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Foundation Fighting Blindness' Eye on the Cure Blog Serves as a Retinal Disease Resource

Launched in February 2012, as an insider's view on retinal research news and low-vision coping, the Foundation Fighting Blindness' Eye on the Cure blog strives to educate and update patients, families and the vision care community on important progress in the field. With vision-robbing diseases like macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa and Usher syndrome affecting more than 10 million Americans, the Foundation strives to be the go-to resource for up-to-date information, behind-the-scenes access and, most importantly, hope for a future in which sight isn't lost to retinal disease.

"This is an exciting time for retinal research because many potential treatments are moving from the lab into clinical trials, and hopefully soon out to patients who are depending on them," says Stephen Rose, Ph.D., the Foundation's chief research officer and lead blogger. "Eye on the Cure allows us to share insight about what's happening on the front lines of research in an exciting new way. We strive for the blog's content to be understandable and impactful, so that patients and professionals alike can benefit."

In addition to Dr. Rose's posts offering his expertise on breaking research news, guest bloggers contribute their perspectives on a variety of topics. Weekly posts run the gamut, exploring areas like assistive technology, the "bionic" eye, gene therapy and stem cell studies and inspirational stories of hope.

"We encourage feedback, comments and questions from our readers because it really helps shape the content to provide information people are seeking," says Dr. Rose. "The blog platform also allows us to experiment with video and other types of multimedia, which can help relay complicated science in ways that are more digestible for the low vision community."

Bookmark or subscribe to Eye on the Cure's RSS feed at fightblindness.org/blog.

20/20 CE


Essilor's ECP University Expands Online Course Offering

Essilor of America announced the addition of new courses to ECP University, an organization designed to help doctors, eyecare practice owners and managers grow their practices by providing education solutions through in-person training, distance learning and online training. The new courses offer comprehensive training for front desk professionals at eyecare practices.

Based on customer feedback, Essilor's education department and the ECP University team conducted extensive market research to determine the competencies required for running an efficient and organized front office. These core competencies were then used to create eight hours of e-learning courses which include topics such as managing patient appointments, record keeping and reporting, managing patient issues, telephone etiquette, managing vendor appointments, explaining insurance to patients and tracking insurance claims.

"Whether on the phone or in-person, front desk staff members are the first and last encounter patients have with an eyecare practice," says Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, senior vice president of customer development, Essilor of America. "Effective training for front desk staff is undeniably important, and Essilor hopes to help ECPs increase patient satisfaction resulting from an overall positive experience with a customer-focused staff."

The front desk courses are added to a comprehensive online catalog that includes optical and medical training, patient service and selling, business management, technical concepts, products, insurance and more. Subscribers have 24/7 online access to more than 80 courses, CE credits, an ABO Exam prep guide, and assessments at the end of the courses. Administrators can assign courses, create a custom curriculum for users, and track and monitor staff progress.

According to Essilor, a subscription to ECP University is a cost effective method for an office staff to continue its professional development.

Eschenbach Continues Presto Lite Promotion

Eschenbach Optik's Presto Lite is an economically priced video magnifier that is ready to use right out of the box. It's perfect for those patients who prefer a video magnifier with basic features and don't want or need complicated extra features they won't be using.

Eschenbach has created a five-minute demonstration video of the Presto Lite so you can see all of the unit's features and just how easy it is to use for yourself. By viewing this video, you'll be eligible to enter a raffle for a $500 American Express gift card.

During the video, you'll hear a raffle promotion code announced. Once you know the promotion code, click on the link below and tell us the code you heard. Ten lucky people will win. The winners of the raffle will be drawn on Jan. 31, 2013. One entry per office is allowed.

View the video and hear the promotion code. To enter the raffle, click on this link and write in the Promotion Code at the bottom of the form.

For additional information, contact your Eschenbach territory manager, or Eschenbach customer service at (800) 487-5389.

eL&T Tip of the Month

As most presbyopic golfers will tell you, the reading portion (addition) of their glasses gets in the way while putting, and the peripheral blur of a progressive or the segment of a flat top obscures their vision when addressing the ball at the tee. Either the correct intermediate power is needed, or the full power of the add is in the wrong place. Also, from the tee or fairway, sighting of the flag and the pin requires clear vision while the eyes and head rotate to look from ball to flag.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

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New Products

Happy Lens

Spy Optic
Description: The Spy Happy Lens is designed to "harmonize" with the body's physiological preference for a specific bandwidth in the visible light spectrum (450nm – 500nm) where "uplifting" effects of blue (i.e., happy) light are most prevalent.

"Put simply, the innovative new Spy Happy Lens blocks the sun's harmful rays while letting in the good long-wave blue light that makes us happy," says Jim Sepanek, Spy Optics' vice president of optical. "This, coupled with an accurate, crisp, color contrast-enhancing lens and Trident polarization technology enables the Happy Lens to rival any top grade lens on the market. Spy is the first eyewear company to bring this patent-pending technology to the market, and we're very excited about sharing this with our customers starting Feb. 1."
Features: Allows in long-wave blue light. Other lenses block out a majority of this range of "good" rays. Blocks and filters out "bad" rays, including 100 percent of UVA, B, C rays and more than 99 percent of the "bad" and glaring light. Fifteen percent visible light transmission with contrast enhancement—suitable for conditions ranging from bright sun to overcast settings. Trident Polarized with black mirror coating eliminates more than 99 percent of glare.
(800) 779-3937

Hard Coat XT and Hard Coat HD

Practical Systems Inc. (PSI)
Description: PSI is expanding its line of UV curable hard coats with the addition of a new extra tintable coating and an extra hard coating to their already successful PSI Hard Coat offering (part # 9000).
Features: The new PSI Hard Coat XT (part # 9000-XT) offers improved tinting, 10 percent darker, along with excellent scratch resistance with a Bayer rating of 1.52. The new PSI Hard Coat XH (part # 9000-XH) is an extra hard coating with a Bayer rating of >2.5. Both these coatings as well as the popular PSI Hard Coat have superior adhesion on all lens materials including 1.67 index lenses, according to PSI. They provide a hydrophobic coating on the lens to repel dust and water and are solvent free so there are no disposal, fire or shipping concerns. All three coatings are AR compatible and economically priced.


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