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Adlens Launches E-Commerce Site

Adlens has launched an online sales channel, shop.adlens.com, where consumers can buy its John Lennon, Hemisphere and Emergensee collections of variable focus eyewear. Although the company encourages wearers to try the technology for themselves in-store, its retail network is in its infancy. With consumer demand for Adlens eyeglasses increasing, the online shop has become a necessity, the company says.

"Our e-commerce features will help satisfy rapidly growing consumer demand as we continue to expand global retail channels," says Michael C. Ferrara, executive chairman of Adlens. "This is a pivotal next step in our journey to increase global access to quality variable focus eyewear, a founding principal that remains at the core of all that we do through our business and philanthropic work."

For every pair of glasses purchased from the John Lennon Collection and Hemisphere Sun and Optical ranges, Adlens donates a pair of eyeglasses to someone in the developing world through its Buy One Give One program, administered through its charitable partner organization, Vision for a Nation.

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Vision-Ease Lens Rewards ECPs and Retailers 'In Search of Progressive Cash'

Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) is giving cash rewards to eyecare professionals and retailers through its new "In Search of Progressive Cash" promotion. Registered eyecare professionals and retailers can earn $10 for every pair of qualifying Anthology progressive lenses they sell now through Dec. 31, 2013. Upon registration at velrewards.com, participants are able to submit claims, view account activity and learn more about the new line of progressive lenses.

Vision-Ease Lens' Anthology Series includes Novel, a general-purpose PAL, Novella, a short-corridor PAL, and Narrative, a digital backside PAL. Styles that qualify for the In Search of Progressive Cash promotion are:

  • Novel Coppertone Polarized, Novel LifeRx Light-responsive and Novel Clear
  • Novella LifeRx Light-responsive and Novella Clear
  • All Narrative materials and treatments

The advanced technology behind the Novel and Novella conventional front side progressives make these lenses as good as or better than many backside digital progressives across a large percentage of the Rx range, according to Vision-Ease Lens. Narrative backside digital progressives are designed for wider viewing zones and allow for personalization. All of these progressives were optimized for comfort, smoothness and softness based on real-life wearer trials.

For complete promotion details and registration, visit velrewards.com.

Transitions Optical Celebrates Production of One Million Transitions Vantage Lenses

Transitions Optical recently reached a milestone in lens manufacturing—the production of one million Transitions Vantage lenses. The company celebrated the achievement with a special presentation and employee luncheon at Transitions Optical headquarters in Pinellas Park, Fla. The newest addition to the Transitions family of products, Transitions Vantage is an everyday adaptive lenses designed to both darken and polarize upon UV exposure to deliver noticeably crisper, sharper vision, even in the brightest outdoor glare.

Transitions Optical's second shift trans-polarizing production team celebrated the production of one million Transitions Vantage lenses. Pictured, from left to right, are Leslie Wall, Shaun Severin, Amanda Finan, Renee Gouaux, Bill Putnam, and Kelly Wilson.

eL&T Tip of the Month

tip image

For cyclists who wear prescription eyewear, the right outdoor eyewear is as important as the bike or cycling gear. Nonetheless, presbyopes had to compromise their vision, potentially limiting their sport performance by wearing regular, general-purpose multifocals. General-purpose multifocals are designed for common daily activities such as driving, walking and working at a desk. Athletes have different visual needs for their unique sport. Oakley True Digital is the first progressive lens that further differentiates into a suite of sport-specific progressive lenses to deliver optics designed for cycling, golf and fishing.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products


Manufacturer: Arotek International
Description: Arotek International is introducing HCoating, a new hard coat that was developed with novel chemical substances. The new hard coat has very little viscosity increase over time while maintaining all other features. HCoating adjusts and stabilizes coating viscosity by altering intra-molecular structures, a significant technological advancement since the birth of solvent-free, inter-molecularly blended hard coating.
Features: HCoating abrasion-resistant coatings for polymeric and other substrates are based on Arotek's proprietary IMA (Intra-Molecular Altering) technology. The coating compositions are comprised of several new synthetic substances developed and fully characterized by Arotek, which were also identified by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and approved by the Environment Protection Agency of U.S. Government (EPA). Because of the unique ingredients, HCoating series products have outperformed competitions in all aspects of ophthalmic lens applications: super hardness, excellent adhesion, fast tinting, no solvent, stable viscosity, and at least 10 percent lower pricing.
HCoating is a UV-curable hard coat, much more scratch-resistant than most UV coatings commercially available. HCoating-SH, Pencil Hardness 8H, has the Bayer Ratio 4.5 after AR coating, almost as hard as thermally cured coatings. It can be cured under UV light in seconds. Once cured, HCoating-HC, MT, and SH are the only coatings that adhere to all kinds of lenses including Polycarbonate, CR-39, Trivex, Mid Index, and High Index lenses. It brings super hydrophobicity to the surface of the lens, protecting the lens from contamination. It is crystal clear and tints to a true color in about 15 minutes (HCoating-MT, HC). Coating quality was validated by COLTS Laboratories. HCoating is compatible not only with conventional vacuum AR (anti-reflective, anti-reflection) coatings, but also with novel sol-gel based AR coating. HCoating has the ingredients of stable viscosity, and is solvent-free, so that its viscosity will not change much during long-term applications (six months and beyond). HCoating is welcomed by optical labs worldwide, because it is environment- and user-friendly. It is applicable in existing lens coating machines (spin coaters), and is also miscible and co-curable with other non-volatile (NV) UV- coatings. No operational change is required for switching to HCoating. Watch a demo of HCoating in operation.
(562) 303-3772


Manufacturer: HumanWare
Description: All-digital personal vision assistant for people with low vision conditions such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and other eye diseases. HumanWare has designed Prodigi to be a more affordable and intuitive visual aid than the traditional CCTV-based electronic magnifier.
Features: Prodigi allows low vision users to benefit from a big-screen desktop device and a go-anywhere tablet magnifier at a lower cost than any similar system available. The portable Tablet fits into a patented docking station in the base and becomes both the camera and processor of the desktop system. Unlike other magnifiers, Prodigi captures the image of an entire letter- or A4-sized page and allows the user to magnify and read documents with a comfortable touchpad instead of moving an XY table. Pages are displayed in HumanWare's innovative Diamond Edge Text format, which can be magnified up to 80 times with perfect text quality. Text can be presented to the user in smooth-scrolling column or line modes, and can even read aloud, reducing fatigue caused by moving documents under a CCTV camera. Prodigi stores documents so the user can take them to read or reference later while away from his or her desk.
Training time is greatly reduced, because Prodigi has a built-in tutorial and setup wizard, developed in collaboration with Essilor. The wizard guides the user through the basic functions and sets up the contrast, color scheme, reading speed and magnification levels according to his or her specific vision needs.
Availability: Prodigi is available in three models: the Duo, a desktop unit with the detachable Tablet; the portable Tablet magnifier by itself and a Desktop-only model.
(800) 722-3393


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