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J&J Vision Care Launches New Website for ECPs

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. has launched a new website for eye care professionals, acuvueprofessional.com. The new website, designed to function on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, features a unique contact lens finder, which includes the entire line of Acuvue brand contact lenses, as well as products from other major manufacturers. This new tool was designed to help doctors quickly find the right contact lens for their patients by easily searching through different lens parameters, manufacturers, modalities and materials.

Visitors to acuvueprofessional.com can also access detailed product information on all Acuvue brands such as Dk/t, lens designs and the latest rebate information.

Patient instructional videos are also a new feature on the site. These short, consumer-friendly videos were designed as a resource for doctors to help patients understand common refractive errors, proper lens care, how to insert and remove contacts, Acuvue brand technologies and more. Plus, eyecare professionals can embed these videos on their practices' web pages.

On acuvueprofessional.com, eyecare professionals can also find a variety of useful practice resources, including interactive videos and articles offering sound advice from peers on how to increase patient satisfaction and practice growth. Doctors will also have the opportunity to sign up for the free "Find a Doctor" interactive online map, which will be listed on the consumer site, acuvue.com. This tool makes it easier for potential patients to find an eye doctor in their area.

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Vision-Ease Lens Hosts Sales and Marketing Training Event

Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) held its third annual Vision-Ease Lens customer education event, the VELA Forum, for business growth and training on Aug. 22-26, 2012, at Secrets Maroma Beach in Cancun, Mexico. In its first year expanded beyond Latin America to include both U.S. and Canadian customers, more than 130 attendees from 21 countries were rewarded for their participation in the 2012 VELA promotion, which required working with their VEL sales representative to set and meet growth goals.

Program highlights included training workshops, lessons and discussions on retail strategy, sales tools, marketing growth, as well as business and industry trends. In addition, the event featured top industry speakers Victor Antonio, a sales trainer and strategist, Ron Marks, author and sales specialist, and Daniel Russo, optical retail consultant and trainer. Speakers covered topics such as sales tips and motivation for growing business while challenging attendees to think differently. All presentations were provided in both English and Spanish.

"Based on the past success of the program, we were thrilled this year to open the event to U.S. and Canadian customers and the positive response we received was tremendous," says Scott Schaller, vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at VEL. "Beyond offering in-depth sales tools and marketing training for customers, the VELA Forum forges beneficial connections and long-lasting relationships among customers, retailers and Vision-Ease Lens leadership."

U.S. and Canadian VELA Forum attendees, pictured here, take time out for a photo opp.

VSP Labs Rebrands to VSPOne Optical Technology Centers

VSP Optics Group announced that its laboratory division, VSP Labs, has rebranded to VSPOne Optical Technology Centers. Under the new identity, VSP Labs Columbus is now VSPOne Columbus; Legends 4.0 Optical Laboratory is now VSPOne Dallas; Ultra Lens Optical Laboratory is now VSPOne Fort Lauderdale; Capitol Optical Laboratory is now VSPOne Olympia; VSP Labs Sacramento is now VSPOne Sacramento; Perfect Optics is now VSPOne San Diego and Zeiss/VSP Lab Tampa Bay is now VSPOne Tampa Bay.

"We are now more united under our new identity, and as one team, we build upon a proud optical laboratory history that started four decades ago," says Warren Meyer, senior vice president of laboratory operations for VSP Optics Group. "As VSPOne Optical Technology Centers, we move forward to continue supporting independent eyecare professionals by delivering innovative technology, outstanding customer service, and a wide selection of ophthalmic products and services."

As part of the rebranding, VSP Lab Rewards has become VSPOne Rewards. The programs and promotions remain the same and members will still be able to make purchases with points earned in the past.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Eyecare involves treating a person for their medical and preventive needs. That person is called a patient, and they make an appointment for an exam because they need to see. We can convert a patient to the fun side of retail optical while ensuring that all the clinical care is covered. Turn the Patient into a Client. Presentation therefore is the key to making this transition.

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New Products

NuPolar High Index 1.60

Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: High-index, high-performance polarized lens
Features: NuPolar 1.60 lenses are manufactured MR-8 resin, a high performance material with good processing and stability characteristics. NuPolar 1.60 is offered in eight base curves with precise film placement to allow for minimum thickness over a wide Rx range, and is backed by all applicable NuPolar warranties.

"The eyecare industry is aware of the many benefits of polarized lenses—that they remove glare and enhance visual acuity," says David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics. "But it's also important to remember that not all polarized lenses are manufactured the same. While other polarized lenses vary in quality and performance, NuPolar consistently outperforms other products in the marketplace."

NuPolar 1.60 lenses are manufactured with all the features that are characteristic of NuPolar: excellent heat stability (even when subjected to the elevated temperatures encountered during many hard coating and AR coating processes), superb adhesion characteristics ensuring the lenses will not delaminate or separate, consistent true curve control (perfect for today's digitally processed free-form requirements), and high polarization efficiency. NuPolar's quality standards never allow gray or brown colors to look too green or too blue, and NuPolar's color uniformity, assures consistent color matching.
Availability: Single vision gray, brown and green.
(800) 877-5367

Definity 3, Definity 3 Plus

Essilor of America
Description: New version of Essilor's Definity progressive lens offers more customization and improved viewing in four visual zones.
Features: Like the original Definity lens design, the new Definity 3 and Definity 3 Plus lenses incorporate Essilor's proprietary DualOptix digital surfacing technology, which splits the addition between the front and back of the lens. The new lenses also utilize a dynamic split, allowing for the add power to no longer be fixed. This creates more opportunities for customization as the split is optimized to the patient's prescription and choice of frame, Essilor says. Definity 3 Plus will also utilize three additional measurements—panto, wrap and vertex—to further optimize the lens to the patient's facial anatomy.

The design of Definity 3 has led to 35 percent less unwanted astigmatism than competitor lenses, according to Essilor. Additionally, Definity 3 offers a 10 percent softer design in the distance zone; 12 percent wider field of vision in the intermediate zone; 20 percent wider field of vision in the near zone; 77 percent of wearers tested reported less swim; 72 percent of wearers tested prefer Definity 3 for comfort in the intermediate zone; equal experience in the fourth visual zone, which Essilor calls Ground View Advantage.


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