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Augen Partners With fuseproject to Provide Eyeglasses for Children's Vision Program in Mexico

Augen Optics has announced its participation in Ver Bien Para Aprender Mejor (or "See Better to Learn Better"), a program in Mexico that distributes free eyeglasses annually to public school children throughout the country, according to a statement. Having participated in the non-profit program for the past three years, Augen is now partnering with San Francisco design firm fuseproject–known for the One Laptop Per Child initiative.

School Kids

Noting that poor vision interferes with school learning, Marco Machado-Torres, COO for Augen Optics and director of the program for Augen, said, "As the only eyeglass lens manufacturing company founded in Mexico, we are thrilled to participate in this program to help children in our country see better. Providing eyeglasses for the Ver Bien Para Aprender Mejor program is our family's way of participating in building the future of Mexico and giving back after the significant success Augen has achieved here and throughout North America."

The program gives a free eye exam administered in schools and students are then encouraged pick their own frames through the special options catalogue. The prescription and desired frames are produced locally by Augen and then delivered to the schools, according to a post on fuseproject's blog.

See Better Augen Frames

Augen enlisted the help of fuseproject's Yves Béhar upon recognizing an opportunity to decrease the cost of the frames that were being provided. Behar created Collección Escolar 2010, pictured above, custom frames for students aged 6-18 years old made from hyper-flexible Gilamid plastic which are fully customizable with top and bottom colors that can be mixed and matched to fit children's personal choices.

Within the program, the glasses are provided by Augen at cost with the total program costs being paid for through donations to Ver Bien Para Aprender Mejor. Augen has added a frame manufacturing facility to its plant in Ensenada, Mexico, in order to oversee and ensure quality control of eyeglass production from start to finish.

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Think About Your Eyes Coalition Launches Ad Campaign and Social Media Presence
Varilux Case Study

The Think About Your Eyes Coalition has launched its first television and radio advertisements to kick off a two-year public awareness campaign designed to educate Americans about the importance of annual eye exams and the benefits they can provide to overall health. The television and radio ads are currently running in nine cities across the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Houston, Sacramento, Cincinnati and Portland, Ore.

The ads focus on a variety of eye health issues, educating consumers on topics ranging from eye disease to children's vision and school performance to visual fatigue. They also urge consumers to visit www.thinkaboutyoureyes.com to learn more about healthy vision and to schedule an eye exam by locating a local eyecare professional through a tool available on the Web site.

Consumers can also connect with Think About Your Eyes through its new social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, all of which are accessible from the campaign's Web site. Social media activities will expand in the coming months as the Coalition prepares to execute major public awareness events, the first of which took place in New York City in May.

Essilor, Luxottica and VSP Global make up the Think About Your Eyes Coalition and are seeking partners to join in its consumer education initiative.

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Eagle Eyes Signs License With Astronaut Walter Cunningham
Walt Cunningham Apollo astronaut
Walt Cunningham

Eagle Eyes Optics has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with astronaut Walter Cunningham for the promotion of the company's 2010-11 "Celebrating America's Achievements in Space" campaign.

On Oct. 11, 1968, Cunningham occupied the lunar module pilot seat for the eleven-day, 263-hour, 4-1/2 million mile, 163-orbit flight of Apollo 7. He, along with astronauts Walter Schirra and Don Eisele, beamed live telecasts from orbit, giving millions of people around the world their first views of earth and space.

As an astronaut and physicist, Cunningham has been instrumental in revealing new discoveries about solar radiation and the earth's magnetosphere and today is involved in numerous ventures in advanced technologies, while his book, "The All-American Boys," recounts his experiences as an astronaut.

"I've long maintained an appreciation for those technologies developed from space explorations that have and continue to benefit human-kind," added Cunningham. "Eagle Eyes High Performance Eyewear represents a fine example of state-of-the-art Space-Transfer-Technology that has afforded millions here on Earth the maximum eye protection. I've long worn the Eagle Eyes brand of sunglasses and can attest to its superb capabilities in eye protection, glare reduction and enhancement of visual acuity."

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Essilor Names 2010 Varilux Student Grant Winner
Varilux Case Study

Essilor of America announced that Kevin Mathes from New England College of Optometry in Boston is the winner of the annual Varilux Student Grant Awards, a nationwide competition among optometry students. Seventeen students were awarded $1,000 each in grant money from Varilux, and from those winners, one national award was given.

Mathes wrote the winning case study using a creative fit for Essilor Anti-Fatigue single vision lenses, an aspheric lens designed for patients between the ages of 18 and 45 who suffer from symptoms of visual fatigue. Mathes and his staff advisor, Jim Pelham, will each receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to the joint meeting of the American Optometric Association and the American Optometric Student Association in Orlando, June 16 to 20. Mathes will be a guest at the 18th Annual Varilux Optometry Student Bowl, an annual event sponsored by Essilor, and will receive $1,000 in prize money.

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Zip Eyewear

Dispensing Tips

#1 At birth, the lens of the human eye is almost 95 percent transparent and remains quite clear for the first decade of life. As the crystalline lens gradually loses transparency and begins to yellow, the amount of UV penetrating the lens decreases. By age 25, less than 20 percent of UV rays reach the retina.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Polycarbonate and Trivex lenses are the most impact-resistant lenses available and are the only lenses recommended for children's sunglasses. These lenses offer a natural UVA and UVB inhibitor and can be tinted to the desired density and color. In addition, these materials are available polarized and in photochromic.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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McGee Group

New Products
Tak Anti-slip Film

Manufacturer: Salem Vision Group
Description: Specially formulated film eliminates slippage when edging super hydrophobic lenses.
Features: Complex composition of adhesive and film create a stable platform for blocking pads to securely adhere. Tak anti-slip film is safe for use on any hydrophobic lens material.
Availability: 25 x 38mm oval pads; 500 pads per roll
(800) 234-1982

Fast Grind for Dummies

Manufacturer: SuperSystems
Description: New version of SuperSystems' Fast Grind System
Features: Engineered for small, independent optical shops to enable them to produce digital quality progressive lenses and other bifocal designs without the knowledge or skill of surfacing. Easier to operate and offers faster production time.
(800) 543-7376

Neox Transitions SolFx Golf Sun Lenses

Manufacturer: Transitions Optical and MicroVision
Description: Neox Transitions SolFx lenses are designed to help enhance visual performance for golfers, enabling them to clearly see terrain changes, easily track the flight of the ball and deliver clearer contours on the green to assist with putting. They combine the performance technology of Neox lenses with the photochromic technology of Transitions Optical to create advanced sun lenses that automatically adapt in changing light situations. Neox lenses are currently the exclusive lenses featured in Callaway Eyewear and are available in fixed tint non-prescription sunglasses on a global basis. Neox Transitions SolFx sun lenses are the first dynamic prescription and non-prescription sun lenses to use Neox lens technology.
Features: Engineered to counteract the problems encountered with typical non-prescription sunglasses, such as distortion in both color and object sight and decreased depth of field, delivering increased depth perception, better distance vision and superior clarity. The sun lenses have a contrast enhancing green base tint and activate to a darker color in the same hue in bright light. Transitions Optical's advanced photochromic technology to provide the right color and tint for optimal performance in varying lighting conditions.
Availability: MicroVision Optical has partnered with Walman-Soderberg, the largest independent lab network in North America, for exclusive distribution of Neox Transitions SolFx sun lenses to the optical trade. Offered in both prescription and non-prescription versions in polycarbonate material; can be paired with Callaway frames or frames of the wearer's choice.
(800) 848-1506

Coppertone and SunRx SFSV 80mm Blanks

Manufacturer: Vision-Ease Lens
Description: Large diameter, multiple base sizes that expand style options for prescription polarized lenses
Features: Large 80mm 8.50 base accommodates popular wrap applications while the 4.00 and 6.25 bases benefit today's large fashion frames.
Availability: HEV gray and HEV brown in 4.00, 6.25 and 8.50 bases. The SunRx 80mm SFSV blanks are available in gray in 4.00, 6.25 and 8.50 bases.
(800) 328-3449

Teflon Elite

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Vision
Description: New-generation AR coating developed with DuPont
Features: Teflon Elite lens coating builds on the OLA-award-winning performance of Teflon Clear Coat Lenses, extending it to new levels of clarity and convenience: Clearer: With 1% visible reflectance and 99% luminous transmittance, Teflon Elite is among the clearest, most contrast-sensitive anti-reflective coating available. Cleaner: New anti-static technology enhances the topcoat's unique chemical composition of super-hydrophobic (water-resistant) and oleophobic (oil-resistant) properties, so lenses are not only easy to clean, but actively repel dust and dirt as well. Tougher: Superior scratch resistance, combined with an exceptionally slick topcoat to prevent particles from sticking, gives Teflon Elite AR coating unparalleled durability and longevity.
Availability: Offered on all Zeiss, SOLA and AO brand lenses
(858) 790-7700

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