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CooperVision Celebrates Summer with #no2views Social Media Photo Contest

CooperVision invites fans to celebrate summer with its #no2views social media photo contest. From July 8, 2013 to Aug. 12, 2013, CooperVision will announce a new summer theme on its Facebook page every Monday. Participants only need to post an image or photograph on Instagram that best describes their unique view of the theme and include the hashtag #no2views.

Fans can vote for their favorite image via CooperVision's Facebook page, and the entry with the most "likes" will win one of four weekly prizes including a movie night package, digital camera, professional photo shoot or $500 shopping spree, plus where applicable, a six-month supply of CooperVision contact lenses. At the end of the contest, the four weekly winners will be posted on CooperVision's Facebook page, and the fans will vote for the most unique image overall. The grand prize winner will receive an iPad with Retina Display and where applicable, a year's supply of CooperVision contact lenses.

CooperVision will announce contest winners on July 22, July 29 and Aug. 5; the grand prize winner will be announced on Aug. 12.

For more information and to enter the contest, visit facebook.com/coopervision

Opticanry Study Center


Essilor Named Finalist for Corporate Social Responsibility Award

Essilor of America was recognized as a finalist for the UnitedHealthcare Shining Light: Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the work done by the company's charitable arm, the Essilor Vision Foundation. Out of 150 submissions this year, Essilor was named as a top five finalist on May 15, during the 2013 UnitedHealthcare National Accounts Annual Customer Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Shining Light Award honors UnitedHealthcare corporate customers who have demonstrated excellence in social responsibility by addressing a health or basic need in society. Additional criteria for the award includes shared value and mutual benefit to the company and society, as well as innovation and leadership in addressing the challenge.

"Essilor and the Essilor Vision Foundation are honored to be recognized by UnitedHealthcare through the Shining Light Award program," says Stephen Shawler, president of Essilor Vision Foundation. "This recognition is a testament to the importance of eye health and the critical role it plays in our society. There are 2.5 billion people around the world without access to corrective vision solutions, and it's our mission to eliminate poor vision and the lifelong consequences it can have not only on literacy and education but on our economy as well."

In 2012 alone, the Essilor Vision Foundation provided free vision screenings and eye exams to more than 46,000 children, of which 15,000 received new eyeglasses.

Pictured here, left to right: Mike Medeiros, senior vice president, client management, UnitedHealthcare; Les Jacobs, Essilor of America; Lori Rivera, Essilor of America; Renee Smith, strategic client executive, UnitedHealthcare; Lindsey Weldon, Essilor Vision Foundation.

New Service Offers Web, Marketing and Video Resources for ECPs

Launched on March 1, Optical Practice Marketing is a service designed to help time and budget constrained optical practices with their website and marketing efforts, providing professional looking websites, attractive print marketing materials and more, at a moderate cost.

The service provides members with attractive, professional looking websites that have optical industry specific features and are easily self-maintained. Members also have access to a library of print material designs and programs, making it easy to do postcard mailings as well as create indoor and outdoor banners. Optical Practice Marketing also provides practices with affordable videos, shot in their business location, which can then be easily added to their website. Custom services, such as logo creation, brochures and trade show displays are also available. Assistance with social media, local pages and search engine optimization rounds out the suite of standard services.

"Many of the marketing services available today are good, but they focus strictly on services that can be automated, neglecting the fact that optical practices are still brick and mortar businesses," says Dan Bailey, president of Optical Practice Marketing. "Our goal is to provide our clients with a total package marketing system that makes a difference to their business while remaining simple to implement."

Optical Practice Marketing, LLC was created by Dan Bailey, of danbailey.com, who started his website and marketing business 12 years ago and has created websites, videos and marketing materials for the optical industry since 2003.

eL&T Tip of the Month

tip image

Titanium frames are more expensive for several reasons. The raw material is more expensive, but the larger cost difference is due to its fabrication requirements. Titanium is extremely hard, requiring huge presses to stamp any impression into the material. Special welding equipment is used for titanium, as opposed to soldering equipment used for other metals. Coloring titanium is not always simple either since colors adhere differently to this material, requiring special techniques.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products

Reveal Tape

Manufacturer: Salem Vision Group
Description: A new line of lens protection tapes designed for use with alloy or wax blocking systems on all types of lens materials.
Features: Reveal Tape conforms to all base curves without releasing at the edges and securely adheres to both the lens and the blocking medium yet easily de-blocks after use. Reveal's signature feature is an advanced visual clarity for fast, accurate alignment that virtually eliminates off-axis rejects.
Availability: Reveal Tape is available in blue, green and clear as well as with and without a liner.
(800) 234-1982

Stainless steel bell jar upgrade for Zeiss B12 coater

Manufacturer: Quantum Innovations
Description: For labs running a Zeiss B12 AR coater, there are many challenges surrounding the bell jar. Over time, the visibility through the once clear bell jar becomes diminished, or worse, the jar itself can become cracked or broken. In response to these issues, Quantum Innovations developed a stainless steel bell jar upgrade that solves many of the most common problems facing B12 owners/operators such as fragility, visibility, safety and difficulty repairing the unit.

  • Manufactured with materials that are readily available for a significant cost savings.
  • The shields inside the stainless steel bell jar can be removed and bead blasted just like other items in the lab. This eliminates the need to use a dangerous acid wash.
  • The two view ports are easily cleaned or replaced as visibility becomes diminished, by usage and treatment, providing better control of your AR process.
  • The stainless steel bell jar can be easily repaired, even by some local machine shops, creating a significant savings in cost and time.

(888) 214-7932


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