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Robertson Optical Introduces Cozē

Robertson Optical Laboratories is introducing Cozē, its own brand of customized, free-form progressive lenses. With Customized Optical Zone Enhancement (Cozē) technology from Robertson Optical, these progressive lenses are up to 30 percent wider in all viewing zones than traditional premium progressives.

"Cozē progressive lenses exceed the performance of conventional premium progressives and we sell them at a moderate price," said Mike Fussell, sales and customer service manager of Robertson Optical of Atlanta (Loganville), GA.

Robertson produces Cozē lenses at its Loganville, Ga., facility using new, in-house digital surfacing technology. John Westbrooks, surfacing manager of Robertson Optical Laboratories of Atlanta, is shown here producing a pair of the lenses.

Robertson is offering Cozē lenses in several versions. Cozē Soft, which is designed for first time wearers, features wide stable intermediate and near viewing, and is recommended for low-to-medium add powers. Cozē HDW for seasoned progressive lens wearers. It features wide distance viewing for visually demanding users, and is recommended for adds 2.00 and above. Cozē Single Vision features an atoric digital back curve that improves a patient's vision by creating edge-to-edge clarity that is not obtainable with standard single vision lenses, according to Fussell.

Cozē progressive lenses are available in standard plastic, Transitions gray and brown, Trivex, 1.60 high index, 1.67 high index and polarized gray and Brown. Designs are available with various corridor lengths that will fit virtually any frame with seg heights as low as 14mm and as high as 28mm, according to Robertson.

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Shamir Expands Sales Coverage

Shamir Insight continues to expand its sales force and areas of coverage with the addition of Pam Benson-Gibson as Central regional manager (pictured below, left) and account executives Roger Awe (center) and Shemarr Thompson (right).

Benson-Gibson joins Shamir Insight from Pech Optical in Iowa, where she was responsible for Western region education. Having spent her entire career in the optical industry, Benson-Gibson will bring considerable knowledge to her new role. She will oversee the Central region, which covers Colorado, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

Awe, who has over 40 years of optical industry experience, previously served as director of retail operations for Rochester Optical in New York. He will cover New York State, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Thompson joins Shamir Insight with extensive management and sales experience. He will cover Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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Erik Estrada Teams With Transitions to Raise Awareness for Eye Health in NYC

Taking healthy sight awareness to the streets of New York City and combining it with a social media photo opp for consumers, Transitions Optical teamed up with Erik Estrada of the famed '70s TV show "CHiPs" to educate consumers about the importance of proper eyecare and eyewear.

As a Healthy Sight Officer dressed in full uniform, Estrada led the Healthy Sight Patrol through high-traffic areas of the city last week, including Times Square and Bryant Park, and issued "Sightations" to those who were not properly caring for their eyes. Individuals received Sightations for violations such as "Visual Abandonment" and "Indecent Exposure" and also had the opportunity to get their photo taken with Estrada, which they can retrieve online by visiting GetSighted.com. Visitors can also send 'Sightations' to friends and family to urge them to take care of their eyes.

"This grassroots effort is an extension of our year-long consumer outreach to build awareness for the need for healthy sight," said Dan McLean, consumer communications specialist, Transitions Optical. Sightation coupons were redeemable at LensCrafters stores in the city and the actor also made special appearances at two of those stores.

Estrada is pictured here issuing a Transitions Sightation to Dave Price, weather anchor for the "The Early Show" on CBS, for not properly protecting his eyes from glare.

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Essilor Airwear Goes Green

Essilor of America recently announced its Airwear polycarbonate lenses are made from using environmentally-conscious practices, including the use of 100 percent recycled water and packaging and re-purposing unused materials to other industries.

Essilor's responsible manufacturing initiatives include:

"Essilor is committed to greener manufacturing with our Airwear lenses," said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America. "As an extension of our green practices, we also want to encourage and inspire eyecare professionals and their patients to be more responsible with easy and everyday ways to create a green routine."

As part of this commitment, Essilor invited environmentally-conscious consumers to share their visions of a greener world by entering the "Lighter.Safer.Greener." contest, which launched on Oct. 1, 2009. Patients submitted their creative ideas on how they are making the world a greener, more sustainable place for a chance to win Airwear lenses for the entire family. To date the campaign has reached more than 31.8 million consumers though more than 920 media placements, including feature stories and mentions.

Local Eye Site

Dispensing Tips

#1 Dry eye is a problem, a facial cavity seal is a terrific solution. It's also very convenient to be able to remove the seal when not needed so that allows for multiple functionality.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Visit employers in your area with a Safety Sunwear kit that shows the products and a booklet that describes the services that your office can deliver. An Rx and plano safety sunwear program can be set up to have employees visit your office or for convenience, have an optician visit the place of employment.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Dia Edging System

Manufacturer: Arno Optical
Description: Compact edging system consisting of the E-950 GP Multifunctional Lens Edger, FD-80 3-Axis Dual Eyewire Scanner and LS-82 Computerized Lens Blocker.
Features: The heart of the Dia system is the E-950 GP (pictured), which features vertical wheel technology that enables the edger wheels to be easily adjusted to graduate the pressure on the lens. This allows for a more secure and accurate finish while eliminating stress marks. Because the wheels are vertical, debris goes straight to the drain, avoiding cluster on the wheels.

A touch screen interface makes all functions easily available. Operators can select the lens material, frame type, bevel, grooving, polish and other options. Operators can customize the speed and force that the wheel applies to the lens, a useful feature when edging slippery hydrophobic lenses. The E-950 GP can cut all materials, including Trivex, very smoothly and sharply, the company notes. Built for durability and easy maintenance, the Dia system has an auto-clean function and electronic parts that are sealed and protected from water.
(800) 822-2766


Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Innovative and easy-to-use illuminated stand magnifier.
Features: Award-winning shape based on ergonomic design of a computer mouse, providing a relaxed hand position when used over long periods of time. Mouse easily moves across any reading material by both right and left-handed users; because the lens is located close to hand position, it offers easy orientation so patients won't lose their place when reading. Open design facilitates reading and enables users to perform small writing tasks such as signing documents or doing crossword puzzles. Auto shut-off function turns off the illumination after 30 minutes, preserving battery life and reducing usage costs.

Combines an aspheric, 20 diopter lens (5x magnification) with two SMD LED lights for bright illumination.
Availability: Two types of illumination options are offered: cool blue or warm yellow.
(800) 487-5389

New Varilux Comfort

Manufacturer: Essilor of America
Description: Update on Essilor's popular PAL
Features: Shorter progression length for quicker access to reading area; 25 percent wider distance and near vision fields with reduced astigmatism in the intermediate zone. Reduced swim, improved performance for digital devices and activities, such as MP3 players, navigation tools, laptops and netbooks.
Availability: New Varilux Comfort, New Varilux Comfort Short and NewVarilux Comfort Enhanced lenses will be available in 1.50 Index Plastic, 1.50 Transitions VI Gray and Brown, Airwear Clear, and Airwear Transitions VI Gray and Brown. Beginning September 2010, New Varilux Comfort, New Varilux Comfort Short and New Varilux Comfort Enhanced lenses will be available in Thin&Lite 1.60 Clear, Thin&Lite 1.60 Transitions VI Gray and Brown, Thin&Lite 1.67 Clear and Thin&Lite 1.67 Transitions VI Gray & Brown.
800-ESSILOR (377-4567)


Manufacturer: Super Systems Optical Technologies
Description: Progressive Lens Identifier
Features: Easily identifies laser engravings on progressive lenses. Placing a lens between the light source and the magnifier will immediately make laser engravings visible. Eliminates errors in fitting progressive lenses by providing a clear view of the etchings. Identifies lens manufacturer, model, material and reference points. Inexpensively priced. LED light source for long life and low energy consumption.
Size: 3-3/4 inches wide by 5 inches deep by 9 inches high
Power: 110/220V
(800) 800-543-7376

#3009F Budgetool

Manufacturer: Western Optical Supply (WOS)
Description: Foam Grip Wide Jaw Angling Plier
Features: Smaller grip and same construction of Western's heavier duty tools. Foam grip wide jaw angling plier is for adjusting pantoscopic tilt and temple angles on all types of frames. Opens extra wide to accommodate large temples and hinges. Recessed hole in each jaw protects hinge screw.
(800) 423-3294

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