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2010 Vision Monday Summit

L&T Marketing
Transitions Launches Sight, Camera, Action Contest

Transitions Optical, Inc. is launching the "Sight, Camera, Action" video contest for eyecare professionals, allowing participants to share their unique ideas for dispensing Transitions lenses and win $5,000.

Now through Feb. 15, 2010, eyecare professionals can enter the contest by creating a video in one of three categories: a 30-second commercial for Transitions lenses, a video of 60 seconds or less about Transitions lenses or a video explaining why they prefer Transitions lenses to ordinary, clear lenses. Videos can be funny, serious, silly or inspirational. Entries can be submitted online at Transitions.com/Action for a chance to win the $5,000 cash grand prize. Submissions will be judged on the video's concept or idea and creativity.

More information about the Sight, Camera, Action contest is available at www.transitions.com/action or through Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506.

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Briot USA Offers Optimus Lens Packages

Briot USA announces a partnership with Optimus High Definition Optics. Briot USA will offer free Optimus lens packages in conjunction with their Briot edgers. The packages will provide ECPs with a starter inventory to maximize the savings and profits associated with in-office edging. Optimus lenses include special features usually available only on higher-priced lenses, including anti-reflective, hydrophobic, aspheric, thin and attractive design.

"As the leader in edging innovation, we saw this partnership as a win-win for the business-savvy ECP," said Tom Pfleging, president of Briot USA. "The combination of Briot state-of-the-art technology and Optimus high quality lens product is unbeatable."

For more information, visit Briot USA at www.briot-usa.com or call (800) 292-7468.

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iCoat Gets Green For the Holidays

This holiday season, iCoat Company did something truly "green" by sending a plantable seed card (pictured above) instead of a regular greeting card. The seeds were embedded throughout the environmentally safe, biodegradable card that can be planted directly in the ground.

"We thought it was a great way for iCoat to thank its valued customers while reinforcing the message of growth," said Imtiaz Hassan, marketing manager for the Santa Fe Springs, Calif. coating and Rx laboratory. "It's part of our ongoing green effort, which includes distributing green pens made of recyclable cardboards. We're planning to expand our green program this year."

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Intercast Launches New NXT Web Site

Intercast Europe has launched a new web site, www.nxt-vision.com, for its NXT sunlenses. The site, designed for both ECPs and consumers, features updated content and graphics as well as tips on how to enhance visual performance outdoor and choose the right lens based on the wearer's lifestyle and fashion needs. The site's enhancements aim at improving accessibility in terms of navigation, look and feel: web pages work in intuitive and consistent ways, making surfing through pages easier while looking for information; enhanced graphics and the new page layout provide visitors an improved user's experience making technology and product news more appealing and user friendly than before.

Younger Optics

Dispensing Tips

#1 Eyewear adjustments should begin at the time of frame selection. It is important to pre-fit the frame to the patient prior to measuring segment and optical center (O.C.) heights.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 To place the glasses on the patient, carefully slide the eyewear on, gently spreading the temples if necessary, guiding the temples over the ears and down behind the ears.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
iZon SL Polarized Lenses

DESCRIPTION: Polarized "high-definition" lens
FEATURES: Wavefront-guided lens is customized to patient's optical fingerprint, or iPrint, that contains all 2nd to 6th order aberrations of the eye measured by the Z-View Aberrometer. The iPrint, coupled with Ophthonix's proprietary algorithm, is used to determine the best sphere-cylinder fit for the back surface of the new iZon SL Polarized Lens. Because lens is produced from the iPrint, it can address vision challenges associated with higher order aberrations of the eye in sunlight glare, even when horizontally reflected off any surface. Among these vision problems are difficulty seeing in reduced contrast conditions, general lack of clarity around images at a distance and even shadows or double images. Lens provides 100 percent UVA and UVB blocking. 1.60 index. Premium scratch resistant, AR and super-hydrophobic coatings are standard.
AVAILABILITY: Gray and brown tints and can be ordered for both single vision and PAL wearers.
(760) 842-5740

Purity Polish Pads

MANUFACTURER: Practical Systems Inc. (PSI)
DESCRIPTION: Environmentally friendly polish pad
FEATURES: Uses natural rubber, less dyes and new manufacturing technologies that keep slurries cleaner and reduce polish carry out. High-density fibers keep the polish on the lens allowing cycle times to be reduced on all lens materials to five minutes. Five-minute cycle time maximizes throughput while maintaining superior surface quality. Light yellow color is a result of less dye that eliminates bleed off into the slurry. Precision, rayon fibers resist sheering, keeping slurries cleaner and extending polish life. Durable low-density, high strength textiles reduce polish carry out. Pad's balanced foundation of strength and firmness makes for easy application and one-piece pad removal from the lap.
AVAILABILITY: 7-petal and 16-petal configurations in both low and high tack adhesives.
(800) 237-8154

Succeed & Supercede Internal Free-Form PALs in 1.74-index

MANUFACTURER: Seiko Optical Products of America
DESCRIPTION: New 1.74-index material option for all Seiko free-form back-surface progressive lenses.
FEATURES: 1.74-index material creates cosmetically attractive, thin lenses. Patented 100 percent back-surface designs. Expands range of premium material options.
AVAILABILITY: Wide choice of material and coating options, including 1.67, 1.60, polycarbonate, Trivex and plastic, in clear, polarized, and Transitions gray and brown. Compatible with high-quality, AR coatings.
(800) 235-5367

SuperLite 1.60 and SuperLite 1.67 Ultra Wrap

MANUFACTURER: Shamir Insight
DESCRIPTION: Optimized semi-finished, single vision high-index lens blanks for wrap frames
FEATURES: Can be used to grind either single vision lenses or make any Autograph II back-side progressive design. Updated back curve allows for wider range of prescriptions to fit wrap frames. Easily accommodates Rx range from +5.00 to -5.00D.
AVAILABILITY: Select base curves in Clear (HC/UC) and Transitions
(877) 514-8330

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