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VisionWeb Launches Redesigned Website and Logo

VisionWeb has transformed its corporate identity with the launch of a completely redesigned website and a new corporate logo. Visitors can see the impact of VisionWeb's refreshed branding on the newly redesigned website, now live at visionweb.com, as well as on the VisionWeb Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Channel and LinkedIn.

Visionweb's new look is designed to reinforce VisionWeb as an organization dedicated to driving efficiency through the connectivity of the Internet.

VisionWeb.com features a new, more user-friendly layout that will make it easier for visitors to interact with VisionWeb. Improvements to the site include: Access to Log In on all pages of the site via header button and a reorganized content structure that makes it easier for practices to find information on services related to their businesses. Tabbed navigation layout makes it easier for users to move throughout the various sections and pages of the site. The streamlined presentation of content that is easier to read. A new "Resources" section containing a catalog of free e-books, videos, user guides and other materials VisionWeb offers eyecare practices. VisionWeb members will now use the red Log In button on the top right of the homepage to access VisionWeb's optical dispensing and claim management solutions.

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Transitions Optical Unveils New Consumer Site

Transitions Optical is providing an enhanced user experience and more in-depth education on the Transitions family of products via its relaunched transitions.com website. Applying insights gained through consumer feedback and tracking studies, the site features a detailed breakdown on each Transitions lens product, fresh imagery and greater usability, including a way for consumers to search for an eyecare professional who carries the lens brands that best fit their interests.

"The new site will make it easier for visitors to learn about our family of brands and help them understand which lens options may be right for their lifestyle," says Dan McLean, senior marketing manager—communications, Transitions Optical. "Based on consumer feedback we've improved navigation, added new demonstration features for our everyday and sunwear products, added new content to help consumer better understand the technology and upgraded our practice locator."

Sections on the various photochromic technologies employed by the family of products, and a feature that enables consumers to compare the products' benefits to choose which will best meet their needs, are designed to give consumers a more comprehensive digital experience before they arrive at their eyecare professional's office.

To further promote the lens choices available to patients, in addition to providing contact information for the nearest Transitions lens dispensing practices, the new eyecare professional locator also details which of the Transitions lens products are carried at each location. More than 125,000—or one in six—visitors to the Transitions site searched for an eyecare professional in 2012.

Other new features include answers to frequently asked questions, search functionality and the ability for consumers to share and read product reviews.

'Healthy Vision With Dr. Val Jones' Show

Vistakon, division of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, announced its Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones podcast series is now available on allaboutvision.com. Episodes of the program, devoted to educating and improving the eye health of Americans, can be found at allaboutvision.com/healthy-vision.

Launched in 2011, Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones provides consumers with timely and relevant information and helpful resources to help them manage eye health for themselves and their families. The program is supported by Acuvue brand contact lenses and is hosted by Val Jones, MD, CEO of Better Health, LLC, a network of popular health bloggers, and author of "Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason."

"All About Vision is a comprehensive, up-to-date consumer resource about all aspects of eye health and vision correction," says publisher Ron Walker. "Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones is a valuable addition to our site as Dr. Jones and leading experts take a close look at areas vital to maintaining eye health and wellness."

All About Vision includes information on more than 50 eye conditions and diseases, sections on special-interest topics like computer vision, sports vision, nutrition and eyes, and children's vision, as well as helpful information on eyeglasses, contact lenses and surgical procedures that address vision problems. The site has achieved rapid and consistent growth since its launch in January 2000, recording more than 17 million unique visitors and nearly 30 million page views in 2012.

All About Vision site content is developed with the input of an advisory board of optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians. Articles are written and continually updated by a team of journalists with decades of experience in the eyecare field and reviewed by the advisory board. The site is certified for trustworthiness by the Health on the Net Foundation.

The site has been cited by leading U.S. and international media outlets, such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, USA Today, the BBC, and National Public Radio. It is also linked to by hundreds of corporations, governments, academic institutions, health care reference websites and local eyecare practices.

Free podcasts of Healthy Vision with Dr. Val Jones can also be found on BlogTalk Radio.

eL&T Tip of the Month

While the majority of refractive errors present at birth will naturally correct themselves as the child grows, some conditions require the intervention of an eyecare professional. Congenital cataracts occur in 1.7 of 10,000 births and are the most common cause of treatable childhood blindness. Congenital cataracts can be bilateral or unilateral and are caused by genetics, metabolic disorders, trauma and maternal infection.

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New Products

Super Hydro Edging Spray

Manufacturer: OptiSource International
Description: Non-pad solution for edging lenses that have a hydrophobic AR coating.
Features: Spray Super Hydro on the lens and it will instantly air dry. One of OptiSource's economy-priced blocking pads can then be used for edging the lens. After edging, Super Hydro Spray is easily wiped off.

"Super Hydro Spray takes the slickness of the AR coating out of the 'edging equation' by covering it with a simple spray-and-dry solution that is coating-safe and designed to work with our standard edging pads," says Daryl Squicciarini, president of OptiSource. "Our spray-on technology is the advancement away from specialty blocking pads or lens protection discs, at a fraction of the price. As coatings continue to advance, Super Hydro Spray will be the solution to processing challenges, regardless of lens material, base curve or edging machinery."

Microseparator HC6

Description: Coolant management system for up to six generators used in today's mass manufacturing environments.
Features: The Microseparator HC6 is constructed so every major component has a redundant backup for uninterrupted processing during maintenance. The HC6 maximizes your bottom line with automation that streamlines labor needs and reduces chemical consumable usage by conserving and reusing them. It also maximizes the productivity and availability of your generators.

Other key benefits:

  • Optimum space utilization
  • Removes coolant tanks and debris from production area
  • Conserves resources: power, air, and water
  • Minimizes liquid and solids waste streams
  • Graphical touch screen operator interface

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RxPERTISE | Measure Twice, Cut Once

The Art of Measurement by Hand

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