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Carl Zeiss Vision Launches "Mommy Blogger" Outreach Program

Carl Zeiss Vision announces that it is distributing educational materials to prominent "mommy bloggers" to help their readers understand the options they have in purchasing eyeglasses for themselves and their families.

"Consumers are often unaware of the options available to them in lenses, and how those options can improve their visual experience," says Joe Donahoe, Carl Zeiss Vision's President for North America. "As most practitioners will tell you, informed patients are most likely to purchase premium lenses that offer the best visual experience. We are working with bloggers to encourage their readers to ask the right questions—questions that will start a conversation about lens options and their benefits."

The mommy blogger phenomenon has seen rapid growth in the last five years. According to a study by BigFuel.com, mommy bloggers reach over 35 million women in the U.S. Forty nine percent of readers use blogs to obtain health and wellness information. A survey by MomCentralConsulting.com shows that 94 percent of mothers rely on recommendations from other mothers when making purchase decisions.

"From practitioners to products, peer-to-peer recommendations are among the most powerful ways of marketing eyecare," says Claude Labeeuw, Carl Zeiss Vision's Vice-President, Marketing. "By reaching consumers through the bloggers they trust, we believe we can grow the market for premium eyewear."

Educational materials provided by Zeiss include basic information about eye exams and lenses, and a list of questions to ask an eyecare professional. Some bloggers are posting the information in pdf format, and encouraging readers to print them and take them to their next eye exam.

To date, over 80 bloggers with a combined average readership of 1.1 million have created posts based on the Carl Zeiss Vision materials, according to Zeiss.

2012 VM Summit


Transitions Names Pech and Aspen Most Valuable Partner Labs of the Year

Transitions Optical has named the winners of the 2011 Transitions Partner Labs, Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Lab of the Year award. Aspen Optical of Mesa, Ariz., won in the small/medium lab division, and Pech Optical of Sioux City, Iowa, won for the large lab division. Both were honored during a ceremony at Essilor's National Sales Meeting in Miami Beach, Fla., on Jan. 5.

The Transitions MVP Lab of the Year award celebrates the two Transitions Partner Labs that have shown the highest level of commitment to growing their businesses with Transitions Optical's family of products and programs over the past year. All nominees are judged on several factors, including growth of Transitions lenses, innovation and creativity in executing marketing programs and promotions, quality of education provided internally and to eyecare professionals and overall passion for and devotion to the Transitions brand.

Alex Louw, Transitions Optical's director, lens manufacturing and trade sales, and director, national retail and Canada, center, congratulates LuAnn Mosier and Doug Pech of Pech Optical on receiving their award (top). Alex Louw congratulates Vicki Kathe, Linda Atwood and Dave Kathe of Aspen Optical on receiving their award (bottom).

Costa Donates One-of-a-Kind Sunglass Fish Sculptures to IGFA, The Billfish Foundation

Costa Sunglasses made a splash when it unveiled images of one-of-a-kind, hand built fish sculptures of a tarpon, blue marlin and bass built entirely out of its own sunglass parts in an advertising campaign last year. Now, two of these sculptures have found new homes with some worthy organizations.

Costa donated its tarpon fish sculpture to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) to be put on display inside its Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum. First opened in January 1999, the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum attracts 75,000 guests each year who come to view one of the largest repositories of sport fishing history. In addition to full-scale casts of world record catches in the Greats Hall, interactive fishing simulators in the Catch Gallery and hundreds of epic historical photographs, the IGFA's headquarters is also filled with an impressive collection of permanent artwork—including the newest piece from Costa.

The blue marlin sculpture has been donated to The Billfish Foundation (TBF), a longtime Costa partner. The organization plans to showcase the sculpture from Feb. 16 to 20 in its booth at the 2012 Miami Boat Show. Following the show, TBF will promote the sculpture online and at various events throughout the year before auctioning it off at their Annual Tag & Release Awards Ceremony in February 2013. All proceeds will benefit billfish conservation efforts.

A mix of lenses, hinges, frame arms, nosepads, side shields and retainer cord segments from hundreds of Costa sunglasses went into building the mounted fish sculptures. Each fish was built using the sunglass lens color and frame technology necessary to catch the particular species.

The blue marlin model glows with dozens of Costa's 580 blue mirror lenses as scales and silver and black frame arms as fins. Side shields and retainer cords add realistic detail to the billfish body.

For the tarpon sculpture, more than 150 Costa 580 silver mirror and gray lenses were used to illustrate the scales. The fish also features frame arms to shape the fins and mouth, with a Costa 'C' logo accentuating its eye.

Costa plans to produce and release new sculptures featuring additional fish species later this year. See a behind-the-scenes video of how the Costa fish sculptures were built.

The Costa blue marlin fish sculpture will be on display at the 2012 Miami Boat Show in The Billfish Foundation's booth. The Costa tarpon fish sculpture will be on display in the IGFA Hall of Fame & Fishing Museum.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Toward the center of the object, where all of the colors overlap on the retina, the normal object color is observed. However, toward the edges of the object, where the outer colors in the visible spectrum are offset more, a "border" of color is seen. This is the cause of the familiar color fringing around objects that are viewed through the periphery of lenses with chromatic aberration.

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Opticians Handbook

New Products

Transitions VI Flat Tops In Higher Add Powers

Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: Younger Optics' ever-expanding offering of Transitions lenses now includes Flat Top 28 with higher additions in hard resin.

"Younger Optics is committed to supporting the entire line of Transitions Optical lenses," says David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics. "Labs requested this product, and we are pleased to support our labs by offering them a choice."
Availability: For bases 4, 6, and 8, the following higher adds are now available: 3.25, 3.50, 3.75, and 4.00. All available in both Gray and Brown.
(800) 877-5367

WOS 2012 Catalog

Western Optical Supply (WOS)
Description: Western Optical Supply (WOS) has totally redesigned its catalog for 2012. The new catalog provide more "how-to" information about the extensive WOS line of unique dispensing hand tools and accessories.
Features: The catalog features a number of new products, including an expanded line of pliers that are now available with a foam grip or enhanced steel grip in addition to the traditional vinyl. A new layout makes it easier to differentiate between the multiple offerings WOS has for each plier type. Also, the detailed, "how to use" images have been expanded. Pricing has been simplified so that the same plier with varying grip treatments are all priced the same.

Several labor saving new tools are featured in the new catalog, including the nosepad popping out plier and the nosepad inserting plier. There is also the new eyewire forming press and a new version of the Universal Nut Grabber.
(800) 423-3294


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