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Essilor Labs Launches MyEssilorLabs.com

Essilor Labs the largest network of optical laboratories in the country, has launched myessilorlabs.com, a new website featuring one login for all Essilor Labs information.

The new site will allow eyecare professionals (ECPs) to find a wealth of information relating to the lab network, products, services and programs in one comprehensive website, making it easier for them to do business with Essilor Labs.

"In the past, Essilor Labs had many different websites, multiple logins and information scattered across several different platforms," says Réal Goulet, president of Essilor Labs. "EssilorLabs.com allows for a simpler experience for all ECPs, and we will continue to provide a trusted means of information."

EssilorLabs.com will provide:

  • One website that will consolidate information on the lab network, product lines, services and programs into a simple, centralized structure.
  • One login to access all practice information, rewards and Essilor Labs programs.

2013 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit


Carl Zeiss Vision Unveils New Loyalty Program for ECPs

Carl Zeiss Vision has launched the Zeiss Practice Advantage, a program that will reward Zeiss customers with a comprehensive array of practice support resources. The Zeiss Practice Advantage is open to independent eyecare professionals with a Zeiss account. Members will receive points for Zeiss-branded progressive and customized single vision lenses and coatings, as well as i.ProfilerPlus and i.Terminal 2 by Zeiss.

"We pride ourselves on offering the best lenses and coatings to our customers, but we also know that in today's market, we have to do more," says Joe Donahoe, Carl Zeiss Vision's president, North America (pictured here). "Our goal with this program is to make it easy for our customers to acquire tools that will help increase patient satisfaction, practice effectiveness and profitability. The Zeiss Practice Advantage provides access to the resources practices need through our Preferred Partner program."

Points can be applied toward instruments from Carl Zeiss Meditec and other Preferred Partners. A wide range of services are available from leading providers including web design, search engine optimization, patient connectivity and recall, in-office patient communication and practice effectiveness consultation. In addition, Zeiss has developed a number of tools available exclusively to Zeiss Practice Advantage members, including online staff training and consumer marketing.

Says Aimée LaFont Leifer, head of medical business development at Demandforce, a leading provider of automated patient communication services, "We are proud to be a preferred partner in the Zeiss Practice Advantage. Demandforce has proven effective in acquiring new patients and retaining current patients, and we're pleased that Zeiss is making these benefits more accessible to their loyal customers."

Bill Scott, president of Jobson ECP Business Services, says, "Zeiss and ECP Business Services share a commitment to helping practices increase their success through our Jobson Video Services, EyeDocApp and ECPSocial products. The Zeiss Practice Advantage demonstrates that commitment. As a Preferred Partner, we look forward to helping Zeiss customers fulfill their potential."

"EyeVertise excels in helping the eyecare professional market their business through custom website solutions and internet marketing strategies just for the ECP," adds Terry Adler, EyeVertise president. "We appreciate that Zeiss recognizes the value of this service by including us as a preferred partner in Zeiss Practice Advantage."

Gunnar Optiks is Awarded Patents for Computer Eyewear Technology

Gunnar Optiks, a leading manufacturer of computer eyewear, has been awarded broad patent coverage on its lens technology and design. Gunnar's 20/20 and prescription computer eyewear, optimized for use while viewing digital screens, combines a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry, finished with custom tuned lens tints and coatings.

"Aggressively protecting our technological innovations is an integral part of our business," says Joe Croft, co-founder of Gunnar. "Gunnar Optiks computer eyewear addresses a problem affecting more than 120 million Americans today. Securing broad based patents reinforces Gunnar's leadership position in the category that we created, and ensures that affected consumers can receive a high quality eyewear solution that protects their vision."

U.S. Patent No. 8,342,681 was awarded to Gunnar Optiks on January 1, 2013, and applies to the following areas of innovation: computer eyewear designed to filter spectral peaks commonly found in fluorescent lighting and computer backlights; computer eyewear with a wrap-around design designed to protect the eye from air currents and trap in evaporated moisture; computer eyewear with decentered optics to provide distortion-free viewing. Additional patent claims, regarding the filtration of HEV (High Energy Visible) light, have been allowed and set to issue in the coming months, according to Gunnar Optiks.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Becoming a mobile optician for nursing home residents requires, above all else, patience and compassion. Next, one should expect much planning and organization, the willingness to travel from site-to-site in a variety of weather conditions, adaptability to various working conditions at the facilities, the willingness to carry the contents of an entire office to each site, and different communication skills and protocols.

For example, getting signatures on file for insurance poses an entirely new set of challenges, since patients are usually either physically unable to sign the forms or are cognitively impaired due to dementia, their need for numerous medications or catastrophic illnesses. In the majority of cases, family members are not present when the nursing home resident is receiving his or her optical services. As a result, most business practices that are relatively routine in an office setting require significantly different approaches in a mobile practice.

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New Products

Seiko Supernal

Seiko Optical Products of America
Description: The first free-form lens designed using an advanced 3D Virtual Reality System for improved lens design capabilities. The new 3D Virtual Reality System is an evaluation method utilizing computer graphics technology which enables optical engineers to understand how patients view objects in numerous settings and improve PAL lens design performance by simulating vision through the wearer's eyes.
Features: Seiko Supernal offers seven automatic semi-variable insets based on the prescription that range from 1.75 mm to 3.25 mm, in 0.25 mm increments and also utilizes patented "Internal progressive and Internal Aspheric design"to reduce blurriness and distortions. The width of clear vision around the fitting point has been increased by approximately 50 percent by utilizing Non-Linear Progressive Power Change. This technology maintains a broad near field of vision while expanding clarity around the fitting point and distance area. Advanced Aspheric Compensation and Multi-Polar Astigmatic Correction combine to improve visual comfort, panoramic vision, and image stability, especially difficult for Rx's with very high astigmatic correction.

"Supernal incorporates many of the same technological design features as Surmount but is slightly less advanced with fewer inset steps as well as not having convex curves on the concave side for improved flatter base plus Rx cosmetics," says Mike Rybacki, Seiko's senior vice president of sales and marketing.
Availability: Wide variety of materials and coating options, including polarized, 1.74 index and Transitions lenses.
(800) 235-5367

Value-Edge Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight Intermediate Film

Santinelli International
Description: Santinelli International is extending its consumables product line to include all-new Value-Edge Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight Intermediate Film, two budget-friendly solutions designed to improve lens finishing quality.
Features: The Santinelli Value-Edge Blocking Pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination, designed to improve the edging performance of today's coated and uncoated lenses. The foam material resists high rotational forces and prevents the pad from "wrinkling." The adhesive is formulated to bond to all hard coated, standard AR coated and many hydrophobic AR coated lenses, making it an excellent "all-around" pad. These blocking pads are available in several different sizes and shapes.

The Grip-Tight Intermediate Film is a product which was developed as an added security measure against slippage, giving the lens clamp a more secure "grip." The intermediate film comes in both standard and high curve versions. The Grip-Tight High Curve film is thinner and more flexible, and adheres to high curve lenses with better "wet-out" results and without wrinkles. Grip-Tight will work well with any block size and shape.

Franco Aluigi, product manager for Santinelli International, says, "The Value-Edge Blocking Pads and The Grip-Tight Intermediate Film will be great cost-efficient additions to any lab, maintaining the quality of lens finishing results."
(800) 644-3343


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