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Innexus Launches Streamlined User Website Experience

A growing number of patients are using the Internet to locate eye health information. Innexus, a division of Inneractive Media, has responded with a complete redesign of their website and online marketing solution, getinnexus.com, enabling patients to find information that matters to them quicker and with greater ease.

"Innexus has always been robust. In addition to our built-in marketing tools, we also provide professionally written content for eyecare professionals. Without sacrificing the amount of content, our redesign streamlines the user experience so patients see the most relevant content first and navigation throughout the website is made even easier. We have also bundled three previous a la carte services into the base subscription, making Innexus an even better value," says Innexus brand manager, Ryan Smith.

Kelli Worth, senior Innexus specialist notes, "Technology is consistently changing, making it easier and faster to get the information we need, when we need it. In addition to including more online marketing features, Innexus also offers a Mobile Platform. The mobile platform allows anyone checking an Innexus website with a smart phone to access quick one-touch dialing, map directions, office hours and an option to view the full website."

Innexus has always offered iCards, iNewsletters and iCalendar. Along with the redesign, Innexus now offers a Facebook Integration feature, a simplified mobile platform for smart phone users, additional storage space for website contacts, iBlog, iForm and iStore, all for the same monthly subscription. iForm enables ECPs to create custom designed forms and surveys their patients can complete and submit online. iBlog enables ECPs to create online forums and dialogue with patients. iStore enables ECPs to set up a basic online store, right from their website. iForm, iBlog and iStore were previously enhancement features valued at over $40 a month, but are now included to provide increased value and more powerful marketing support for ECPs.



Transitions Optical Kicks Off Tour to Support New 'Vantage' Lens

Transitions Optical is hosting a Transitions Vantage City Tour that will offer industry professionals an opportunity to learn about variable polarization and new Transitions Vantage lenses. The tour, which kicks off April 17 in Burbank/Los Angeles, Calif., will include 10 major events and more than 25 regional events throughout the U.S.

Each educational event, worth 1 ABO credit, will include dinner and a presentation on how Transitions Vantage lenses employ a new technology different than current photochromic and polarized lenses. Attendees will also receive information on consumer and partnership programs, participate in a question and answer session with a Transitions Optical representative and be eligible to enter to win a trial fit voucher.

The larger Transitions Vantage City Tour stops include:

  • April 25 - Columbus, Ohio
  • April 26 - Dallas
  • May 1 - Seattle
  • May 2 - Chicago
  • May 16 - New York City
  • May 17 - Houston
  • May 22 - Denver
  • May 23 - Detroit
  • May 15 - Miami

In addition to the major tour stops, regional events will be held in April and May in more than 25 additional cities. Space is limited in these smaller venues. Industry professionals can RSVP for the City Tour stops and regional events in their area by visiting transitions.com/vantageevents.

Vision Expo Attendees Win iPads and More in Shamir Raffle

Shamir's booth at Vision Expo East was busy with excited attendees eager to learn about the company and its lenses. With the focus on the company's latest product releases, Shamir Golf and FirstPAL and a unique promotion, Shamir gave attendees the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

Utilizing their Sales App, attendees who stopped by Shamir's booth were able to watch a short video on Shamir Golf and FirstPAL, which led them on an educational journey hosted by Shamir's animated spokesman, Mr. Progresso. The video provided an overview of Shamir's two latest lens designs in a fun and unique way. Attendees also had the option to view Shamir's introductory video, "The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision," which provides a look at Shamir's semi-finished and free-form progressive designs as well as information about their proprietary technology utilized to design each of their products, EyePoint Technology.

After attendees viewed Shamir's presentation, they were able to play Shamir's Hole in One beanbag toss game. Participants were given the opportunity to throw beanbags for a chance to win tickets for exciting prizes. Shamir also provided participants with a golf ball keychain with a poncho inside. Five total raffle drawings were held and at each drawing participants had the chance to win a Golf Goodie Bag, one of two Apple iPod Touchs and an Apple iPad.

Todd Geshenow of Eyesfirst in Middletown, N.J.(pictured here) was one of the lucky visitors who won an Apple iPad.

eL&T Tip of the Month

For many patients, the desire for luxury makes them gravitate directly to a brand they know or with which they have had some experience. In fact, we want to be able to meet brand loyal patients and their wants. Look for brands that have risen to prominence, especially for younger clients, as they have shown real loyalty for the new brands that have provided better value.

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Local Eye Site

New Products

PFO Global

Manufacturer: SmartEyePix
Description: HD dispensing technology for eye and face measurement, frame, contact lens try-on, order management, benefit verification and marketing support.
Features: This new generation of the SmartEyePix is being introduced as a desktop device that is easily adapted to individual practice needs. The new Measurement-Consulting-Management system, using SmartEyePix proven technology, also provides in-office patient education and communication. "This outstanding technology offers eyecare professionals a perfect complement to all of the systems out in the market," says Rudolf Suter, CEO and president of PFO. Through a unique, two-screen system, practitioners have the ability to involve patients in the entire process. This new technology offers efficiency and cost effectiveness with a "high tech-high touch" patient impression.
Availability: The system is available in three modules:
Module A
Frame Try-On / Lifestyle Feature—The patient is able to see themselves on the screen and compare up to four frames. They can then e-mail the pictures to family and friends if they want help making a choice. Lens Consulting—The SmartEyePix can be used by the optician to educate the patient on the advantages of the different lens materials that are available, such as thickness and weight difference with a specific prescription. It also demonstrates the difference between lens designs such as progressives, single vision, office, etc.
Once the frame and lenses are chosen, SmartEyePix shows the patient the effect of antireflective, photochromic, tint or polarized lenses. It demonstrates visual and cosmetic benefits and the value to the patient's lifestyle.
Contact Lens Consulting—Customers can view themselves in colored contact lenses and see the benefit of multifocal contact lenses without actually having to try them on. Up to eight images can be viewed on the screen at one time.
Module B
Measurement—The unique facial recognition system of the SmartEyePix takes all necessary measurements for accurate fitting of the lenses, including Monocular near and distance PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, wrap angles, frame measurements A, B, ED and DBL from a single image without the need for the patient to be fitted with an awkward template.
Module C
Fulfillment Services—The SmartEyePix includes services for ordering frames, lenses, contact lenses and disposables such as eye drops and solutions in connection with a complete order management system. Orders placed through PFO's SmartEyewear program will not incur a transaction fee. For managed vision care, SmartEyePix has a benefits verification and claim management tool that is HIPAA compliant. This module communicates with the PMS for accounting and Patient Service features.
(866) 996-7849


Description: Hemisphere adjustable prescription sunglasses and computer glasses provide instant vision correction and immediate dispensing.
Features: Hemisphere instant prescription eyewear allows dispensers to "dial, set and seal" the wearer's prescription by adjusting fluid filled lenses in each eye. Instant prescription eyewear can be customized for different activities—prescription suns for outdoor use, clear lenses for intermediate computer vision. Fluid-filled lens technology was originally developed to provide vision correction in less developed countries. In keeping with its philanthropic heritage, Adlens will donate a pair of glasses to someone in the developing world for every pair purchased. The Buy One Give One Program will be coordinated through Vision For a Nation in Rwanda.
Close Up: Hemisphere is a fluid-filled instant prescription sunglass. The refractive power of each polycarbonate lens is set by adjusting external reservoirs of optically-clear silicone fluid. Once the prescription in each eye is set, the dispenser can remove the reservoirs and seal off the fill port with color-matched tabs. Instant prescription eyewear eliminates the wait associated with dispensing traditional prescription sunwear. Hemisphere will be dispensed through eyecare professionals throughout the world.
Availability: Hemisphere covers a wide range of spherical powers from -4.50D to +3.50D. Sunglasses are available in six colors: blue, burgundy, olive, crystal, dark gray and brown with matching lens tints. Clear lenses are available in dark gray and brown frames.
(862) 812-8379


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