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Maui Jim's VirtualTryOn

Polarized sunglass maker Maui Jim has added VirtualTryOn to mauijim.com. The new system, developed with FittingBox, a Toulouse, France-based company, provides enhanced information about each sunglass style and allows customers to see themselves in a pair of glasses and the post the images to Facebook.

The system has two options, VirtualFitLive and VirtualFitPhoto; both are powered by a customized interactive program developed for Maui Jim. VirtualFitLive is the live webcam option that projects a live image of the user's face; then the system superimposes sunglasses onto the image. If the user turns their face, the glasses move with them. VirtualFitLive is based on the most updated augmented virtual technologies that blur the lines between what's real and what's computer generated. VirtualFitLive will work on any personal computer; options for Mac users will be introduced in the next few months. Because the system is virtual, users get an approximate perspective on how the glasses may look on them, but the projected images are not an exact replication of the fit they will experience in a store.

VirtualFitPhoto lets users upload photos of their face, either by snapping photos through their computers' webcam or by uploading a photo from their files. They also have the option of selecting photos of models who closely match their face shapes. At that point, the chosen sunglasses will appear on the photograph. Then, that image can be saved or shared with friends on Facebook. Sunglasses can be added to a cart for purchase.

As an enhancement to the whole website, all sunglasses will now feature Virtual360° that allows the user to see a full, 360-degree perspective on each style. The pop-up and zoom options allow for a closer look at specific aspects of the glasses. If a user holds their curser on the glasses, the glasses will rotate 360-degrees around each frame. Virtual360° is part of an enhanced product landing page that also lets users see additional frame and lens color options, learn more about the fit of each frame, pop open reviews on the glasses and if the style is available in prescription, find a retailer nearby.

Users can explore Maui Jim's 86 styles and more than 200 SKUs that feature proprietary PolarizedPlus2 technology. Many Maui Jim sunglass styles are available in prescription.



Vision Care Institute's ODLean Program Launches Facebook Page

After sponsoring the Transitions Championship for the past three years, the ODLean program at The Vision Care Institute, LLC has launched the ODLean Facebook page. The site provides commentary, key learnings and industry trends from ODLean experts on the topics of productivity, marketing and patient experience. It also features weekly practice management and marketing tips, and serves as a forum for discussion among optometrists, ophthalmologists and their staff.

The ODLean Consulting program at The Vision Care Institute applies lean principles for eyecare practitioners to grow a practice's patient base, increase foot traffic and manage patient flow for optimal retention, referral and revenue. ODLean offers customized solutions to any-sized eyecare practice that will increase efficiency, improve patient experience and boost profits immediately and sustainably.

Eyefinity's Business Essentials Rebrands to 'eyeVantage'

Eyefinity has rebranded its Business Essentials solution to eyeVantage. The solution is a collection of online educational assets, proprietary tools and best practices that lay the foundation for the success of independent eyecare practices.

As part of any OfficeMate client's annual software maintenance agreement, eyeVantage is available complimentary and provides exclusive access to best-in-class training courses, ranging from basic optics to business management. Clients have 24/7 access to all of eyeVantage's benefits, including:

  • 15-minute role-based training modules designed to maximize staff training time
  • Peer-to-peer forum with interactive Q&A, best practices, daily tips and an OfficeMate support section
  • Free-flowing industry news dashboard with timely updates on trends and topics that affect eyecare businesses

Additionally, eyecare providers looking to take their practice to the next level can sign up for eyeVantage Advanced, which offers an even wider set of tools and training to help their practice thrive. Beyond the tools previously mentioned, eyeVantage Advanced also includes:

  • Access to advanced-level practice training lessons
  • Automatic key indicators about practice performance from Eyefinity data, which identifies areas for improvement
  • Recommendations on training lessons to help you improve areas of weakness
  • Centralized performance/sales indicators for top-and-bottom performing locations

Current Business Essentials clients can use their same username and password for eyeVantage, which is now accessible at eyevantage.biz; eyevantage@eyefinity.com; (877) 448-0707, option 2.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Human eyes are at the peak of their accommodative capabilities around the age of nine, after which there is a gradual decline with the passing years. During ages 18 to 27, many are spending countless hours reading, researching and writing for college. By ages 28 to 38, accommodation can have a noticeable lag and can be difficult to sustain for long hours of intermediate and close vision tasks. Even if visual correction for close viewing is not required, the eyes need a solution for the eyestrain created by tasks at this everyday range of mid and near vision.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products

Legacy Lens Series

Manufacturer: IcareLabs
Description: With the recent addition of a digital surfacing department, IcareLabs has begun producing the Legacy series of privately branded, competitively priced digitally processed progressive lenses.
Features: The IcareLabs' Legacy lens series has four types of digitally surfaced lenses; Legacy, Legacy DRP, Legacy SV and Legacy Office. By using digital ray path science, the Legacy DRP reaches the best balance between the eye's various fields of vision, and manages back and front surfaces to allow up to 35 percent more vision. The Legacy DRP adapts lens characteristics to compensate for all the variables which affect final vision quality. It offers a perfect balance between different visual regions, high resolution, crisp vision, and larger visual fields, according to IcareLabs.


Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: Essilor of America is introducing Trexa, a new Trivex-based material that outperforms standard plastic to deliver patients enhanced visual benefits.
Features: Trivex lenses provide the following benefits over standard plastic. Thinner: Trivex lenses have refractive index of 1.53. Lighter: Trivex lenses are lighter with a specific gravity of 1.11g/cm3. Stronger: Trivex lenses are six times stronger than standard plastic lenses. Safer: Trivex lenses block 100 percent of UV transmittance. Easier to drill mount: Trivex lenses are easier to drill mount with a high tensile strength of 61.2 kg/f. The versatile material is ideal for most lens prescriptions as an everyday performance lens.
Availability: Trexa is available in a wide variety of premium designs and No-Glare technologies, including progressive lenses, full back-side digital lenses, finished single vision lenses as well as in Crizal, Varilux, Definity, Xperio and Transitions VI lenses.


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