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Essilor Launches No-Glare.Com To Educate ECPs and Patients

Essilor of America has launched no-glare.com, a new digital resource for eyecare professionals (ECPs) and their patients, developed to drive further understanding about the benefits and importance of No-Glare lenses.

"Only 35 percent of Americans have No-Glare lenses, which is why Essilor recognized the need for refreshed education," says Howard Purcell, O.D., F.A.A.O., Dipl., vice president of customer development, Essilor of America. "No-Glare.com addresses this need and reminds ECPs to create a dialogue with their patients about the many benefits that No-Glare lenses can provide—from amplified acuity and contrast to minimized eye strain and reduced scratches and smudges."

The videos cover a wide range of real-life situations in which patients benefit from wearing No-Glare lenses, such as: driving at night, children at school and other day to day activities. Specifically, No-Glare lenses provide drivers with 20 percent sharper contrast so they can see objects more clearly which benefits in a five second faster recovery time after exposure to extreme glare such as headlights. For children, 80 percent of everything they learn in their first 12 years is through their eyes. No-Glare lenses decrease visual fatigue by eliminating glare caused by computers, whiteboards and classroom lighting so children stay focused on learning. ECPs who correctly answer simple multiple choice questions at the end of each video will receive a certificate from Essilor stating that they have completed the No-Glare training program.

The entire course takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and registration is free with the creation of a new online account. To learn more about No-Glare lenses or access the training videos, visit no-glare.com/training.

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Signet Armorlite to Kick Off 2011 ECP Promotion

Signet Armorlite is launching its 2011 ECP promotion called, "Picture This...You at The Big Game." This promotion includes both a sales incentive and sweepstakes. It runs September 1, 2011 through November 30, 2011 and is open to ECPs in the United States.

ECPs who register for The Big Game Promotion must purchase Kodak progressive lenses from a participating lab and redeem through Signet Armorlite's PracticePlus Program during the promo period to qualify for rewards. For every 20 pairs redeemed, qualifying ECPs will earn a $50 gift card and one entry into the sweepstakes drawings. The sweepstakes drawings include one grand prize trip for two to The Big Game on February 5, 2012 and two runner-up Big Game Party Pack prizes.

ECPs can register for the promotion, view the list of participating labs, review the official promotion rules and find more information about PracticePlus online at signetarmorlite.com/promo.

Cash-In With Inscribe From iCoat

iCoat has launched its "Cash-in with Inscribe" rewards program, featuring Inscribe premium digitally back-surfaced lenses.

Cash-In with Inscribe promo offers ECPs to earn cash reward points that they can exchange with Visa cash cards at the end of each month during the promotion. The Cash-In with Inscribe promotion is valid from July 1st, 2011 through August 30th, 2011.

To make the rewards more exciting, ECPs can earn additional cash reward by adding Aura ultra premium AR coating to their Inscribe orders.

Inscribe lenses offer wider fields of view and wider usable corridor than conventional PALs. Inscribe is currently available in 19 different materials including Polarized, Photochromic and Polarized Transitions.

ECPs can order Inscribe from iCoat by phone (800) 832-2628, fax (866) 946-1060 or e-mail info@icoatcompany.com.

eL&T Tip of the Month

An athlete puts formidable demands on sunwear. In fact, sunwear must become part of the athlete and an extension of the athlete's abilities and capability. Their sunwear must deliver acute vision in all directions; add comfort and fit great, all while protecting the athlete's eyes from the outside world. These demands push sunwear innovation in a direction that benefits everyone, not just those who compete in sports.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products

Eschenbach Diagnostic
Dispensing System

Supplier: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Eschenbach Optik of America has upgraded its Diagnostic Dispensing System to provide a greater assortment of low vision devices. The system has been streamlined by eliminating one tray of devices and by revising three other trays so that they include some of Eschenbach's newest and most popular products.
Features: The updated six-tray system now includes the MenasZoom, Powerlux, Makrolux2 and MaxDetail Clip optical products as well as two newer video magnifiers—the Eclipse Touch and Quicklook2. This renovated Diagnostic System will enable low vision professionals to better meet the diverse needs and goals of their macular degeneration and other visually impaired patients, thereby increasing the number of successful patient outcomes and leading to an even more successful low vision care service.
Availability: Eschenbach's Diagnostic Dispensing System is part of the company's low vision program, a turnkey program for eyecare and vision rehabilitation professionals who want to offer low vision care services. The program also includes in-office staff training and consultative support.
(800) 487-5389

ChromaGen Second Generation
Colored Filters

Supplier: ChromaGen Vision
Description: ChromaGen Vision is launching the second generation of its proprietary system of colored filters which can be prescribed as an aid for people with reading disabilities and colorblindness.
Features: The fitting of the haploscopic filters helps re-synchronize and selectively changes the wavelength of light going into both eyes in a dynamically balanced format. The use of different filters effectively changes the speed of the information in the brain's neurological pathways allowing synchronization to take place.

ChromaGen filters can either be embodied in a contact lens or worn as eyeglasses and can easily be incorporated into any existing prescription. The system has been expanded from eight to 16 different filters. The filters appear neutral gray when worn. The ChromaGen System has received a 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its products. ChromGen Vision LLC has recently been granted a U.S. patent on the second generation of the ChromaGen technology.
Availability: The company has entered into a partnership with Pech Optical, which will manufacture and distribute ChromaGen spectacle lenses.
(610) 486-0101


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