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Calling Dr. Graham

The Hoya Free-Form Company has added a new digital character to their line up—Dr. Graham. "Dr. Graham, fills a role that has been open since Professor Murray came on board," states Ron Barnes, director of project marketing, "She is a female voice speaking from the ECP's perspective. Her primary role is to complement Professor Murray's character and to take on more serious topics when she speaks to ECPs and patients." Dr. Graham's first assignment is to announce Hoya's Distortion-Free Optics. In her inaugural two-minute 15-second video, Dr. Graham explains how Distortion-Free Optics integrates four key components—lens materials, design, treatment and the new Avantek mounting system. Eyecare professionals can share the video with patients by reposting the link from Hoya's Facebook page to their own Facebook page. The video is also on Hoya's YouTube channel.


Transitions to End PGA Tour Event Sponsorship After 2012

After sponsoring the Transitions Championship for the past three years, Transitions Optical has announced it will not renew its support of the PGA Tour event after 2012. Executives at the photochrom's golf tournament, but intend to reach beyond the golf market with Transitions' future brand building efforts.


"The Transitions Championship and our partnership with the PGA Tour have been rewarding experiences for our company and our brand, and the entire optical industry," says Connie Falvo, director, external affairs, Transitions Optical. "We believe that we have been able to engage consumers in a dialogue about protecting and maintaining their healthy sight for a lifetime, and have been able to create outreach opportunities for our industry partners.

"While we are very grateful for the many successes we've achieved, we are looking to reach a broader base of consumers beyond golf by investing in other marketing initiatives," Falvo continues. "Therefore, we have decided not to renew or extend our title sponsorship. While we will be looking to expand our efforts beyond golf, and in the same way we will continue to explore other marketing programs to continue building our brand.

"In the meantime, we are deeply committed and already planning to make the 2012 Transitions Championship the best event yet for our industry and our partners. We will continue to work enthusiastically with the PGA Tour and all of our optical industry partners to reach that goal," Falvo says.

The 2012 Transitions Championship will be held March 12 to 18 at the Innisbrook Resort in Palm Harbor, Fla.

PGA Tour pro Trevor Immelman is pictured here wearing Neox Transitions SolFX sun lenses.

SK Gaming Names Gunnar its Official Advanced Gaming Eyewear

Gunnar Optiks has partnered with international multi-gaming organization, SK Gaming, to be its official supplier and advisor for advanced gaming eyewear. According to SK Gaming, "Our players have been testing Gunnar's products for quite some time now and have only good things to say, which is why they'll be using these glasses for both practice and tournament appearances. Expect some extensive reviews as well as all different kinds of competitions and giveaways soon!"

Gunnar Optiks Advanced Gaming Eyewear is designed to protect, enhance and optimize vision while viewing a digital screen for long periods of time. It is tinted amber to filter harsh fluorescent light and reduce high-intensity blue light, while its lenses are curved to limit air currents near the eyes to help reduce dryness and prevent irritation. The Rx-compatible eyewear is supported by Carl Zeiss Vision.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Every day, every hour, emmetropes and single vision prescription wearers put a lot of demand and natural stress on their eyes. That's because we live in a "mediacentric" world, where the devices that we spend so much time consulting and socializing with, place a new and significant demand on accommodation. It's often taxed to the max. Sure there are lots of accommodative solutions for presbyopes, but what about single vision (SV) wearers? Understand new single-vision, free-form lenses, crafted specifically to relieve visual fatigue.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

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New Products

Aura AR

Manufacturer: iCoat
Description: Aura AR is manufactured using iCoat's proprietary Maximum Transmission technology that helps produce improved light transmission for enhanced visual acuity. Aura wearers will experience clearer, sharper vision with Aura AR lenses, especially in situations like night driving and working under bright light conditions.
Features: Aura is composed of a unique, chemically enhanced AR stack that is virtually impervious to wear and tear, resulting in one of the highest Bayer hardness, according to an independent lab testing. Delivering a very low 0.5 percent visible reflectance, Aura provides crisp vision that is free from annoying reflections and distracting glare. Its eye comforting hue reflects up to 50 percent less than conventional AR lenses.
(800) 832-2628

Dynamic Labs QR Codes

Manufacturer: Dynamic Labs
Description: Dynamic Laboratories is offering custom-designed QR (quick response) codes printed on microfiber cleaning cloths.
Features: QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that offer the ability to store a tremendous amount of information. The information that is stored in these codes is not just static information, but can also be interactive as well. By scanning a well-designed QR code, a potential customer can be directed to call a phone number, to set appointments, to promotions, to social media, to websites, to their front door by map, and many other capabilities are possible. A single QR code can also offer a menu of all of the above.

Dynamic Labs' product manager, James Kelly, notes, "We are seeing explosive interest in this area of our product line because it truly helps the ECP develop their business at a fraction of what traditional advertising costs. Eyecare professionals are realizing that with the popularity of smartphones that this is a technology that they need to pay attention to. Many are finding that the usage of this technology is not just preferred by the younger generation, but that the older population finds that this is a more convenient way to enter information rather than typing it in."
(888) 339-6264


RxPertise: Freud In Your Fitting Area

Applying Psychology to Dispensing

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