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New iPhone/iPad App Measures PD

Sunmore Systems, a U.K.-based software developer, is introducing Pupil Meter, an iPhone app designed for consumers who purchase glasses online. An iPad version, Pupil Meter Pro, is aimed at eyecare professionals.

According to Sunmore, the Pupil Meter accurately measures a pupillary distance (PD). Pupil Meter Pro can measure binocular and monocular PD, seg height and OC (optical center). PD measurement displayed is equivalent to far PD.

The Pupil Meter (pictured) is priced to the consumer at $0.99. Updated: Jan 12, 2011; current version: 3.0; 3.0 (iOS 4.0 tested); size: 1.1 MB. language: English. (Pupil Meter Pro)

The Pupil Meter Pro is priced to ECPs at $9.99. Released: Nov 18, 2010; version: 1.0; 1.0 (iOS 4.0 tested); size: 1.2 MB; language: English. Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


Transitions Optical Encourages Consumers To Live A Life Less Squinty

Fun in the sun is top of mind for consumers during the late spring and summer months, and Transitions Optical is taking advantage of this with a new campaign and contest called "Life Less Squinty." Beginning with a "15 Minutes of Fame" contest, online and outdoor advertising will drive consumers to visit LifeLessSquinty.com between May 1 and June 30 to upload a photo that demonstrates their best "squinty" face. Photos will be posted to the site's "Squinty Billboard" and up to 60 winners will be selected to have their squinty photo featured on a real billboard in five select markets across the country. Outdoor billboards in New York/New Jersey, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and Atlanta featuring the campaign's Squinty models will be up beginning May 16, and the winning photos will appear on the billboards beginning June 21. Participants will also have the chance to share their Squinty photo on Facebook or Twitter. Industry professionals can participate by submitting their own Squinty photo and by leveraging the campaign in their own marketing and social media efforts.

The Life Less Squinty website features a series of interactive banners, which reinforce the potential dangers of squinting, such as premature aging and diminished sex appeal and show how Transitions lenses automatically adapt to provide comfortable vision in changing outdoor lighting conditions and reduce squinting. The site offers a side-by-side comparison of the Transitions family of products, including original Transitions lenses, Transitions XTRActive lenses and Transitions SolFX sun lens products, and encourages patients to visit their eyecare professionals to learn more.

ECPs can align their local marketing efforts with the Squinty campaign by sharing the LifeLessSquinty.com link on their practice website or Facebook pages. Customizable counter cards and postcards are available through the Transitions Online Marketing (TOM) tool at www.TransitionsTOM.com.

Vision-Ease Lens Offers Retailers an 'Endless Summer' Through New Promotion

To celebrate summer, sunshine and retailers, Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) announces its "Endless Summer" promotion, offering a chance to earn raffle tickets for a grand prize dream vacation drawing by selling Coppertone and SunRx polarized lenses.

Retailers may earn three raffle tickets for each pair of Coppertone lenses sold, and one raffle ticket for each pair of SunRx lenses sold from April 1 through July 31, 2011. At the end of the promotion, VEL will inform each registered retailer how many raffle tickets they qualify for. Retailers will then assign individual dispenser names to entries and return to VEL. The grand prize, a dream vacation with a destination of the winner's choosing, and hundreds of other prizes including backpacks, t-shirts and more, will be drawn three to five weeks after the promotion ends.

To participate in the promotion, retailers can visit the professionals' section within vision-ease.com to sign up online and access promotion details.

2011 Most Influential Women

eL&T Tip of the Month

Astigmatism plots generally indicate regions of blur and image distortion, and can also give some indication as to the size of the distance, intermediate and near zones. The spacing of the contours in these plots will also indicate how rapidly the unwanted astigmatism is increasing. Mean power plots can be used to determine the location of the full add power, as well as regions of excess plus power that may also result in blur–including unwanted plus power in the distance zone.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products

Younger Adage Transitions VI Poly

Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: Younger Optics is releasing Adage short-corridor progressive lenses in Transitions gray and brown. Now patients can get a lens with a very wide, clear distance zone that fits into their preferred smaller frames, and experience the benefits of Transitions photochromic technology, all at the same time. Adage is currently available in polycarbonate.
Features: 160 degrees of viewing freedom in the distance zone. Minimum fitting height of 13mm (recommended for smaller frames). Very wide near zone for a short design. Generous corridor width for a clear view in all areas. 90 pecent of add is reached at only 11mm below pupil. Effective blank size of 76mm. No secondary calculations necessary for use. Darkens and adapts to changing light outdoors. Polycarbonate material well-suited to outdoor activities.
Availability: Also available in clear and NuPolar gray and brown.

Conform Finish Block and Secur-Edge Finish Pad

Manufacturer: Satisloh
Description: Satisloh's Best Practice Team received feedback from large and small labs indicating that finish blocking was too time consuming and challenging. The company's engineers researched block materials and designs that would offer the best lens support and conformability. Their research resulted in the new Conform Finish Block and Secur-Edge Finish Pad.
Features: The new Conform Finish Block is made with specially-engineered True Center Support (patent pending) rather than a solid block back. "This new design, unique to Satisloh, eliminates crazing—increasing a lab's profitability," said Steve Schneider, director of after-market products for Satisloh. "The Secur-edge Finish Pad has a solid center, rather than the common open center or 'donut hole'—for larger surface contact. This solid profile, combined with a new adhesive, delivers better surface contact." Both products are available in Satisloh's unique "rugby" shape—supplying larger surface area coverage and greatly reducing slippage and axis related challenges.
Availability: Free sample packs containing all sizes and shapes of both the Secur-Edge Pads and Conform Blocks are available. E-mail Satisloh at csrusa@satisloh.com and enter "Finish Sample Pack" in the subject line.


Special Report: Lenses by the Numbers

L&T takes the pulse of the spectacle lens market with the 2011 Premium Lens MarketPulse Survey of Eyecare Practitioners.


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