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Practice Director Software Provides More Efficient Access via the Web

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Practice Director has moved its service of providing access to patient eyecare health information, from the discontinued Google Health Services, to Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2). Patients will be able to securely access their eye health information on demand using a patient portal provided by Practice Director through Amazon Web Services.

In addition to numerous clinical data efficiency enhancements, this ONC-ATCB-certified electronic health record and practice management software vendor will now be utilizing Amazon Web Services.

"The Practice Director portal through AmazonEC2 increases the control the software vendor has over providing this service and improves the efficiency and accessibility patients have to their eye health information," according to the company. In addition, Practice Director is also using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for its software updates, which users will be able to pull down over the web at their convenience.

Practice Director Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of Williams Group, is compatible with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Highly customizable, it includes e-prescribing.

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Essilor Features Crizal Lenses in Golden Globes Luxury Gift Lounge

Essilor of America helped celebrities look their best while protecting their eyes from the California sun this award season with Crizal SunShield lenses. The company gave gift luxury sunwear to top celebrities, VIPs and entertainment media through its participation in GBK Production's Luxury Gift Lounge Jan. 12-14 at the L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. The annual event was held in honor of the 69th Annual Golden Globes nominees and presenters.

An exclusive list of guests received polarized sunwear with Crizal SunShield in luxury frames and will pose for photographs in Crizal eyewear, signing a special poster, which Essilor will donate to the Essilor Vision Foundation.

"We look forward to introducing Crizal lenses to the entertainment world as the exclusive eyewear partner in GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge," says Carl Bracy, senior vice president of marketing and new business, Essilor of America. "Essilor is excited to provide celebrities, VIPs and media with a unique opportunity to experience the best in No-Glare lenses in an exciting and engaging environment."

GBK Production is a leading luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company.

eL&T Tip of the Month

The greater the difference between the refractive index of the blue end of the color spectrum and the refractive index of the red end for a given material, the more the material will disperse colors, and vice versa. Moreover, the capability of a lens material to refract light for prisms and lenses is directly related to its refractive index.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

Opticians Handbook

New Products

Snapit Frame Screw

Distributor: OptiSource International
Description: The Snapit Frame Screw, distributed exclusively in North America by OptiSource International, has been awarded U.S. patent #8070403 for utility (also referred to as a patent for invention). According to OptiSource, the U.S. Patent Office decisively granted the patent based on more than 60 claims, according to OptiSource. Snapit was also awarded Australian patent #2011101044; additional patents are pending in more than 30 countries and issuances are expected shortly, the company says.
Features: Snapit screws are used in hinges and eyewires for repairs, assembly and mounting. The elongated feeder tab attached to the end of the eyeglass screw allows one to easily pick up, align, drop the screw into the hinge, tighten and snap it off.

OptiSource sells Snapit's 26 hinge and eyewire designs. Plans are in place to grow the Snapit line to approximately 40 screw sizes that will fit every type of frame, the company said.

EdgeRight II and ER II Spin Coater

Sirius Technologies and Omega
Description: EdgeRight II from Sirius Technologies is an anti-slippage film used during the edging process to protect the surface and reduce breakage of super hydrophobic, hydrophobic and oleophobic lenses. The ER II Spin Coater from Omega is designed for the application of the EdgeRight II and/or Surface Protect films.
Features: EdgeRight II is produced using proprietary manufacturing procedures that combine high quality raw materials and a rigorous, in-line quality control process. It is optimized with RPQ (repeatable processing quality) during lab production to ensure the best surfacing yields. The UV-cured film can be applied quickly and easily with the ER II Spin Coater. It reduces surface stress on lenses, protects lenses from twisting or slipping during edging and eliminates crazing on AR lenses. The film can be left on the lens during drilling, and is easily removed.
Dimensions: The ER II Spin Coater features a stainless steel cabinet measuring 24 inches wide by 22 inches deep by 17 inches high.
Weight: 51 lbs.
Power Requirements: 110v 3A
Air Consumption: 0.6 SCFM
Phone (561) 241-5557; Fax (561) 241-4941


Chromatic Aberration: The End of the Rainbow

At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold, and over the rainbow is where bluebirds fly, or so they say. Pots of gold and bluebirds aside, rainbows are generally unwelcome...


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