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Vision-Ease Lens Renews Coppertone License

Vision-Ease Lens and Schering-Plough HealthCare Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc. have renewed their license agreement granting Vision-Ease exclusive rights to sell Coppertone polarized prescription lenses. Launched less than three years ago, Coppertone polarized lenses are now sold in more than 7,500 optical stores, according to Vision-Ease.

"Vision-Ease Lens appreciates the opportunity to continue to work with such an outstanding sun protection brand," said Jay Lusignan, marketing communications manager at Vision-Ease. "Our customers value the brand messaging and the ease of communicating the sun protection message to their patients. We look forward to many years of partnership."

In continued support of Coppertone polarized prescription lenses, Vision-Ease has launched a new consumer website, coppertonelenses.com through which customers can learn more about the premium protection benefits and proven technology used in these products. Several videos educate consumers on the importance of sun protection and the dangers of HEV light and UV exposure. The site includes a provider lookup tool, allowing customers to locate Coppertone prescription sun lens providers in their area as well as a UV Index tool that provides consumers their local UV index.

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Transitions Sponsors 'Transitions 10-Minute Skills Challenge'

Transitions Optical sponsored the second annual "Transitions 10-Minute Skills Challenge" at the 2010 ABO-NCLE National Education Conference in Cincinnati on September 17 and 18, 2010. More than 50 opticians visited four stations in 10 minutes and tested their skills to be named the top optician. Participants were from all over the country, and ranged from first-year students to licensed opticians with over 30 years of experience.

Participants found the lens matching station to be the most challenging event, in the time allotted, during which competitors identified nine lens samples and matched them to the correct description. Frame alignment was the station at which many excelled.

"The challenge was very exciting and I look forward to next year's event," said defending champion Frank Gimbel of West Norriton, Pa. Second and third place winners were Robert Lyons of Albuquerque, N.M. and Rebecca Morton of Knoxville, Tenn., respectively.

Pictured here from left to right, Frank Gimbel, defending champion of the Transitions 10-Minute Skills Challenge, second place winner Robert Lyons and third place winner Rebecca Morton celebrate their victories.

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Superfocus Launches Consumer Ad Campaign

Superfocus has launched a consumer advertising campaign in support of its proprietary, adjustable focus eyewear, also known as Superfocus. The glasses, which until recently were marketed under the Trufocals brand, were featured in a full-page, four-color ad that ran on November 2 in the New York Times. A TV commercial is running on ESPN, MSBC, CNBC, CNN, HLN, Bloomberg, Fox, Versus and Golf Channel. The ads can also be viewed on superfocus.com/video-ads.

Created by Madison Avenue legend George Lois, the ads feature famed architect Richard Meier, Broadway star Rita Moreno, Alvin Ailey dancer and choreographer Judith Jamison, actor Joel Grey and magician and comedian Penn Jillette, all of whom are seen wearing the company's distinctive round glasses.

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Shamir Promotes Freeform Certification Program at VEW

Shamir used last month's Vision Expo West show as a platform to promote its newly revamped Freeform Certification program and the release of a new iPad sales application. Utilizing their new sales app, attendees who stopped by Shamir's booth were able to watch a short video, "The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision," which led them on an educational journey hosted by Shamir's animated character, Mr. Progresso. The video provided a brief overview of Shamir's semi-finished and Freeform progressive designs as well as information EyePoint Technology, the proprietary technology Shamir utilizes to design its lenses. The presentation also introduced ECPs to Shamir's updated Freeform Certification program and informed attendees how they could schedule an in-practice seminar. Shamir's VEW video can be viewed online at www.youtube.com/shamirinsight.

After attendees viewed Shamir's presentation, they were able to play Shamir's Freeform Free Throw, which was based on Shamir's updated Freeform Certification program. Participants were given the opportunity to shoot hoops for a chance to win tickets for prizes. Shamir also provided participants with popcorn and encouraged them to personalize it with seasonings the way Freeform is used to personalize lenses. Five total raffle drawings were held and at each drawing participants had the chance to win a Shamir Goodie Bag, one of two Apple iPod Touch's, and an Apple iPad. Jesse Gonzalez of Mira Mesa Optometry in San Diego, Calif., pictured here, shows off the Apple iPad he won.

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Satisloh and National Optronics Announce 4 HDTV Winners

Satisloh and National Optronics celebrated the new OLA annual meeting by giving away four 42-inch Panasonic high definition televisions to visitors of their booth. During the show, these monitors were the nerve center of the Satisloh National Optronics booth, spotlighting the company's new OBM (On-Block Manufacturing) technology. The winners were Carol Lamy of Diversified Ophthalmics, Mary Nelson of Maui Jim Sunglasses, Elizabeth Peterson of Vision Pointe and Matthew Williams of NOSTRA.

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Dispensing Tips

#1 Most objects reflect some degree of light, causing it to "bounce" back. Basically, the atoms in the surface "catch" the energy and release it back out in the same direction. The reflectance of an object describes the fraction of incident light that is reflected for a given angle. Smooth, shiny surfaces have a high reflectance, while matte, dark surfaces have a low reflectance.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 The refractive index of a transparent medium is essentially a measure of the "optical resistance" of the material to light, and is defined as the ratio of the velocity of light in air compared to the velocity of light in the material.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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Local Eye Site

New Products
Azio and India

Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: First personalized ethnic lenses available in the U.S.
Features: Designed with Essilor's W.A.V.E. Technology 2. Lenses provide sharp vision at any distance and in any light, especially challenging low-light conditions, with easy accommodation and fast adaptation. Varilux Physio Enhanced Azio and Varilux Physio Enhanced India lenses are personalized based on three key areas for Chinese and Indian ethnic groups:

Essilor Azio Single Vision lenses are the only single vision product class with W.A.V.E. Technology: Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement, offering a personalized single vision lens for Chinese wearers with clearer and sharper vision as well as wider fields of vision. These lenses optimize each prescription for each position of wear, assuring optimal vision, according to Essilor.
(800) 843-3937

Kodak Digital Progressive Lenses

Kodak Precise Digital Lenses, Kodak Precise Short Digital Lenses, Kodak Concise Digital Lenses
Manufacturer: Signet Armorlite
Description: New generation of Kodak progressive lenses designed to benefit most wearers. Hyperopes will find wider near and distance-viewing areas; myopes will experience a wider, clearer distance area. Wearers with stronger prescriptions will enjoy the most significant improvements.
Features: Designed by Crossbows Optical and produced in Signet Armorlite's advanced technology optical lab, Signetek. Signet Armorlite's Digital Design Technology creates a complex, precise three-dimensional back surface, which improves the optical performance of each of these front-surface progressive designs. Based on typical wearing conditions, this technology provides more consistent optical performance over the range of prescription powers, according to Signet Armorlite. Reduction in wavefront errors results in sharper vision in principal viewing areas of the lens. The Digital Design Technology also allows flatter base curves, providing lenses with a more appealing cosmetic appearance without sacrificing optical performance.
Availabilty: Offered in a wide range of lens materials, including clear, photochromic and polycarbonate choices. Kodak AR coatings, which are durable and easy-to-clean, may be added.
(800) 950-5367

#3009F Budgetool

Manufacturer: Western Optical Supply
Description: Foam Grip Wide Jaw Angling Plier
Features: Smaller grip and the same construction of Western's heavier duty tools. Foam grip wide jaw angling plier is for adjusting pantoscopic tilt and temple angles on all types of frames. Opens extra wide to accommodate large temples and hinges. Recessed hole in each jaw protects the hinge screw.
(800) 423-3294


Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: Short corridor progressive polycarbonate lenses with NuPolar polarization
Features: 160 degrees of viewing freedom in the distance zone; minimum fitting height of 13mm; very wide near zone for a short design; generous corridor width for a clear view in all areas; 90 percent of add is reached at only 11mm below pupil; 76mm effective blank size; no secondary calculations necessary for use; NuPolar polarizing filter blocks blinding glare; polycarbonate material well-suited to outdoor activities. High adhesion ensures lenses will not delaminate or separate; consistent true curve control for today's digitally processed free-form requirements; high polarization efficiency. Excellent color uniformity and consistency.
Availability: Polycarbonate with NuPolar gray or brown
(800) 877-5367

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