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Menicon America Launches GP Lens Care System, e-Commerce Model for ECPs

Menicon America, Inc. is introducing a novel GP lens care system in the U.S., bringing together well-known products with several enhancements, a new look and an e-commerce selling strategy with added value for practitioners and their patients. "The new Menicon Lens Care System offers a synergistic approach for cleaning and maintaining today's GP lenses," says David Moreira, vice president of marketing for Menicon America. "We're also launching an e-commerce model that adds ease and convenience for patients, generates revenue to the practice and provides a new way to manage patient compliance."

This GP lens care system consists of Menicon Unique pH, Menicon PROGENT, and Menicon Rewetting Drops. Menicon has acquired the Unique pH brand name and worldwide manufacturing license from Alcon Laboratories Inc. Previously available in the U.S. for in-office use only, Menicon PROGENT is now FDA-cleared for biweekly cleaning by patients at home. Menicon Rewetting Drops have been rebranded and are now available in a 10mL bottle. In conjunction with the launch of the Menicon Lens Care System, the company has created the Menicon WebStore, hosted by eyecare professionals for their patients. All transactions are safe and secure, and shipping to patients is free.

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Vision-Ease Lens Participating in Carbon Disclosure Project

For more than three years, Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) has powered its Ramsey, Minn. manufacturing facility with 100 percent renewable energy. Now, the lens manufacturer has signed on to measure its carbon footprint in a more official capacity as part of the Carbon Disclosure Project, an independent non-profit that tracks corporate greenhouse gas emissions, water use and climate change strategies.

"Environmentally friendly business and manufacturing practices aren't simply a matter of consumer appeal," says Doug Hepper, VEL CEO. "For many companies and decision makers, eco-friendly operations are a business requirement. Though our finished product is a small lens, the eyewear industry as a whole makes a large impact on the environment, and Vision-Ease is committed to remaining a leader in this industry, especially as scrutiny increases."

VEL's commitment to purchase 100 percent renewable energy builds on significant conservation and recycling efforts it has had in place over the past several years, and makes it one of the largest industrial companies using 100 percent renewable energy in Minnesota. By making the switch, the company has reduced its overall carbon emission from 17,114.6 metric tons in 2003 to 131.7 metric tons in 2010, a reduction of 99.2 percent.

Through Connexus Energy, an electric distribution cooperative, all energy purchased for the Ramsey, Minn.-based facility is generated through renewable power including wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass.

Other environmentally friendly practices at VEL include:

  • Eliminating extra product shipments for its LifeRx photochromic lenses saved more than 12,500 gallons of gas in 2006 and eliminated 113 metric tons of CO2 emissions—equivalent to the electricity for 15 homes for one year.
  • Replacing all lighting in its Ramsey facility with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, saving more than 730,000 KWh of electricity every year.
  • Streamlining product packaging by eliminating a plastic cup, using recycled content in the boxes and printing with soy-based ink.

Some 3,000 organizations across the world's largest economies now measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and assessment of climate change and water risk and opportunity through CDP, in order that they can set reduction targets and make performance improvements.

Transitions Expands Efforts to Reach African-Americans With Eye Health Education

Transitions Optical made a second appearance at the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) Black Family Reunion Celebration on Sept. 10 in Washington, D.C. The event kicked off a series of outreach efforts in partnership with NCNW, a national organization that supports women of African descent, to promote the importance of eye health among the African-American community.

During the Black Family Reunion Celebration, Transitions Optical provided free vision screenings within the Health & Fitness Pavilion, with support from retail partner America's Best. Transitions Optical will make available eye health resources, including the NCNW co-branded "What to Expect: African-American Eyes" brochure and materials sending attendees to Transitions Optical's corporate giving program website, HealthySightForLife.org/GroupsAtRisk, for additional information about African-American eye health.

Transitions Optical also sponsored a first-time, special appearance by Bess the Book Bus, a non-profit mobile literacy outreach vehicle that tours the country educating children, parents and teachers about the connection between healthy vision and learning.

Transitions Optical will continue to work with NCNW to raise eye health awareness among African-Americans with the distribution of eye health information during the NCNW 55th Annual National Convention held in November, and among NCNW regional chapters located across the country. Eye health resources from Transitions Optical, including a downloadable version of the "African-American Eyes" brochure and a link to HealthySightForLife.org/GroupsAtRisk, will also be posted to the NCNW website.

Transitions Optical is active in raising eye health awareness among ethnic communities who are at higher risk for many eye- and overall-health issues, yet often aren't taking the steps necessary to enhance their vision today and protect it for the future. Transitions Optical's multicultural marketing efforts have garnered several national honors over the past few years, including two PRSA Anvils and a PRNews Platinum PR Award in 2011.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Wrapping lenses creates prism (typically Base Out) in both plano lenses and in prescriptions. The loss of comfortable binocularity is the primary reason that patients might have rejected the wrap prescriptions that you've tried. Adding the correct compensating and opposite prism to the Rx neutralizes any induced prism from a high wrap angle, thus eliminating double vision. The wrap angle also changes the lens' effective power so the prescription delivered is altered to become the Rx as prescribed in the "as-worn" position. This delivers the vision exactly as was prescribed by the doctor.

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New Products

Biodegradable Ultrasonic
Cleaner (#4042)

Manufacturer: WOS
Description: Biodegradable Ultrasonic Cleaning Super Concentrated Solution
Features: Ultrasonic cleaning units perform more effectively and efficiently with this biodegradable cleaning agent. The cleaner removes dust, dirt, oil and residue from lenses, bevels and spectacles. Frames and lenses do not need to be rinsed before drying. Use a few drops per tank.
Availability: Four ounce super concentrate. Ecologically sensitive size saves on shipping. $12.00 per bottle.
(800) 423-3294

Neptune Filtration System

Manufacturer: Essilor Instruments
Description: Eco-friendly water filtering system for closed water circuit lens edging.
Features: Featuring a 13-gallon water tank, the Neptune system supplies a continuous flow of water to the edger without additional water consumption. Compared to an open system, the Neptune saves 11 gallons of water per edging job. Based on 20 jobs per day, a practice can conserve approximately 53,000 gallons per year. Compatible with all table-top edgers, the Neptune system fits under any standard height cabinet and has an intuitive touch-pad interface. It also features an optional anti-smell module that neutralizes unpleasant smells from the edging of high-index lenses. Neptune filters all edged materials—including polycarbonate and even glass. Its unique overnight filtration cycle lets practices start each day with fresh water, only needing to add new water to make up for any lost to evaporation.

The Neptune system is easy to operate, only requiring a clean and simple filter replacement after approximately 1,500 lenses. Based on 20 jobs per day, this equates to changing the filter once every two months, compared to traditional closed circuit "pump and tank" systems, which require messy and unpleasant weekly water and tank liner changes.


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