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Global Eye Ventures Announces New Sponsors for EyeXam Mobile App

Global Eye Ventures, developers of the EyeXam mobile application, has announced new sponsorships with industry partners to provide consumers a "powerful and fully enhanced user experience while searching for a local eye-care provider." Sponsors will "mobil-eyez" selected eyecare practices by supporting the development of their Mobile Virtual Profile (MVP), thus highlighting these practices to current and future patients via the mobile space, social media and other channels. Sponsors to date include Eyefinity, Vision Source, Menicon America, SynergEyes, Focus Laboratories and QSpex Technologies. Discussions with other potential sponsors are currently in progress, EyeXam says.

"Consumers are increasingly moving to mobile, and the EyeXam app will give Menicon WebStore doctors a foothold in that rapidly expanding arena as well as greater access to EyeXam's growing pool of over one million potential patients," says Jonathan Jacobson, president of Menicon America.

EyeXam is now available on Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Android devices reaching over 700 million mobile users. Through its partnership with Eyefinity, EyeXam has over 28,000 eyecare professionals listed in a GPS-based directory. Vision Source has also renewed its partnership with EyeXam and is providing its member offices branded listings.

"The overwhelming interest and demand by consumers downloading the EyeXam app has opened a new avenue for eyecare practitioners to connect with new and existing patients, and for the eyecare industry to reach and directly interact with a motivated target audience. The primary purpose is to educate the public on the importance of professional eye examinations and drive more patient traffic to eyecare practices," says Nikki Iravani, OD, founder and CEO of Global EyeVentures.

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Hoya Labs to Offer Paws N Claws Brand Frame and Lens Packages

Hoya Vision Care, North America has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Eyewear Inventions and EyeDeals Eyewear to distribute Paws N Claws branded eyewear to independent eyecare professionals in the U.S. Under the agreement, Hoya's laboratory network will offer frame and lens packages to independent ECPs and make donations to the ASPCA.

"My dog Murray and I are excited to provide independent eyecare providers an opportunity to differentiate themselves, appeal to millions of pet owners and align with a great cause," says Barney Dougher, president of Hoya Vision Care, North America. He continues, "The Paws N Claws frames offer clever designs for all animal lovers and their support of the ASPCA is admirable. Hoya will join them by donating three dollars for every Paws N Claws job we produce."

Paws N Claws Eyewear became an official licensee of the ASPCA with the exclusive rights to use their name and affiliation in association with products including eyeglass frames, lenses, sunglasses, readers, magnifiers and accessories that include the Paws N Claws Eyewear registered trademark. For every sale of Paws N Claws Eyewear, EyeDeals will give back 5 percent of net sales to the ASPCA.

Independent practices will be able to purchase frame kits or use an online catalog to show all of the Paws N Claws Eyewear designs which include embellished paw prints, bones, or animal prints so patients can subtly show their support for animals and the ASPCA.

"It is very important to us and our brand to align with companies that share our values. After talking to Barney about his dog Murray I knew we were barking up the right tree," says Sam Shapiro, founder of Eye Deals Eyewear, the brand's parent company and Eyewear Inventions, a Pittsburgh, Pa.-based licensing and branding company. "But seriously, Hoya's commitment and generous three dollar donation on every job proves we have the right partner. In addition we will be able to reach out to the thousands of ECPs who love animals and want to support the great works of the ASPCA in fighting animal cruelty."

ASPCA supporters are invited to share photos of themselves wearing their Paws N Claws eyewear with their pets on Paws N Claws' and Hoya's social media channels, where updates on new styles and packages will be announced.

Lens Technology International Upgrades Plastic Coatings Services

Lens Technology International (LTI) announced that it recently made significant improvements in the way it deliver plastic lens coatings.

LTI says it is training its technical staff to ensure staff members are up to date with the latest developments in coating technology. Additionally, the company has added mechanical personnel for design and support of coating application equipment, as well as installed new, state-of-the-art processing equipment to expand its production capacity so it can deliver the best and highest quality coating products.

LTI has been providing the optical industry with hard and tintable coatings for plastic lenses since 1985. The company offers both tintable and non-tintable coatings for the full variety of plastic substrates including polycarbonate, cast resins, acrylic and Trivex lenses. Its coatings impart a variety of properties to plastic surfaces including scratch resistance, glare reduction and anti-fogging.

eL&T Tip of the Month

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The frame design process is a collaboration between designers and factory engineers to ultimately create the CAD drawings that lead to manufacturing. The designer is an artist that draws inspiration from culture and practicality. After all, eyewear is both a fashion accessory as well as a medical device. Combining cues from the fashion world with the wisdom of optical experience builds a high quality frame that will enhance a consumer's experience. The designer must also be aware and manage the costs associated with the design. Each brand has a competitive matrix that must be respected from the price perspective.

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New Products

SlimPlus Wrap Rx

Manufacturer: Reptile Polarized
Description: A new digital lens design that allows high plus prescriptions to be fitted in base 8 wrap in large frame sizes.
Features: SlimPlus digital lens design incorporates a digital technique with Reptiles' DHD160° technology which minimizes the Rx thickness and distortion by producing the Rx on a precise surface area of the blank which expands the ability to produce prescriptions in up to +6.00 in 65 eye size with as little as 60 PD without compromising vision, comfort or esthetics. The lenses are up to 55 percent thinner than traditional digital lenses and provide better visual field of vision than traditional lenses due to the digital design, according to Reptile.

"We are very excited about the expansion of our prescription polarized sunglass lenses," says Sam Kotob, president and founder of Reptile. "We take a lot of pride in finding solutions, and this new product makes it possible for hyperopes with strong prescriptions to wear wrap styles which until now, was not an option."

The Rx shown above is an base 8 wrap, +4.00 sphere OU; frame size 66-15; PD62.
Availability: SlimPlus lenses are available in single vision and progressive designs.
(888) 625-1880

PV Precision System

Power Vision
Description: An affordably-priced system designed for coating small batches of substrates with fast cycle times.
Features: The system coats six substrates up to 100 mm square. It uses a patented magnetron sputtering process to deposit premium quality coatings with exceptional density and durability. Additionally the system uses a highly optimized plasma source to provide excellent in-situ plasma cleaning while also providing in-process ion bombardment. The precision optical system is optimized with a low temperature oxide process, designed to coat temperature sensitive materials including standard plastic, polycarbonate and PET. The system can be installed with an optional substrate heater, allowing for high temperature deposition up to 500°C and also a meissner trap for vapor critical processes.

Special substrate tooling can be provided to maximize coating throughput and accommodate specific component types. The system incorporates a vacuum load lock for high throughput and low maintenance while maintaining vacuum conditions suitable for precise and high quality deposition. Door to door time to deposit a typical nine-layer BBAR is approximately 20 minutes.

Power Vision has developed a flexible four port chamber system to accommodate three magnetrons and a plasma source or four magnetrons. The current system design is ideal for low temperature reactive or non-reactive deposition onto polymers, the company says.

The flexibility of the system allows for many process gasses and magnetron combinations, which allows for coating processes for multiple applications. The flexibility of the system now allows for processes such as DLC, SiC, SiN, metals, semiconductors and TCO's as well as other reactive or non-reactive processes for many materials. The size and flexibility of the system makes it ideal for small batches of bespoke products and allows for fast changes between materials. This also makes the system ideal for R&D and process development, according to Power Vision. powervisionoptical.com
+44 (0)1270 253000


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