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Gerber Coburn Launches New Website

Gerber Coburn is launching a new Web site, www.gerbercoburn.com. The site's main function is to make information about the company and its products more easily available to existing customers and answer the questions prospective customers may have, according to Randy Baldwin, Gerber Coburn's director of marketing. "The website offers more comprehensive navigation, company announcements, special offers, brochures, videos, and a more intuitive site map that puts the most pertinent information at the user's fingertips."

Baldwin added that improvements and enhancements to the site are ongoing. Soon, visitors to the site will be able to download product tips and troubleshooting materials, view and order overstock items to help augment their normal product and consumable orders. "We want to make our website a resource center for existing customers as well as potential customers," he noted. We invite you to see and experience the changes to Gerber Coburn's website firsthand by visiting www.gerbercoburn.com.

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Midland Optical Hosts Open House, Receives Honors

Midland Optical hosted an open house September 23, 2010, at its newly-expanded facility in St. Louis, Mo. Over 175 people, representing 55 independent eye care offices in the Missouri and Illinois area, attended the open house.

The open house celebrates Midland Optical's installation of the new $1.5 million digital optical lens processing equipment. Midland Optical's expansion to digital processing gives independent eye care professionals within the region access to digitally surfaced lenses manufactured locally in Missouri.

"The response to our open house was overwhelmingly positive. Eye care professionals are excited that we can deliver high quality digital lenses for their patients," said Matt Iovaldi, president of Midland Optical. "This digital expansion is one way we show our commitment to our customers: by providing high quality vision solutions, that is produced in house, at a good price."

A surprise visitor to the Midland Optical open house was city alderman Joe Vaccaro, (above left) who presented Iovaldi (above right) with a proclamation from Mayor Francis Slay and the city of St. Louis, officially declaring September 24, 2010, Midland Optical day in St. Louis.

Vaccaro said, "This is our way to show our appreciation to Matt Iovaldi and Midland Optical for their commitment to the City of St. Louis and creating jobs for our area." Midland Optical employs 200 people.

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Santinelli Supports Special Olympics

Santinelli's Jaysun Barr, right,
with a Special Olympics athlete.

In late July, Santinelli International participated in the 2010 National Special Olympic Games held in Lincoln, Nebraska by providing lens edging equipment for the Opening Eyes portion of the Healthy Athletes program, while several company associates volunteered their time and services. Through the program, a total of 564 pairs of prescription eyewear were distributed to athletes.

According to the Special Olympics organization, research has shown that among Special Olympics athletes, 68 percent have not had an eye examination in three years and 37 percent are in need of eyeglasses. Opening Eyes provides diagnosis for vision related problems, as well as corrective and protective eyewear all free of charge. At the end of the screening, athletes receive a certificate detailing their vision needs and follow-up referrals for health care providers in their home areas, if needed. Athletes are also taught how to take better care of their eyes.

Two Santinelli lens edging systems were humming all the way through with company representatives Rick Noonkester, Jaysun Barr, Steve Ruef, Henry Bode and Donald Rosene processing the several hundred jobs for the athletes. Santinelli International has been a supporter of the Special Olympics games for over 12 years.

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Shamir Hosts Multi-Lab Freeform Extravaganza

On August 19, Shamir Insight held its first Freeform Extravaganza. The Hawaiian luau-themed event, which took place at a restaurant in Orange, Calif., brought multiple labs and numerous ECPs together for a mini tradeshow (pictured here) and educational seminars. Two ABO seminars were presented, Shamir's "10 Types of Freeform" and "Five Pair Sales," in which attendees received one continuing education credit for each seminar. Both seminars were presented by Todd Hasselius, director of education for Shamir Insight. Several prizes were raffled off at the event including a Canon digital camera, an iPod Nano and several $50 Visa gift cards.

"With 12 partner labs in attendance and over 100 eye care professionals, the seminar was a tremendous success," said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing for Shamir Insight. "We provided optical professionals with an incredible dinner buffet, free drinks, prizes, the opportunity to socialize with peers in the industry, as well as two quality educational seminars. The Freeform Extravaganza was invaluable for our lab partners and local ECPs. We definitely look forward to holding events like this one nationwide."

For questions or to locate seminars in your area, contact Shamir's sales and client services department at
(877) 514-8330.


Dispensing Tips

#1 Visual activity is only a matter of time i.e., a particular time in everyone's day, lens time. For example, it's light amber lenses time, (about 7:20AM), overcast on the golf course and under pressure for this drive on the first tee. I know that at about dark brown (or 12:45PM) I'll be heading to the clubhouse after a very satisfying 18 holes.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Impact is easily understood and provided for using polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. However, if the task requires that the sunglasses are also safety rated as meeting the ANSI Z87.1 standard, then the lenses and the frame must meet that standard.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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Patients Love to See You Smile

New Products
Trinity Spacia High Definition Progressive Lens

Manufacturer: Augen Optics
Description: Relaunch of Augen's PAL for active presbyopes who rely primarily on expansive distance and mid-range vision.
Features: Wide, spacious distance area, extra-wide intermediate corridor (9mm) and moderate near vision. Made with Augen High Definition Lens aspheric/double aspheric technology, which provides wide, clear, natural vision for wearers with both low and high cylinder prescriptions. Augen High Definition technology also features flatter base curves for all prescriptions, resulting in better cosmetics. Trinity Spacia lenses are scratch coated and compatible with all hydrophobic, anti-reflective and mirror coatings.
Availability: Trivex material in 3.50D and 5.00D bases and +1.00 to +3.00 add powers.
(866) 284-3611

MaxDetail Clip

Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Designed for patients who want the benefits of an "off the shelf" near telescopic system but who have a refractive error.
Features: 2.1x magnification, hands-free design, large working distance, wide field of view. Clip-on design allows patients to be able to incorporate their correction so that they can view a clear, magnified image. No focusing required to adjust for spherical correction. Five vertical lens heights are selectable to assure correct pupil alignment. Hinged clip mechanism allows lenses to be flipped up out of the way when not in use. Rubber-covered "jaws" prevent clip from scratching patient's eyewear.
(800) 487-5389

Oakley True Digital

Manufacturer: Oakley
Description: High-wrap Rx sports lenses
Features: Dual Peripheral Technology minimizes distortion in the periphery. Digitally tailored for each specific frame and individual prescription, offering the level of visual clarity, acuity and fidelity that athletes and sports enthusiasts need to maximize their performance, according to Oakley. Central view offers wide fields of vision for crisp, clear detailed vision; low prism imbalance in mid-periphery for better large image recognition; low unwanted astigmatism in far periphery for better motion detection.
Availability: Single vision and progressive. Minimum fitting height for progressive is 15mm. Clear, sun non-polar, sun non-polar Iridium, polarized, polar Iridium, Transitions and Transitions Iridium.
(800) 278-1383

identity Swiss Design Free-Form Lenses

Manufacturer: Pro Fit Optix
Description: General purpose progressive
Features: Backside optimized progressive design offers optimal sight in all distances; 98 percent of participants in the user acceptance test adapted to the lenses very easily, even first time presbyopes.
Availability: Three corridor lengths and three lifestyle designs: Standard, Office, and Outdoor.
(866) 996-7849

Me 1200 Lens Edger

Distributor: Santinelli International
Description: Santinelli's new flagship edger is compact and multi-featured.
Features: Industrial-grade design. Manufactured for highest precision and "whisper-quiet" drilling and notching. Processes all types of three-piece mounts, as well as Chemistrie sunlenses with the unit's exclusive Click Mode.

Incorporates industry's first step-beveling technology for tabletop units, allowing Rx lenses for any high-wrap frame. Also delivers top-quality high-curve beveling, exclusive partial beveling, partial grooving, design cut, faceting, advanced shape editing and exclusive 3D grooving.
(800) 644-EDGE (3343)

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