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L&T Marketing
Transitions Championship Focuses on Healthy Sight

Transitions Optical president Brett Craig
tees off in the pro-am tournament.

Rob Lynch, CEO of VSP Global, left and
Dave Cole, general manager, Transitions
Optical, cut the ribbon at the newest
VSP Mobile Eye Clinic.

A golf pro instructs a child at the
Youth Wellness day golf clinic.

Sports vision expert Larry Lampert, OD,
left, and professional swing coach Matt Killen
gave free golf clinics to local children during
Youth Days at the Transitions Championship.

The second-annual Transitions Championship For Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event, teed off March 14 to 21 at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club here. The event, including on-site activities and national and local news and sports coverage, served as a vehicle for Transitions Optical and its partners to promote the healthy sight theme which has become central to the company's consumer marketing programs.

Throughout the week, the Healthy Sight Village—located off the eighteenth hole of the course—hosted activities ranging from games testing eye health, coordination and depth perception, to information about the benefits of everyday and performance eyewear. The activities were made possible with the help of several partners, including Adidas Eyewear, the American Optometric Association, Bay Care Health System, Bess the Book Bus, BeWell.com, Bright House, Carl Zeiss Vision, Essilor, Innisbrook, LensCrafters, Nike Vision, OneSight, Optos, Prevent Blindness Florida, SoloHealth, the Transitions Championship For Healthy Sight, The Vision Council, Visionworks and VSP.

During the tournament week, Transitions Optical and its partners screened more than 1,800 local elementary and middle school students from the Tampa Bay, Fla., area. Students were invited to visit the Transitions Championship grounds on Monday and Wednesday, designated as Youth Days, where they received free vision screenings by volunteers from Transitions Optical and several of its partners, including Essilor, LensCrafters, Prevent Blindness Florida and VSP Vision Care.

Another 60 elementary school children—prescreened by Prevent Blindness Florida and identified as needing further evaluation by an eye doctor—were brought to the Transitions Optical headquarters in Pinellas Park, Fla. There, they were evaluated by a team of VSP optometrists staffing Transitions Optical's newest Mobile Eyecare Clinic in partnership with VSP and given free frames and Transitions lenses.

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Shamir Educates VEE Attendees, Gives Away Prizes

Pictured at last month's Vision Expo East are, left to right,
Shamir prize winners Frank Gimbel of Penn Optical, Kris
Massa of Snyder Eye Group and Andy Reitzes, Pro Vision.

At last month's Vision Expo East, Shamir provided attendees with an educational experience and promotion with the announcement of its newest Freeform product, Spectrum, their upgraded Autograph II single vision lens, an all-new Freeform Certification Program and additional material availability for its single vision line.

For all attendees stopping by Shamir's booth, a little fun and humor were in store with the video, "The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision," which led attendees on an educational, animated journey hosted by Shamir's animated character, Mr. Progresso. The video provided a brief overview of Shamir's semi-finished and Freeform progressive designs as well as information about their proprietary technology utilized to design each of their products, EyePoint Technology. The presentation also covered information regarding their newest product, Spectrum, and details about their upgraded Autograph II single vision lens.

After attendees viewed Shamir's presentation, they were able to play Shamir Plinko, which also featured Shamir's newest product, Spectrum. Participants had the chance to drop a Shamir Plinko chip down the six-foot board, for a chance enter a raffle to win a Flip Camcorder, a Garmin GPS, and a Nintendo Wii. The winners were:

Flip Camcorder: Rochelle Kertzner, Creative Ideas, Dix Hills, N.Y.; Jim Voss, Boys Smith Vision, Ellensburg, Wash.; Kris Massa, Snyder Eye Group, Ship Bottom, N.J.; Christina Hernandez, Atlantic Eye Physicians, Long Branch, N.J.; Barbara Fonte, Michael Petroska OD, Pittsburg, N.J.
Garmin GPS: Audrey Brown, Rockingham Eye Associates, Eden, N.C.; Storm D. Floyd, Amazing Eyes, Foley, Ala.; Frank Gimbel, Penn Optical, West Norriton, Pa.; John Boys Smith, Boys Smith Vision, Ellensburg, Wash.; Roxann Griffin, Snyder Eye Group, Ship Bottom, N.J.
Nintendo Wii: Frank Gimbel, Penn Optical, West Norriton, Pa.; Ted Friedman, Montclair Vision, Montclair, N.J.; Andy Reitzes, Pro Vision, Dover, Del.; Lisa Floyd, Amazing Eyes, Foley, Ala.; Jim Voss, Boys Smith Vision, Ellensburg, Wash.

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Santinelli International and Eyenovate Extend Agreement

Gerard Santinelli of Santinelli Internation, left, and Eyenovate's Dave Zewe agree to extend the business agreement between their companies through 2011.

Santinelli International and Eyenovate announced they have extended their business agreement through the end of 2011. In early 2009, the two companies teamed up to promote Chemistrie "click on" sunlenses, which are designed and distributed by Eyenovate. Santinelli created its proprietary lens edger "Click Mode" software, which enables users of Santinelli edgers to produce Chemistrie lenses. Santinelli accompanied the software with Click Kit bundling offers for retailers.

The two companies are now offering a special "success" package for Santinelli customers which includes the "Click Mode" software, an augmented Chemistrie Sunlens starter kit, complete tool kit, a point-of-purchase display and manufacturer training and certification, including travel expenses.

"We are so pleased to extend our agreement with Eyenovate," said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO for Santinelli International, based here. "We have built a strong alliance with this innovative company and have seen great success with the "Click Mode" software amongst our clients." Dave Zewe, Eyenovate's president and CEO, added, "Our two trend-setting companies worked well together to create this unique alliance. Eyenovate, Chemistrie Sunlenses, Santinelli International and, most importantly, our customers benefit from this successful relationship."

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Zip Eyewear

Dispensing Tips

#1 Check the amount of pantoscopic tilt applied, it should be between 5 and 15 degrees. This is especially important with a bifocal or progressive, making sure the segment is in the correct position when looking down to read. If there is an insufficient amount of pantoscopic tilt, the patient can be looking under the frame or, at least, the field-of-view for near work will be narrowed due to the increased vertex distance between the eye and the segment.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 The frame should touch at only three points, which form "the fitting triangle"– the nose, and the top of each ear. If the frame is touching the head at other plac es, the frame selected may be too small for the patient.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Chemalux 100OD Polish-to-Coat Rx Lens Making System

Manufacturer: Chemat Technology
Description: Compact, simple system for making PAL, multifocal, single vision lenses of most lens materials (plastic, Trivex, mid-index, PC, high-index) at the price range of a premium edger.
Features: The Polish-to-Coat Rx Lens Making System integrates Fastgrind lens polishing machine with Chemalux 100 SR-AR coating machine, allowing eye care practices and optical retailers to make most Rx lenses in-house. Integration of Chemalux 100 Coater greatly extends the Rx lens materials Fastgrind can polishes to not only plastics, but also PC and high-index materials which require scratch resistant coating after polishing. The integrated system will only need to deposit the AR coating on the backside of the lens which already has the front side AR coated. Combination of Fastgrind with Chemalux 100 Coater eliminates manual surface preparation of lens before coating. This reduces in-house Rx lens fabrication work to minimum while producing the complete Rx lenses with hard coating and AR coating. The system makes a pair of lenses in about one hour, and produces up to 15 pairs Rx lenses in eight hours.
Size: Takes up to 15 square feet of space.
(800) 475-3628


Manufacturer: DAC Vision
Description: Soft polishing tool
Features: Provides superior formability, resulting in excellent performance throughout the complete curve range. Strong plastic base reduces tool failures, resulting in higher throughput. High-performance polishing material produces excellent surface quality.
Availability: Packaged in 10-tool or 50-tool packs; variety of curves offered.
(888) 373-3027

Definity Dual Add 2.0 in Thin&Lite 1.74

Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: Digitally surfaced high-index PAL
Features: Essilor's patented Dual Add technology design allows minimum astigmatism within the lens surface as compared to other traditional and single surface digitally surfaced lenses. Wearers get a wider field of vision in all the three viewing zones and in addition, get the benefit of the Ground View Advantage—a fourth zone below the reading area.

Thin&Lite 1.74 material is ultra thin, providing superior optical performance for patients with complex prescriptions. The lenses are systematically coated with a choice of Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector or Crizal Alizé.
Availability: Rx range is -14.00D to +9.00D; base curves 1.70, 1.75, 2.75, 3.75, 5.25, 6.50, 8.00; add powers +1.00 to +3.00 and +3.50. Definity is also available in standard plastic, polycarbonate Airwear, Trivex material, Thin&Lite1.60 and Thin&Lite 1.67.
(800) 843-3937

CLE 070 Lensmeter

Manufacturer: National Optronics
Description: Fully automatic lensmeter
Features: Measures lens power and verifies lenses and frames. Sliding frame rest combined with a unique bridge rest simplifies electronic measurements of PD, power and axis. Intelligent software automatically identifies and measures progressive lenses. Integrated UV meter allows for convenient UV transmission verification. Unit has an integrated printer and RS232 interface.
(800) 247-9796

Sprint Coating System

Manufacturer: Quest Optical
Description: Table top spin coater used to apply films to the convex surface of a lens.
Features: Designed for labs that need to apply SurfaceProtect and/or EdgeRight films to the lens surface. SurfaceProtect replaces many of the problems associated with the use of blue surface saver tape; EdgeRight allows the labs to eliminate slippage during the edging process, thus reducing breakage. Stainless steel cabinet is standard.
Size: 19.5 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 17 inches high
Weight: 51 lbs.
Power: 110 V 15 A
Air Consumption: 0.6 SCFM
(561) 241-5557

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