale materials through their Marchon representative.

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Coburn Technologies Launches New Website

Coburn Technologies has launched a new company website, coburntechnologies.com. The site includes lens processing equipment and consumables, the company's new line of ophthalmic equipment and better integration with its new online store, shopcoburn.com.

Coburn has remodeled its website to better segment its growing line of equipment solutions, including their recent addition of several refraction and diagnostic systems, to provide visitors with an easier way to find the products most appropriate to their eyecare field. Originally focused more toward wholesale lens processing, the site now gives equal presentation to ophthalmic care, lens processing, consumables shopping and service.

The key features of the new website include:

  • Complete Web pages and brochures for Coburn's new diagnostic line of equipment
  • Better integration with Coburn's supplies and parts catalog of over 6,000 products
  • Dedicated sections for lens processing and ophthalmic care
  • More comprehensive company contact directory
  • Faster and more intuitive navigation from section to section
  • Same familiar look and feel

For special offers or additional information, use the website's online form or call (800-COBURN-1).

Transitions Optical Updates Multicultural Resources Catalogue

Transitions Optical recently updated its popular Multicultural Resources Catalogue with new information and tools to better connect eyecare professionals with their culturally diverse patients. New resources for 2013 include ABO-accredited education courses, a series of best practice video-casts, and a Multicultural Initiative Report from Transitions Optical.

ECPs can request a copy of the catalogue and other printed materials free of charge through a new online ordering feature at mymulticulturaltoolkit.com or by contacting Transitions Optical Customer Service directly at cservice@transitions.com or (800) 848-1506.

eL&T Tip of the Month

tip image

Do fish get presbyopic? Fishermen/women do. That means difficulty when tying flies, seeing fish when wading and casting placement, all when the lenses worn might add blur where blur gets in the way. Sunglasses for people boating and fishing are essential, so here's an opportunity to personalize them for the way they fish. If one were to create a presbyope's lens for fishing, the tasks and the eye's position would help define the design.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

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New Products

EWHA Milling Head

Manufacturer: EHWA Diamond Industrial Company/General Tool
Description: EHWA Diamond Industrial, through its North American affiliate, General Tool, has introduced a 12-tooth PCD milling head for use on Schneider HSC and HSK Lens Generators.
Features: HThe unique design of the tool results in a superior finish on all types of lens materials, according to EHWA. In addition, the tool life is two to three times longer than similar tools.
EHWA Diamond Industrial Company Ltd offers a broad line of diamond tools for a variety of optical applications across a broad spectrum of laboratory optical equipment.
(949) 261-2322


Manufacturer: Briot
Description: All-in-one edging system.
Features: Briot's new eXpression edging system includes several upgraded features and technology at an affordable price.

  • A new stepper motor drive provides improved accuracy.
  • Small, 90 mm edging wheels provide a better quality bevel.
  • New lens measurement technology delivers increased precision.
  • An improved clamping unit provides stable clamping pressure.

eXpression also features a newly developed mainboard for a faster, more reliable process. A small, tilted grooving wheel allows precise grooving on regular and curved lenses. Individual chamfering is available in front and rear. A new comprehensive touch screen interface includes four areas: tracing, shape administration, centering and blocking, and edging.
Other upgrades include a faster, improved tracing process, shape modification, including a bottom half and axis comparison screen, parallax free blocking and a display of the required lens blank diameter. A smooth manual blocking process, a large variety of options for different bevel/grooving programs, a manual bevel/groove for flexibility and polishing of V- and flat bevels round out the unit's capabilities.
(800) 292-7468


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