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VisionWeb's Money Madness Sweepstakes Returns For Spring 2010

VisionWeb is reprising its Money Madness Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes, initially introduced in 2009, rewards practices for placing more of their orders via the VisionWeb network (VisionWeb portal site or an integrated practice management system), and encourages practices to take advantage of one-stop shopping to over 400 suppliers on the VisionWeb network.

This installment of VisionWeb's Money Madness Sweepstakes runs February 14 to April 10, 2010, and is open to all eyecare providers who are VisionWeb members. Each VisionWeb account will earn entries in weekly and grand prize drawings for meeting their weekly order goal. Additional entries are earned by ordering to multiple supplier types (spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and frames). Drawing entries are cumulative throughout the program, meaning the more entries the account receives, the more chances they have to win.

Prizes are awarded in eight weekly drawings throughout the Sweepstakes period, and two grand prize drawings at the conclusion of the Sweepstakes. Weekly prizes include $250 cash and $250 credit with the VisionWeb supplier of the winner's choice (a $500 value). The grand prize includes $1,250 each cash and supplier credit (a $2,500 value), and the first runner-up prize includes $500 each cash and supplier credit (a $1,000 value). The cash portion of the prize serves as an individual reward for the practice to spend at their will and is paid to the practice in the form of an American Express gift card. The supplier credit portion of the prize is paid directly from VisionWeb to the desired supplier and serves as an investment in the practice's future business with their supplier(s) over VisionWeb.

Eyecare providers interested in participating in VisionWeb's Money Madness Sweepstakes are encouraged to visit the VisionWeb site at www.visionweb.com to learn more and enroll their practice in the Sweepstakes today. Click on the "Money Madness" icon to access the Official Rules and instructions for How to Play. Eyecare providers who are not yet VisionWeb members can contact VisionWeb Customer Service at (800) 874-6601 to register their practice and start ordering online today.

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Panasonic Collaborates with PixelOptics on Electronic Eyewear

PixelOptics has announced that Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co. is playing a major role in the development of PixelOptics' electronic eyeglasses. Panasonic Shikoku Electronics, based in Matsuyama, Japan, is one of the group companies of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corp. (NYSE: PC). Previously, Panasonic's US venture arm had made an investment in PixelOptics.

"Pixel was delighted to have a global company as well respected as Panasonic Shikoku Electronics helping with the development. Panasonic Shikoku Electronics' consumer knowledge and scientific expertise has proven to be most valuable and positive," said Ronald D. Blum, OD, president and CEO of PixelOptics.

"Panasonic Shikoku Electronics is very pleased to have had the opportunity to work on such an exciting project and one that will benefit so many people around the world," said Yukinori Okazaki, Chief Technology Officer and board member of Panasonic Shikoku Electronics Co. "We anticipate there will be a lot of opportunities in health care that will benefit the world's aging population in which Panasonic Shikoku Electronics can play a significant role. We see Pixel's electronic eyeglasses as one of these opportunities."

PixelOptics and its prececessors have been developing electronic eyeglasses since 1999.

"We anticipate that if all goes to plan PixelOptics will move forward with a launch of its electronic eyeglasses in the second half of 2010," said William Spies, PixelOptics' COO.

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Augen Launches Trivex Material E-Learning Tool On Web Site

Augen Optics has announced the launch of the Trivex material e-training guide for eye care professionals on its website at www.augenoptics.com. Developed by PPG Industries, the Trivex material E-Learning Program provides comprehensive product education including the science behind Trivex material, performance benefits, dispensing suggestions, and business advantages of offering lenses made with Trivex material. The online module also includes a short, interactive quiz to reinforce learning.

"We're always looking for ways to support our customers and this new e-learning program provides a valuable tool for understanding and communicating the many benefits of Augen lenses in Trivex material," said Patricia Machado, director of business development, Augen Optics.

Augen Optics offers Augen High Definition Lenses in premium progressive, short-corridor progressive and aspheric single vision designs, and features Trivex material as its primary lens material of choice. According to Marco Machado, PhD., CEO and founder of Augen Optics, "Consumers expect high definition products to provide better clarity and resolution. In lens design, these qualities can be enhanced by free-form processing, but are primarily determined by the quality of the lens design itself in combination with the material. That's why we prefer Trivex material. The optical purity of Trivex material provides better light transmittance and maximum clarity, ensuring that our lens designs are truly delivering high definition performance."

Augen will feature the Trivex material E-Learning Program on several pages of its Web site. Augen laboratory partners can use the e-learning module to train their own staff, or offer it to ECP customers for new hire training and for gaining insights on growing their businesses with premium product designs in Trivex material.

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Signet Gears Up 2010 Co-op Promo with Labs

Signet Armorlite is launching a sales promotion which kicks off April 1 and ends June 30, 2010. The grand prize drawing is a trip for two to Hollywood, Calif., with tickets to the Kodak Theater. Gift prizes include $50 gift cards for Blockbuster, Netflix, Fandango and other vendors; other prizes include a DVD player, gift baskets, popcorn machines and more.

For every pair of Kodak progressives dispensed, ECPs earn one entry ticket into the grand prize drawing. For every pair of Kodak sun lenses dispensed, ECPs earn two entry tickets into the drawing. There are no limits to the number of entries. When an ECP collects 25 or more entry tickets, they may also redeem them for gift cards or other prizes.

2010 Vision Monday Summit

Dispensing Tips

#1 There are two main categories of sun lens technologies that contribute to the overall performance and quality of sun lenses: Light Management Technology and Lens Material Technology. By combining the latest innovations in both categories, you can provide your patients with sunwear that exceeds their expectations.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Understanding the interrelation of different lens material properties will allow you to balance the benefits of visual quality, comfort and protection in your sun lens recommendations.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Bristolite Poly-B 13 Base

Manufacturer: Bristol C&D
Description: Poly-B high base plus polycarbonate product line extension
Features: 13-base single vision semi-finished aspheric lens
Availability: Poly-B lenses are available in 70mm single
vision, in base curves of 9.00, 11.00, and now, 13.00. Poly-B FT-28 bifocals are 70mm and offered in 9.00 and 11.00 base with an add range of +2.00 to +4.00. 13 base bifocal will be released in summer, 2010.
(877) 255-1181

New And Improved Crizal Alizé Lenses

Manufacturer: Essilor of America
Description: New generation of AR lenses with improved cleanability replaces previous Alizé products
Features: Enhanced top coat creates 116° contact angle. After 20,000 cleanings, more than 98 percent of the super-hydrophobic top coat remains, protecting the lens from scratches that can result from regular cleanings.

Proprietary High Surface Density (HSD) process densely packs the top coat molecules together so fingerprints, dirt, oil or smudges can't stick to lenses. Lenses stay cleaner longer and remain the easiest to clean. Double-Sided Integrated Hard Coat delivers scratch resistance and durability that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Exclusive Pad Control System ensures edging precision.
Availability: Rx and Finished Single Vision (FSV) in the same materials as the prior generation with two exceptions: the discontinuation of FSV AS Thin&Lite 1.60 and the launch of three new materials: FSV 1.5 Transitions VI Gray, FSV AS Airwear Transitions VI Gray and FSV AS Thin&Lite 1.67 Transitions VI Gray.
(800) THE-EYES

Kodak Sun Lenses with NXT Technology

Manufacturer: Signet Armorlite
Description: New line of Kodak Sun Lenses with NXT technology
Features: Lenses fit a wide assortment of frames and are durable for rimless. They are made of Trivex material from PPG, which offers benefits in terms of durability, fatigue, and resistance to UV radiation. Demo lens kits can be purchased from Signet Armorlite.
Availability: Photochromic polarized, photochromic, polarized, mirror and fixed tint lenses available in both Kodak Unique progressives and Signetek- processed single vision.
(800) 759-0075

Unity Performance Coatings

Manufacturer: VSP Labs
Description: New private label line of anti-reflective coatings available exclusively through VSP's wholly-owned labs. Line consists of Unity, Unity Plus and Unity Elite.
Features: Durable coatings that reduce glare, resist scratching and are easy to clean. Oleophobic and hydrophobic properties repel dirt, oils and water.

Unity Performance Coatings benefits include:
Unity (VSP Category B) – A value focused coating providing a multi-layer product that reduces glare. Unity is easy to clean, more durable than basic AR coatings and offers an enhanced cosmetic appearance.

Unity Plus (VSP Category C) – Provides a premium, double-sided hard coat, offering excellent glare reduction and smudge and scratch resistant properties. Unity Plus also helps to reduce eye fatigue and offers improved night-driving vision and increased comfort during prolonged computer use.

Unity Elite (VSP Category D) – Provides wearers with the highest performance overall, reducing glare and offering extreme resistance to smudges, scratches, and abrasions. Unity Elite also provides a super-hydrophobic topcoat and oleophobic technology that repels dirt, dust and fingerprints, and cleans easily. Wearers of Unity Elite will enjoy premium performance in nearly any environment.
Availability: Offered exclusively through VSP's wholly owned laboratories.
(800) 952-5518

NuPolar Trilogy — Visual Armor

Manufacturer: Younger Optics
Description: Combines impact protection, superior optics, light weight and chemical resistance of Trilogy with NuPolar Rx polarized technology.
Features: Blocks blinding glare. Superb adhesion characteristics ensure NuPolar lenses will not delaminate or separate. Consistent true curve control is beneficial for digital surfacing requirements. High polarization efficiency. Superb color uniformity and color consistency.
Availability: NuPolar lenses are also available in hard resin, polycarbonate and high index 1.67.
(800) 877-5367

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