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Transitions Optical Updates mymulticulturaltoolkit.com with Electronic Ordering Feature

Transitions Optical has made it easier than ever for eyecare professionals to order printed copies of its multicultural resources through a new online ordering feature at mymulticulturaltoolkit.com, an online resource designed to help eyecare professionals better understand and meet the needs of their diverse patients. With the click of an "order" button, eyecare professionals can enter their practice information and request to have multicultural resources delivered to their practice, free of charge.

Available materials include:

  • White papers on topics ranging from cultural and linguistic considerations for vision care to addressing communication challenges during an eye disease diagnosis.
  • Bilingual pocket cards in English/Spanish and English/Mandarin to help eyecare professionals smoothly guide their patients through the eyewear selection process.
  • Bilingual eyecare guides in English/Spanish to help eyecare professionals improve communication with Spanish-speaking patients during all stages of the eye appointment (including the Eye Exam Guide, Diagnosis Guide and Eye Care Communication Guide).
  • What to Expect brochures (Hispanic Eyes in English and Spanish, Asian Eyes in English and Mandarin, African-American Eyes, Adult Eyes and Kids Eyes).
  • Diverse and Spanish-language point-of-sale materials, including lens demo cards, countercards and brochures.

Additional information and PDF versions of the multicultural resources available can be found at mymulticulturaltoolkit.com. Orders for printed materials are also accepted by contacting Transitions Optical Customer Service directly at cservice@transitions.com or (800) 848-1506.

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Hoya Creates 'Learning Center,' Builds Team of Educators

Hoya Vision Care has created the "Hoya Learning Center," a resource to help independent ECPs of all experience levels get access to the information they need to stay competitive in a rapidly shifting market. The company has also assembled a team of optical professionals to staff the Hoya Learning Center.

"Every day I talk to our customers and I see the need to provide more specific expertise," says Barney Dougher, president of Hoya Vision Care, NA., "For independent practices to be successful they need to have a 'go-to' person that can be a definitive resource. The technology combined with the business climate has gotten so complex the average practice can't keep up. Regardless of your level of expertise in a particular area, Hoya is now the place you can turn to for the right answer."

Initially, the Hoya Learning Center will address four specific needs: technical and medical education, practice development, new media optics and dispensing. Complimentary training will be available in multiple formats including in-person seminars, instructor-led webinars and self-directed, Web-based training programs. Training can be customized to meet the needs of each practice and each individual so all can meet their respective goals.

Anne-Marie Lahr, OD, (upper left) will be responsible for technical and medical education. Most recently Dr. Lahr held the position of Assistant Professor at Salus University and she has more than 18 years of experience as an instructor in the field of optics. Dr. Lahr will be engaged in new product development and technical education. Her instruction will primarily be with doctors to help them understand the impact of Hoya technology on the improvement in optics of our lens designs, materials and treatments. She will also be responsible for conducting and managing all of Hoya's patient case studies and white papers.

Gregory W. Hicks, OD, (upper right) partner in a successful three-location practice in Sandusky, Ohio, is the concierge of professional affairs. His perspective on practice development makes Dr. Hicks "an invaluable resource" for practice owners looking to expand their thinking and make positive changes to their business model, according to Hoya. Dr. Hicks is emphatic about improving capture rate, and his candor when describing the personal ups and downs of practice ownership as well as his passion for independent practice endear him to his colleagues, the company says.

Thomas Gosling, OD, (lower left) an independent practice owner in Littleton, Colo., is responsible for new media optics. Dr. Gosling will be educating his peers on the advantages of taking and using personalized patient measurements. As a Hoya ambassador at trade shows and events Dr. Gosling will give demonstrations on proper and efficient techniques for using various measurement tools. In addition, Dr. Gosling will pilot and report on new lens products and treatments that impact patients and their use of new media.

Brad Main, (lower right) director of training, will continue to be centered on working with opticians. His primary responsibility is dispensing education and all activities required of a licensed optical dispenser. Main will conduct hands-on training, in-office or off-site that includes topics such as, how to order, frame selection for the right lens, adjustments, fitting techniques and general dispensing.

US Optical Implements Definity & Crizal In-House Processing

Essilor of America recently completed the technology transfer of its patented Definity and Crizal processes to US Optical in East Syracuse, N.Y. With access to Essilor's Definity and Crizal EXT technologies, US Optical will be able to fully manufacture Definity and Definity Short Lenses as well as Crizal Avancé UV, Crizal Alizé UV and Crizal Easy UV.

"Essilor is proud to share our industry leading, state-of-the-art Definity and Crizal technologies with US Optical," says Bob Colucci, president of Essilor's Independent Distribution Division. "The Essilor technical team was involved during every step of the installation at US Optical, ensuring total process integration, from lab management systems to lab process re-engineering."

US Optical's new Crizal and Definity facility will operate Essilor's proprietary and patented processes control to ensure quality compliance and to guarantee consistency at the highest possible level, according to Essilor.

"We are extremely pleased to receive Essilor's state of the art Definity and Crizal technologies for in-house production at US Optical," says Ralph Cotran, vice president of US Optical, who co-owns the lab with his brothers Robert and Ron. "This will allow us to integrate these excellent and leading technologies into our business model, thus providing ECP's with fast service on Essilor's Definity and Crizal products. My brothers and I are elated to continue our 25-year, long-term relationship as a distributor of Essilor's products."

Pictured in US Optical's new Crizal coating facility are, from left, Ron Cotran, Robert Cotran, Ralph Cotran and lab manager Jay Sagor.

eL&T Tip of the Month

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High-energy visible or HEV blue light, while the shortest of the visible light wavelengths, possess the highest energy. These wavelengths have been shown to cause photochemical injury to the retina. The Beaver Dam Eye Study showed that those who had high levels of sun exposure during their teenage years and throughout their 30s had an increased risk of developing the early changes that result in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Protective antioxidant pigments in the macula are lost as we age.

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Opticians Handbook

New Products

The Eliminator

Manufacturer: Dynamic Labs
Description: Safe, easy to use marking remover liquid
Features: The Eliminator makes it easy to remove the toughest progressive lens markings quickly from polycarbonate, Trivex, high-index and standard plastic lenses without leaving an oily residue, according to Dynamic Labs. In testing with both large wholesale labs and independent retailers, The Eliminator has continually outperformed any other marking remover presently available, the company says.
Availability: New spray-top 16-ounce bottle (#1208916) and a pen (#1201923).
(888) 339-6264

Chemalux CTC-100 Free-form Lab System

Chemat Vision
Description: Mini free-form lab system for in-office digital surfacing in ECP practices.
Features: A very compact system that integrates digital surfacing with hard coating. The equipment employs a stable granite base with an vibration-isolation mechanism, air bearing and reaction eliminator to yield superior quality surfaces, according to Chemat Vision. The PSR index matching coatings based on nanotechnology can fill the trenches generated by diamond point turning, and no polishing is needed. The system yields extremely precise optics by eliminating the optics-degrading polishing step. The system is clean due to the dry cutting process as well as no polishing. The initial capital investment is the lowest to introduce the free-form lab system into the eye care practice, according to Chemat Vision. chematvision.com
(800) 475-3628


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