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Shamir Wins Third Consecutive Hermes Award
Matt Raanan

The Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals has honored Shamir Insight's "See For Yourself" trade advertising campaign with a Gold Hermes Award. The campaign, which began running in January, 2010, showcases various images, including the Loch Ness Monster, "Big Foot," ghosts and UFO's. The ads expose possible explanations behind the most popular unexplained mysteries and suggest that with Shamir progressive lenses you would be able to see the truth.

This is the third Gold Hermes Award Shamir has received; the first was awarded in 2008 for its "In the Office AutoReply" campaign; the second was awarded in 2009 for its "Keeping Your Attention" campaign.

See For Yourself "The 'See For Yourself' campaign has allowed us to explore various unexplained mysteries and their possible explanations. We have removed nearly all of the copy from the ads, so the focus remains on the subject of the mystery. Like our past campaigns, this one has allowed us to continue to use 'out of the box' imagery and get readers to stop and examine the ads. We've revealed the 'truth' behind several mysteries so far and we have received a lot of positive feedback regarding this new campaign," said Matt Lytle, Shamir Insight's vice president of marketing, who is pictured at left holding the Hermes award with Shamir president Raanan Naftalovich.

Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media.

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OptiSource International Launches Stock Lens Division

OptiSource International has opened a new, finished single vision (FSV) lens stock house. The new division, "OptiLenses.com," boasts a large online selection of quality brand name lenses and coatings at value pricing.

"We constructed our Web site with one thing in mind: make the lens ordering process as simple as possible for our customers," said Daryl Squicciarini, vice president of OptiSource.

The site allows users to choose to order by patient or for stock; then by material, coating or brand. OptiLenses.com also offers phone and fax ordering. OptiLenses.com carries over twenty lens brands including Transitions and coating brands including Essilor's Crizal family. It also offers first-quality house brands of plastic and polycarbonate that can be paired with various AR coatings.

"Besides our huge selection of brands and coatings, OptiLenses.com also has the most generous shipping policy in the industry: free UPS overnight shipping on orders over $50 and just $5.99 UPS Overnight shipping for orders under $50," said Squicciarini. Lenses are guaranteed by 10:30 a.m. the next business day when placed by 4:00pm EST, he added.

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Larry Rodriguez Named Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing at PixelOptics
Larry Rodriguez

PixelOptics has appointed Larry Rodriguez as senior vice president of global sales and marketing. Rodriguez is responsible for leading the worldwide sales and marketing organization of PixelOptics. His primary focus will be driving revenue as well as leading marketing efforts for PixelOptics' entire product portfolio, including emPower!, the company's proprietary electronic lens.

Rodriguez has held a number of management positions at major optical companies. As the vice president of sales for Southern Optical Group, Rodriguez led a team that established the company as one of the largest wholesale labs in the U.S. He later served as director of U.S. sales and European business, for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care's ophthalmic lens group.

Following 16 years in the ophthalmic lens industry, Rodriguez joined Capital One as managing vice president of sales and marketing. He is a member of the board of directors of Lee Investments and Ketchie/Houston, Inc. and is an equity member in Benvegna, Inc. and IPLS Consulting.

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Transitions Optical Online Industry Portal Goes Live

A new Web portal from Transitions Optical is providing optical professionals a central resource for product information, business resources, tools and programs. Found at www.transitions.com/pro, the site focuses on the full family of adaptive lens products available from Transitions Optical, as well as the programs, marketing tools, education and events the company offers to support the industry.

"Transitions.com/Pro creates one access point for all the programs and tools we offer," said Greg Marko, director, North American marketing, Transitions. "As we continue to develop more resources to accommodate a wider range of initiatives and interests, it has become even more important for us to centralize these assets, making them simpler to find and use."

The portal was created for anyone with a professional interest in vision care and eyewear, from eyecare professionals and students, to labs and managed vision care brokers. Optical industry professionals will find marketing and outreach tools to help them increase patient satisfaction and promote their businesses. They can stay up-to-date on the latest technology and products, and take advantage of free continuing education, training resources and other special-interest programs and promotions.

Transitions also recently re-launched its Web site, www.transitions.com, to specifically target the informational needs of consumers. "A separate dedicated trade site enabled us to create two delineated, focused experiences so that consumers are given the appropriate level of product information, and eyecare industry professionals are given the additional resources they need," added Marko.

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McGee Group

Dispensing Tips

#1 The components of an efficient electronic ordering engine are many. Look for clear and complete entry screens, the ability to order spectacle and contact lenses, frames by collection, error checking and "missing" information messages, the ability to order from multiple labs and vendors, integration with office practice management systems, one time Rx data entry, order tracking, history and archive availability, HIPAA compliance and the opportunity to grow into third party insurance transactions.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 An order received electronically by a lab is automatically translated into the Lab Management System (LMS). The LMS is the electronic system that stores job data, directs lab machinery operations, tracks the work and prints invoices, manages accounts payable and the lab's own replenishment system. Automatic translation reduces double keying of jobs that might have been received by fax or phone.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products

Manufacturer: Dynamic Laboratories
Description: Slip- and twist-resistant blocking pad
Features: Slightly thinner material minimizes twisting. The material, which is softer as well, improves the pad's performance by filling the gaps between the lens and the block, resulting in better "wet-out" or greater surface area adhesion between the pad and the lens. It softer also absorbs some of the initial impact shock that is created when the lens makes contact with the grinding wheel. Nuvo also utilizes an entirely new adhesive that offers the best possible grip to minimize slippage, yet still deblocks easily and cleanly, leaving behind virtually no residue.
Availability: Rolls of 1,000 or 2,000 pads
(888) 339-6264

Quicklook Focus
Quicklook Focus

Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Sleek, handheld video magnifier
Features: Provides 3x-18x magnification in portable, compact size. Ideal for visually impaired patients who need to view enlarged images of objects (menus, price tags, bills, etc.) while they are out on-the-go or at home. Users can select between 56 different background/foreground color options, thereby optimizing their viewing experience on the bright 4.3" LCD screen, and the image is always clear due to the Quicklook's auto-focus lens. "Freeze-frame" feature allows patients to "take a picture" of an object (such as an oven dial or thermostat) so that they can bring it closer to their eyes for further inspection. Patented flip-out camera that enables users to see as they write which is ideal for signing forms, completing crosswords or sudoku puzzles. Inconspicuous, PDA-like design.
(800) 487-5389


Manufacturer: National Optronics
Description: Versatile, accurate, high speed table top generator
Features: Provides complete lens processing, including generating, cribbing and pin-beveling in one process step. Generates all organic materials using dry cut technology. Advanced tooling options and an upgraded processor offer rapid generating speeds. More than 30 percent faster than its forerunner, the 2G. Integrated smart software provides directional assistance so unexperienced employees can easily operate it. Worker friendly touch-screen procedures, maintenance and parts manuals are easily accessed. Smart software also suggests the best lap for minimizing waste as well as cutting time. Processes plastic or foam laps to match any surfaceable lens curve. Broad power range production capability–able to cut curves from +6 to -30 diopters–produces exceptional surface quality and at a lower tool cost per surface than most table top generators, according to manufacturer.
(800) 247-9796

Pupil Marker
Pupil Marker

Manufacturer: Ron's Optical
Description: Simple but effective tool for marking pupils
Features: Developed collaboratively by Ron's Optical and veteran optician Michael Goodwin, the Pupil Marker can accurately measure the fitting height of progressive lenses. The product uses white ink, which is acid free and able to mark all surfaces, including anti-reflective lenses. The white marker provides a contrasting mark against the black background of the pupil which can easily be seen by the dispenser from several feet away.
(800) 247-7667

Seiko Surmount
Seiko Surmount

Manufacturer: Seiko Optical Products of America
Description: Ultra thin progressive lenses. Progressive lens wearers with high power prescriptions, especially those with high cylinder or add power will find Seiko Surmount to be cosmetically-attractive as well as easy to wear and use.
Features: First lens in the U.S. market to incorporate recently patented advancements in internal free-form design that allow Seiko to process a convex surface on the concave side of the lens. As a result, Surmount lenses can be produced on lower base curves than before, resulting in much flatter, more cosmetically appealing lenses. As seen above, Surmount, right, is up to 25 percent flatter than competitive back-surface PAL.

Seiko Surmount also features automatic variable inset based on patient distance Rx and PD that permits customized alignment of the intermediate and reading area. The design further uses advanced aspheric compensation throughout the entire lens to optimize the Rx for the as-worn position (measured power will vary from the prescribed power in both the distance and near portions). Multi-polar astigmatic correction reduces the need for head movement and increases wearer comfort.
Availability: Wide variety of materials and coating options, including polarized, 1.74 index and Transitions lenses.
(800) 235-5367

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