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Transitions, Walman/Soderberg Launch
Neox Transitions SolFX Microsite

Transitions Optical and Walman/Soderberg have collaborated to launch a new microsite to educate consumers on the performance benefits of Neox Transitions SolFX sun lenses. Part of the Transitions SolFX website, the microsite can be found at TransitionsSOLFX.com/NEOX.

A key component of the site is an eyecare professional (ECP) locator that allows prospective patients to find a local ECP that offers the NEOX Transitions SOLFX sun lens. To be added to the locator tool, eyecare professionals should contact the Optical Help Desk at (877) 863-2759. The lens, which is offered exclusively through Walman/Soderberg's network of 35 labs, debuted last year to wide appeal among golfers, due to its increased depth perception, improved distance vision and superior clarity.

The site features an interactive tool that allows users to choose an activity (golf, cycling, running and tennis) and change the lighting conditions from cloudy to mid-light to sunny. As the lighting condition changes, the lenses change from a contrast-enhancing green tint to a darker color in the same hue. The site also compares Neox Transitions SolFX sun lenses to static sun lenses.

Visit transitionsSOLFX.com/NEOX

The microsite officially launched at the Neox Transitions SolFX tent during the Transitions Championship, a PGA Tour event held March 13 to 20 at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Florida. Visitors to the Neox tent were able to try out the website and ECP locator while experiencing first-hand the product benefits through a trial experience.


Marchon 3D, Younger Optics Partner on Rx 3D Lens

Marchon3D has announced its joint collaboration with Younger Optics to develop and offer prescription 3D lenses.

"For the past year, Marchon3D and Younger Optics have been engaged in technical collaboration to make prescription 3D eyewear a reality for consumers," said David Johnson, president of Marchon3D. "3D enthusiasts and prescription wearers will soon be able to enjoy the 3D viewing experience without the need to wear bulky frames that fit over existing eyewear."

Complementing Marchon3D's patented M3D lens technology, Younger Optics will utilize proprietary technology to manufacture semi-finished prescription circular polarized 3D lens blanks. Using digital lens processing, the prescription 3D lens can be created for both single vision and progressive lens wearers.

"Younger Optics and Marchon3D will leverage our combined optical expertise to produce innovative, prescription 3D lenses that provide superior visual performance and an enhanced 3D experience," added David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics. "In addition to distribution of this product through Marchon3D, Younger Optics will also make these lens blanks available to other interested customers."

Marchon3D anticipates that consumers will be able to order prescription 3D lenses through their eyecare professional as early as the fourth quarter of 2011. Additional information including pricing and availability of the prescription 3D lenses will be announced in the coming months, the companies said.

Briot USA Intros Software for Producing Chemistrie sun lenses

Briot USA is introducing software that will enable users of the Briot Alta Pro edger to produce the Chemistrie magnetic sun lens system by Eyenavision. The Chemistrie sun lens system is a patented technology that utilizes miniature magnets embedded in the lenses to attach the sun lenses to the prescription lenses. By using the Alta Pro, Briot customers will be able to produce custom made sun lenses whose shape and base curve matches the prescription lens. The new Alta Pro software adds a menu item for Chemestrie making it easy for the operator to align the placement of the magnets at the touch of a button.

"We have been working closely with Eyenavision to be able to provide Briot customers with this feature," said Matt Menzies, product manager for Briot USA. "The software will not only add functionality to the Alta Pro, but provide our customers with an additional opportunity to increase profits and improve patient satisfaction."

The software with the Chemistrie menu items will be standard on all new Alta Pro edgers, and current Alta Pro customers will be upgraded via BriotLink, Briot's proprietary remote access service, or an onsite maintenance visit.


eL&T Tip of the Month

By changing the spectral relationship between colors, selectively absorbing some wavelengths more or less than others, sunglass tints can emphasize or suppress the eye's response to certain wavelengths. This creates a different firing pattern for the cone receptors, and the brain will process this change as edge enhancement. That means different lens filters can be tailored to enhance the visibility for selected activities, such as golf, tennis, clay shooting, or even computer usage.

» For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit 2020mag.com.


New Products

IZon efocus

Manufacturer: Ophthonix
Description: Ophthonix has taken its iZon eFocus computer lens to the next level of personalization and customization.
Features: Unlike ordinary computer progressive lenses, iZon eFocus starts with requiring a specific intermediate prescription from the eyecare professional. Then, iZon eFocus customizes the intermediate prescription to the precise distance a patient sits from their computer screen based on an exact measurement provided by the patient. Patients who wear eyeglasses designed specifically for their individual computer needs will experience clear, crisp and comfortable vision throughout the day. The iZon eFocus computer lens is a specially designed progressive lens that utilizes three unique zones: large intermediate zone for optimal computer use, a fully usable reading zone and small distance zone.
Availability: 1.6 index and polycarbonate materials

Smile Reminder Active Presence

Smile Reminder
Description: A tool that enables vision care professionals to continually monitor their evolving online reputation and improve patient acquisition.
Features: Active Presence allows practices to control and streamline their "webutation" through a three-part system:
Availability: Like Zeiss customized progressives for standard frames, Zeiss wraps are available in price tiers with increasing degrees of customization: Good (GT2 3D Wrap), Better (GT2 3DV Wrap) and Best (Zeiss Individual Wrap). All Zeiss wrap designs are available in clear, Transitions gray and brown, and NuPolar polarized gray and brown, in 1.50 hard resin and 1.59 polycarbonate materials.

  • First, Active Monitor routinely combs the web looking for all reviews mentioning a specific practice. These reviews are then reported along with other important facts such as overall review score and a comparison review rating. Most importantly this report allows a practice to routinely track their evolving online reputation.
  • Second, Active Review enables practices to manage their "webutation" with automatic pushing of patient reviews to online directories such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Active Review also aides practices in directing patient reviews anywhere their online reputation needs help.
  • Third, Active Push assists practices with managing their listings online. With hundreds of directories available all across the web it becomes nearly impossible for a practice to manually submit and manage their practice information one listing at a time. Active push submits to these directories, which are then watched by Active Monitor.



RxPertise: Par Excellence

High-performance sunglasses are game for golf.


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