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Rodenstock Opens 'The House of Better Vision'

Rodenstock, a leading German manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses and frames, has opened The House of Better Vision, an interactive website through which visitors can discover a virtual world of experiences dedicated to optimum vision.

Rodenstock's website, see-better-look-perfect.com, offers a unique combination of entertainment and information for opticians and end consumers. Visitors go on an expedition in which they become familiar with the entire world of vision by Rodenstock. Four experience zones with Rodenstock highlights await the visitor from the ultimate progressive lens system called Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT), through the stylish sun and eyewear, up to the self-tinting ColorMatic IQ lenses. Users determine the route of the virtual tour themselves.

Rodenstock will be releasing a House of Better Vision iPad app.

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3D Eyewear Retail Store Opens in California

A retail store that sells only 3D eyewear opened in late June in the Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, Calif., near Los Angeles. The new venture, the first of its kind in the U.S., was started by a company called 3Dom (rhymes with freedom). It stocks designer and movie-themed brands such as Look3D Eyewear (pictured right), Oakley and Gunnar, including eyewear certified by Real-D, a leading technology supplier for 3D theaters.

Roma Goddard, CEO of 3Dom, says she chose the store's location as a test market because it is in a high traffic mall with a multiplex theater that shows all the latest 3D movies.

Currently, 3D theaters in the U.S. do not offer discounts to consumers who bring their own 3D eyewear to the movie. However, Goddard says, "We're hoping the movie industry will accept people having their own 3D eyewear, rather than paying a higher price when they go see a 3D movie and have the theater provide the glasses."

3Dom also operates an online retail store and Goddard also runs RG Specs, an internet portal for 3D eyewear products and news.

ABB Concise Offers Practice Partnership Series Webinars Including COPE Credits

ABB Concise announced that the Practice Partnership Webinar series presented by Patrick Caroline, FAAO, of Pacific University (pictured right) and supported by Paragon Vision Sciences, has continued COPE approval. This ABB Concise exclusive webinar series focuses on topics that support successful treatment options and outcomes with gas permeable lens fitting.

Highlights from the webinar series include: contact lens fitting using corneal topography, myopia control with corneal reshaping, scleral lens design and fitting, management of irregular cornea and special lens designs for keratoconus patients.

ABB Concise Executive Vice President Lynda Baker remarked, "ABB Concise is proud to be the first company to develop webinars to help practices extend their knowledge in fitting specialty custom lenses. We encourage all of our accounts to take time out of their busy schedules to view Patrick Caroline's lectures."

The webinars are free to all who are interested in viewing. Those looking for the CE credits will need to pay a nominal fee of $35 and pass a 10—question online exam, administered by Primary Eyecare Network (PEN). The recorded webinars can be accessed on the ECP tools page after login on abbconcise.com. To obtain the CE exam after viewing the webinar, practices can send an e-mail to education@primaryeye.net or call PEN at (800) 444-9230.

eL&T Tip of the Month

"Sunglasses are sunglasses." An often heard comment, revealing a common sentiment: Sunglasses are simple devices designed to block the glare of the sun from your eyes. Many people agree with these sentiments. Some even feel paying more than a few dollars for a product perceived as costing a few pennies is a foolish and unwise investment. This is more than a simple misunderstanding. It's not TRUE.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

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New Products

Retinal Bliss

Manufacturer: Quantum Innovations
Description: As the ophthalmic industry continues to learn about the damage caused by UVA and HEV (High Energy Visible Light) spectrums, Quantum Innovations has developed an AR coating, Retinal Bliss, to protect the eye from these types of radiation. Concerns surrounding the damage caused by UVA are well-documented. However, HEV—sometimes referred to as "blue light"—is less discussed. Although HEV rays have lower energy than UV rays, HEV radiation penetrates deeply into the eye and can cause damage to the retina.
Features: Quantum created RB Tech because most lens treatments reflect UV and HEV rays from the backside of the eyeglass lens into the wearer's eyes. The RB Tech coating reduces the amount of reflected UVA and HEV rays by up to 95 percent when compared to non-UV AR coatings. RB Tech can be installed in most coating equipment types.
Availability: single vision gray, brown and green.
(888) 268-3414

My Vision Express

My Vision Express
Description: By enhancing its partnership with 4PatientCare, My Vision Express now provides automatic interaction between users of this optometric HER/practice management software and all of their patients.
Features: My Vision Express users can now fully utilize 4PatientCare's complete offering, including mobile appointment scheduling via a patient's smart phone, intelligent surveys and elevating a practice's reputation through online reviews. These services are in addition to 4PatientCare's graphical e-mails, text messages, fully interactive voice services, dynamic postcards and online patient-enabled appointment scheduling.

A certified EHR and practice management software, My Vision Express' integrated features include order entry, inventory, letters, insurance, appointment scheduling, accounting, commissions, marketing, email, time clock, reporting and more. Serving those in eyecare for more than a decade, 4PatientCare employs text messaging, e-mail, Web, automated human speech, a live call center staff, print, social media and reputation solutions to improve patient and staff communication while enhancing clinical outcomes.
(800) 328-3449


RxPertise | Focusing on Shutterbugs

Serving the special eyecare and eyewear needs of photographers


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