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iMatrix Launches Web Marketing Services for Optometrists

Internet Matrix, Inc. (iMatrix) is a Web solutions company which has announced its expansion into the optometric field.

iMatrix will now offer optometric (as well as dental) Web marketing solutions that include professionally designed websites, social media management, video marketing, PPC advertising and their advanced SEO service called Dominator. According to a company spokesperson, the new online marketing services are designed to equip optometrists with the tools needed to reach a broader audience of potential patients online and increase local market share.

New services provided by iMatrix are Starter, Social, Media, Velocity and Dominator. According to iMatrix, the Starter Service includes a professionally designed website with a structure that is optimized for search engine crawlers. In the Social Service, social media for optometrists is included with the professional website. The next service level up from Social is the Media Service, which includes the customizable website and social media management as well as video marketing for optometrists. The top two levels of Web marketing services provided offered are Velocity and Dominator. Velocity builds on all the features of Starter, Social and Media, adding pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and retargeting campaigns. The premier-level service offered by iMatrix is Dominator, which encompasses an optimized website, social media management, video and video advertising, PPC and custom SEO management.

2013 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit


Santinelli International Lights 40 Candles on its Birthday Cake

Santinelli International, the lens finishing equipment company, will commemorate its long, rich history with the celebration of its 40th anniversary this year. As one of the few remaining independent, family-owned and managed equipment companies, Santinelli International plans to celebrate the anniversary throughout the year with special associate and client events.

Optical pioneer Joseph Santinelli founded the company in 1973. His son, Gerard Santinelli, has served as president and CEO since 1998. Throughout the decades, success and growth have resulted in relocating from the company's original "closet-sized" home office (pictured here) to a larger eight-room office space, and then to the current 15,000 sq. ft. facility in Hauppauge, N.Y.

The company's heritage began in 1956 with Joseph Santinelli's contributions to the advent of the first diamond bevel edger, the Diamaline Automatic Bevel Edger, introduced by A. Lemay & Co. What followed was a series of advanced technologies introduced by Santinelli International, such as the first "on-size pattern" edging concept and the first automatic, polishing edger. Partnering with Nidek in 1991, the company then introduced the renowned Japanese manufacturer's first lens edger, "3-D Fit" tracer and auto-grooving & safety beveling capabilities in the U.S.

"Being family-owned enables us to be more responsive to our clients and rapidly adapt according to the market's needs," says Gerard Santinelli. "After 40 years, we're still just as passionate about the industry and just as devoted to the success of our clients. We've built a strong reputation as a provider of high-quality finishing technology, and we're committed to preserving this legacy moving forward by focusing efforts on our clients' needs and on what we do best."

Adlens Named a Finalist in Edison Awards Competition

Adlens has reached the finals of the 2013 Edison Awards with its John Lennon eyeglass collection and its Emergensee glasses.

Named after inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison, the Edison Awards is a program produced by the nonprofit organization Edison Universe which globally recognizes and honors innovative new products, services and business leaders in order to create a positive impact in the world. The competition is based on four important criteria: Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.

The John Lennon Collection consists of variable focus eyewear that utilizes Adlens' proprietary fluid-injection lens technology. Variable focus eyewear reduces time and costs associated with traditional lens laboratories, an advantage for developing countries. Through Adlens' Buy One Give One program, for every pair of fluid-injection glasses purchased the company donates a pair to someone in the developing world.

Emergensee are instantly adjustable, variable focus glasses that function as a spare pair when one's glasses or contact lenses are lost.

The competition winners will be announced during the 2013 Edison Awards event which takes place in Chicago on April 24 and 25, 2013.

eL&T Tip of the Month

The human eye begins to develop during the 17th day of gestation. Optic vesicles develop in the eye fields and in five days, infold to form the optic cup. At this point, the retina and crystalline lens begin to develop. Meanwhile, surface ectoderm cells are becoming thicker. The lens forms from these thickened cells. By the 32nd day, you can easily identify the lens, and during the next three to three and a half weeks the lens will grow to the size it will be at birth. Eye development during the first trimester of pregnancy is like watching the grand finale of Fourth of July fireworks.

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Opticians Handbook

New Products

WaveLens Pro

Manufacturer: Visionix Inc.
Description: New generation of completely automatic lens analyzer based on Hartmann Shack wavefront technology.
Features: Wave Lens Pro is a unique lens analyzer with an easy-to-use interface ensuring minimal training with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The built-in caliper system allows for quick frame placement and with the push of one button the WaveLens Pro measures both lenses and displays all measurements and maps for both lenses. With no need to select lens design, the system automatically detects all lens styles and materials.

A 1,500 point measurement provides for the highest precision in measurements allowing the user to properly verify new free-from designs coming back from the lab. With its small footprint and Microsoft Windows-based operating system, the WLP will compliment a professional office and integrate with its computer systems. Lens analysis can also be saved and compared for ease of troubleshooting or prescribing a customized solution for the patient by lens preference.
View a video demonstration.
(800) 292-7468

Online Appointment Notes

Description: PatientCal, a supplier of business management software specifically designed for the health care industry, has released online appointment notes. Launching as an online appointment scheduler and catering to the health care industry with features such as automated patient retention, PatientCal takes a unique approach to appointment notes.
Features: With PatientCal, appointment notes are created through an online calendar, so glancing at a schedule provides quick access to a patient's profile and treatment notes. Additionally, images can easily be attached to each note for future reference.

"After our launch last year we dedicated our time to listening to areas of frustration for various sectors of health care. Through feedback from our customers, attending conferences, and connecting with industry associations we found that moving treatment notes from the filing cabinet to online was a priority for most practices," says PatientCal co-founder Michael Vesia.

PatientCal said its software is being quickly adopted by optical dispensaries and other small health care practices that may find that existing software packages aren't realistically priced, and online schedulers alone aren't enough to help run a business.
(888) 580-0009


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