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Hoya Introduces 'Professor Murray'

Hoya Vision Care is taking video technology to a new medium in the Internet optical space by introducing Professor Murray, an online electronic personality and spokesperson to educate and entertain eyecare professionals and consumers alike.

Murray demonstrates Hoya's lens and treatment advancements in a 3D environment, incorporating animation and messaging that demonstrates the best technology on the market in a fun, yet understandable format. "Eyecare professionals are looking for ways to present Hoya's free-form design technology to prospective patients—not only the superiority in Hoya lens design and manufacturing, but also the results or benefits a patient will achieve through the investment in their vision. Patients already get the 'wow' when their Hoya lenses are dispensed, now we'll achieve the 'aha' during the purchasing decision," said Ron Barnes, director of project marketing for Hoya Vision Care.

The Professor Murray animation will be supported by actual video demonstrations patients will easily relate to and understand. Subsequent videos will also introduce a 3D professional female OD to complement the Murray character.

There will be a large social media component for Professor Murray. Professor Murray and colleague will dominate all electronic media through dedicated Facebook pages and YouTube Channel, blogs, waiting room videos—and, the ability to embed the videos on ECP sites.



Transitions Optical Expands 'What To Expect' Brochure Series

Transitions Optical is expanding its "What to Expect" brochure series to include two new patient resources overviewing the specific eyecare needs of adults and children. The new Adult Eyes and Kids Eyes brochures complement a collection of existing brochures designed to help eyecare professionals better serve their culturally diverse patients: African-American Eyes, Asian Eyes (English and Mandarin) and Hispanic Eyes (English and Spanish).

The new brochures provide information and statistics on the types of eye and overall health issues more common among older and younger populations, and also encourage consumers to schedule regular eye exams and ask about eyewear options to enhance and protect their vision.

"Just like ethnicity is a risk factor for many eye health issues, age can impact what vision problems you're more likely to face," said Manuel Solis, multicultural marketing manager, Transitions Optical. "We created the adult and kid-focused brochures to help eyecare professionals further educate patients, regardless of race or ethnicity, about what's happening to the eye throughout life and simple ways to protect and enhance vision." Eyecare professionals can display the brochures in-office or distribute them during community fairs or local health events.

All brochures within the "What to Expect" series are available, free-of-charge, through Transitions Optical Customer Service at CService@Transitions.com or (800) 848-1506. Printable PDF versions are also available online at www.transitions.com/pro.

Carl Zeiss Partners with Lions Clubs International Foundation

Carl Zeiss is branding a lens and screen cleaning kit for the Lions Clubs International Foundation, the official charitable foundation of Lions Clubs International, the world's largest service club organization. The kits include Zeiss lens cleaning solution, Zeiss lens cleaning cloth, Zeiss pre-moistened towelettes and informational material about cleaning lens. Lens and screen cleaning kits are now available for purchase in the U.S and Germany through Lions clubs. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support the foundation's vision care activities. These kits were designed and produced in conjunction with Nanofilm, an Ohio-based nanotechnology company specializing in advanced coatings and care products for optics.

Michael Kaschke, President and CEO Carl Zeiss AG stated, "Carl Zeiss is pleased to join forces with the Lions Clubs International Foundation, known worldwide for its blindness prevention activities, and we are proud our company could play a role in their vision campaign."

The Lions Clubs International Foundation runs a number of sight initiatives, including its SightFirst Program, to fight blindness and vision loss. Since SightFirst began in 1990, the program has helped to save the vision of more than 30 million people across the globe. Its projects help create eyecare systems that provide high-quality, sustainable services.

eL&T Tip of the Month

Talk to parents about the importance of sunwear for children. The average child receives three times the annual UV exposure of an adult mainly because the bulk of lifetime UV radiation exposure occurs prior to age 18; and because the clear lens of the young child transmits 7.5 times the amount of potentially harmful UV radiation as does the yellowing lens of an adult (75 percent transmission at age 10, 10 percent at age 30). Damage caused by exposure to UV radiation is cumulative and therefore protection needs to begin as early as possible.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.

Frames Data

New Products

DSC Prolab

Manufacturer: Schneider Optical Machines
Description: Fully integrated, all-in-one surfacing system. Designed for start-ups, partner labs, retail shops and independent labs.
Features: Combination of generator, polisher, laser marker and measuring unit creates an entire digital surfacing lab in one compact system. Modules are based on time-tested technologies of Schneider's stand-alone counterparts: HSC sprint, CCP swift and CCL C*mark, all in a five-foot by three-foot package. Full integration of lab management and the lens-design software make the DSC Prolab a self-sufficient surfacing center. 61 inches wide by 36 inches deep. Up to 18D range (expanded over current systems around 14D). Processes all materials—standard plastic, high-index, polycarbonate and Trivex—with no cutter changes. Generator module goes automatically to laser module. Operator moves it to polish module. Integrated wash station included. On board LMS works as standalone, complete system for integration and FF calculation or in conjunction with existing LMS if already in place. Integrated automatic calibration and lens verification system assures uptime, automatic adjustment as well as in process lens verification for design integrity. Capable of full standard toric production and FF lens production. Single control system is icon driven for ease of use and one controller in charge of all processes in the machine. Can use any standard V Groove blocking system.

Weco 580 Patternless Edging System

Manufacturer: AIT Industries
Description: The Weco 580 is AIT's most advanced edging system offering drilling, integrated lensometry, autoblocking, grooving, safety bevel and wrap edging.
Features: Weco has designed the new Edge 580 to process high base curve wrap frames with ease and have integrated drilling directly into the machine. The versatile unit can also produce Chemistrie magnetic sunlenses and polarized 3D magnetic lenses.
Weco Edge 580 integrates with many of AIT's existing Indo tracer/blockers for those looking to upgrade their Indo patternless edgers while keeping their pre-existing tracer/blocking systems.
"The Weco Edge 580 is well suited for the high end optical dispensary looking to maximize the amount of work they can do in-house and deskill the edging operation with lens verification and blocking in one device," said Matt Vulich, vice-president of AIT Industries.


RxPERTISE: The Dynamic Duo of Optical Lenses

In the 17th century Galileo tried to "see further" with a telescope, and
van Leeuwenhoek tried to "see smaller" with his microscope...


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