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Essilor Launches 'The Vision Test' iPhone App

Essilor has launched "The Vision Test", a new free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch with the objective of driving eye test traffic into independent Varilux specialist practitioners in the United Kingdom. The app, which is customized for the UK market, requires users to complete an interactive vision test that includes several engaging modules, including visual acuity, astigmatism and duochrome. Each test has a pass or fail mode and users with results of less than 100 percent are advised that their vision could be improved through optical correction and a full eye examination is recommended. Using the app, users can search immediately for their nearest Varilux specialist optician by entering their postcode or through GPS based on their current location.

Essilor's UK division said it developed The Vision Test app because over 40 percent of the public haven't had an eye exam in the last two years, and it is committed to recommending regular eye exams for everyone. The Vision Test App complements the existing consumer website www.doineedaneyetest.com designed to encourage regular eye examinations with a registered optometrist. The Vision Test App can be downloaded directly to an iPhone or an iPod Touch by clicking on the App Store button on the device, then entering "The Vision Test" in the search field.

Essilor said it has developed an ongoing communication plan to support the launch of The Vision Test. The app is currently being advertised on Facebook. A similar version for the Apple iPad will also be available soon. Practitioners can view a short film on how the app works by visiting essilor.co.uk/newsinfo/visiontest.html.

Essilor has not yet announced plans to release other versions of The Vision Tests for international distribution.

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Popular Lighthouse International Store Now Online

Featuring one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of helpful vision-friendly products for the home, office and travel, the popular store of Lighthouse International is now online. The store offers a wide array of talking products including scales, calculators, alarm clocks, watches and thermometers as well as large-faced watches, large-button TV remotes and telephones, and the latest electronic hand-held readers and desk-top closed-circuit TVs. In addition, the store carries canes, Braille watches, Braille playing cards and a talking color identifier, for people who are visually impaired. Proceeds benefit Lighthouse International's non-profit mission to fight vision loss through prevention, treatment and empowerment.

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Hoya Optical Labs of America Expands Marketing Staff

Hoya Vision Care, North America, said it is expanding the marketing department of Hoya Optical Labs of America (HOLA). HOLA consists of 19 laboratories nationwide.

"The expansion of Hoya Optical Labs' marketing department will enable us to be closer to the customer and develop marketing strategies that are strongly aligned with our customers," said Barney Dougher, president and CEO of Hoya Vision Care, North America.

Heather Padgett (pictured left), who has been with Hoya six years, has been promoted to Central marketing manager. New to Hoya Optical Labs' marketing staff are: Teri Fittz, director of business development, responsible for new account acquisitions through regional and national initiatives, who brings more than 20 years of executive sales and marketing management experience to this position; Laurie Taisey, Northwest marketing manager, (pictured right) with more than 20 years of experience in marketing management in consumer products with Microsoft and also the automotive industry for Manheim Auctions in communications and strategy development, and Carolyn Gongwer, East marketing manager, who has more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the consumer products and healthcare industries.

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Vision-Ease Lens Intros New Online Ordering Options

Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) customers may now access and order stock lenses (finished and semi-finished) via two new online portals. The Vision-Ease Lens ordering portal and VisionWeb portal provide customers convenient stock lens ordering alternatives to phone and fax orders.

"Excellent customer service is a key part of our business, and something that we strive to achieve in each interaction with our customers," said Barry Resnik, director of marketing, Vision-Ease Lens. "The two new stock ordering systems give our customers the power to control inventory at the click of a button, simplifying the ordering process."

Furthering VEL's commitment to sustainability, the VEL ordering portal is a paperless, convenient and easy way for customers to order. The portal includes a "How to Get Started" link to guide customers through the quick, one-time registration process, and with a convenient barcode lookup tool, they can order in minutes.

Traditionally used by eye care providers to order spectacle lenses, contact lenses and frames from suppliers, the VisionWeb portal now allows these customers to order VEL stock lenses from this central ordering site. Customers who have a VisionWeb account may simply add Vision-Ease Lens as a "new supplier" on the VisionWeb portal.

Access to the new ordering portals can be found at www.vision-ease.com in the professionals section. Customers looking for more information may contact their Vision-Ease Lens sales rep, Vision-Ease Lens Customer Service at 800-328-3449, or the Vision Web team at 800-874-6601.

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The Business Edge

Dispensing Tips

#1 The most important items that need to be covered during the contact lens fitting appointment are:

    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 When fitting contact lenses... mention lens costs for a one-year supply and address any adverse reactions. Some patient's get sticker shock. Some offices manage it using the cost reductions available when patients purchase a yearly or six-month supply. Sometimes, a less expensive lens type may be necessary. Regardless, try to assess this as soon as possible and take care of any objections at the beginning of the process.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
4x Mobilux Hand-held Magnifier

Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Rectangular hand-held magnifier
Features: Large size (75x50mm) allows patients to enjoy a 30 percent greater field of view as compared to comparably powered round lens. Unique design combines upper refractive lens with lower multi-order diffractive lens, resulting in a 16D lens that provides a much wider field of view. Bright LED lasts 10,000 hours. Removable plastic lens cover protects lens and extends product's useful life.
(800) 487-5389

Crizal Sapphire Lenses With Scotchguard Protector

Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: Latest generation of Crizal offers no-glare performance, scratch resistance and cleanability that surpasses Crizal AvancÚ lenses with Scotchgard Protector, which already led the industry with its superior performance and quality.
Features: Essilor's exclusive Enhanced Light Transmission (ELT) System maximizes light transmission through the lens by further reducing glare and visible reflections. As a result, Crizal Sapphire lenses with Scotchgard Protector have 50 percent less reflection than the previous industry leader, Crizal AvancÚ lenses with Scotchgard Protector. Essilor's SR Booster layer provides superior scratch resistance. Essilor's proprietary High Surface Density (HSD) process increases cleanability with a contact angle of 116°.
(800) 552-0305 (fax)

Fusion Ice

Manufacturer: iCoat Company
Description: New line of mirror coatings
Features: Produced with a delectric process that can be applied to virtually all types of lenses in either uncut or edged form. Make excellent sunglasses when combined with polarized or photochromic lenses. Incorporates latest technological advancements resulting in a durable, anti-static and easy to clean mirror lens. Protects against harmful UV rays, glare and back surface reflections.
Availability: Assortment of fashionable colors in both solid and flash densities. Backside AR coating is standard.
(800) 832-2628


Manufacturer: Robertson Optical Laboratories
Description: Robertson's moderately priced brand of customized, free-form progressive lenses.
Features: With Customized Optical Zone Enhancement (Cozē) technology from Robertson Optical, these progressive lenses are up to 30 percent wider in all viewing zones than traditional premium progressives. Designs are available with various corridor lengths that will fit virtually any frame with seg heights as low as 14mm and as high as 28mm.
Design Availability: Cozē Soft, which is designed for first time wearers, features wide stable intermediate and near viewing, and is recommended for low-to-medium add powers. Cozē HDW for seasoned progressive lens wearers. It features wide distance viewing for visually demanding users, and is recommended for adds 2.00 and above. Cozē Single Vision features an atoric digital back curve that improves a patient's vision by creating edge-to-edge clarity that is not obtainable with standard single vision lenses.
Material Availability: Standard plastic, Transitions gray and brown, Trivex, 1.60 high index, 1.67 high index and polarized gray and Brown.
(800) 929-2765


Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: Short-corridor progressive lens for smaller frames
Features: Minimum fitting height of 13mm. Very wide near zone (generous reading area) for a short design. Large, functional zones. Ninety percent of add is reached at only 11mm below pupil. Effective blank size 76mm. No secondary calculations necessary for use.
Availability: Clear polycarbonate. NuPolar polarized lens to follow soon.
(800) 877-5367

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