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Essilor to Launch National Crizal Consumer Campaign

Essilor of America, Inc. announced the launch of a national consumer advertising campaign for Crizal No-Glare lenses. Designed to inform patients about Crizal and drive them into independent eyecare professional (ECP) practices, the multimedia national consumer campaign, which will kick off on March 7, includes television, radio, digital media and print, as well as public relations.

The company's investment in the media campaign is estimated to be about $15 million, an Essilor spokesperson confirmed.

The multimillion dollar campaign is expected to at least reach 250 million consumers, Essilor said, and run from March 7 through the end of the year. It will run on top cable television stations; online sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Weather.com, iVillage and others; popular radio formats such as talk, oldies, classic hits, news, sports, adult contemporary and others; and also in major consumer publications.

To further support the ECP, Essilor is also launching a comprehensive tool kit that includes in-office merchandising materials, such as tent cards, frame-board displays, posters, cubes and more. The tool kit also includes a training presentation on how practices can maximize this opportunity with their patients. The TV and radio commercials are posted at www.crizalusa.com.

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Younger and Transitions Offer New Training Brochure

Younger Optics and Transitions Optical have teamed up to create the "More Choices" brochure, a new training and sales tool that introduces the concept of essential everyday and sunwear lenses as part of a patient's total vision solution. This book can be used to help ECPs and their patients better understand that everyday lenses and sun wear lenses are complementary, not competing products.

The "More Choices" brochures are available now at no charge through Younger Optics lens consultants, or by contacting Younger Optics at marketing@youngeroptics.com. The brochure is currently available in English, and a Spanish version is coming soon, Younger said.

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Marchon to Supply Patented M3D Lenses to Revolution Eyewear for Magnetic Clip-Ons

Marchon Eyewear announced it will supply its patented M3D lenses and premium 3D lens technology to Revolution Eyewear for use in Revolution's patented magnetic clip-on product line.

"Clip-on lenses are an incredibly important component to Marchon3D's overall portfolio of cutting-edge eyewear that employs our patent protected lens technology," said David Johnson, president of Marchon3D, seen here earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "Revolution Eyewear has a proven track record of selling its clip-on products, and we are confident that by adding in the Marchon3D M3D technology that this new product has the potential to be a blockbuster in the optical world."

Marchon3D, a division of Marchon Eyewear, was recently awarded U.S. patent number 7,854,506 for its unique curved lens technology configured to decode three-dimensional content.

"We create the most aesthetically pleasing and best quality eyewear in our category," said Gary Martin, president & CEO of Revolution Eyewear. "We are creating a new, leading-edge category: 3D-enabled magnetic clip-ons. The evolution of Revolution continues and we'll never stop striving towards being one of the most diversified companies in eyewear today," continued Martin. "This new product category is as innovative and exciting as any other product we have ever offered."

Revolution's 3D magnetic clip-ons will be available for sale before the upcoming Vision Expo East tradeshow in New York City.

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Superfocus Awarded 2011 iF International Forum Design Award

Superfocus LLC announced that its Superfocus glasses were awarded the 2011 iF International Forum Design Award in the medical device category. Companies from 43 countries submitted 2,756 entries for the design award, which has been recognized as a mark of outstanding design since 1953.

The Superfocus technology has previously won several prestigious industry awards, including the Wall Street Journal 2010 Innovations Silver Award and Popular Science 2009 Best of What's New Award.

Superfocus glasses offer user-adjustable, infinitely variable focus through the entire field of view. Previously known as TruFocals, they are available through eye care professionals or superfocus.com.

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Local Eye Site

Dispensing Tips

#1 For natural reading posture, modern progressives are designed to allow the wearer to move the head downward but require less than 25 degrees of downward eye gaze for a more natural reading posture. Further, lenses that achieve 85 percent of the add power in about 12mm or less allow wearers to see the top of a normal page easily when reading.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Our eyes are stimulated by the visual spectrum, electromagnetic radiation in the range from 400nm to 700nm, which spans the colors from violet to red, respectively. But all colors are not perceived equally. Our eyes contain different retinal receptors. The rods, which are monochromatic in nature, respond to just one wavelength (490nm) in low brightness conditions. There are three other polychromatic receptors, called cones, each of which is stimulated to fire within a limited range of wavelengths.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
PSI Clear

Manufacturer: Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI)
Description: New-generation lens polish designed to optimize the performance of conventional polishers.
Features: Mild formula reduces chance of dermatitis and contains an ingredient that prevents hands from drying out. Unique stabilized suspension chemistry and alumina crystal structure make polish long lasting and cost-effective. Combines traditional density and solids with low Baumé and viscosity, which reduces carry-out while improving pad and lens coverage. Can be mixed quickly at the start of the day and be cleaned easily from lenses and equipment. Formulated for all plastic lens materials including polycarbonate and Trivex.
Availability: Gallon jugs and 5-gallon pails. PSI part #3301G and 3301P.
(800) 237-8154

Essilor's Visioffice

Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: Universal measuring device for all products from single vision to progressive. All-in-one system takes patients through the entire sales process, from frame selection to measurement to sales support. Allows ECPs to deliver the highest level of individualization available based on dynamic 3D measurements.
Features: Takes all standard eye measurements and exclusive Essilor measurements, including behavior measurements for Varilux Ipseo lenses, as well as eye rotation center and natural head posture measurements for Essilor's proprietary "eyecode" lenses. Patients can see the features and benefits of premium designs, materials and lens treatments through interactive videos available on the Visioffice system.

Kodak Unique MonitorView Lenses

Manufacturer: Signet Armorlite
Description: Near-variable focus lens designed for avid computer users, hobbyists, artisans and other patients who engage in prolonged intermediate and near-viewing tasks.
Features: Digitally-created backside lens designed by Crossbows Optical with SA's Vision First Technology. This technology provides a smooth power progression from top to bottom across the surface of the lens to ease patient adaptation and a gentle binocular balance for quick, clear object recognition, according to SA. Can be ordered and fit like standard progressive lenses. Monitor-viewing distance of 24-inches is used to determine the proper intermediate lens power for each patient.
Availability: Standard resin and polycarbonate. Kodak Anti-Reflective Coating optional.
(800) 759-0075

Screw Loosening Fluid (#4110)

Manufacturer: Western Optical Supply (WOS)
Description: Special fluid loosens screws so dispensers won't strip the screw driver slot.
Features: Designed to flow between the threads to make it easier to break the bonds.
Availability: 6cc applicator.
(800) 423-3294

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