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PPG Launches E-learning Tool for Trivex Users

Recognizing the need for easy access to product education, PPG Industries has created a Trivex material online training guide for eyecare professionals. PPG designed the course to be beneficial for training new hires as well as providing insights for more experienced eyecare professionals looking for ways to enhance their business with focus on quality products.

"As the availability of Trivex material continues to grow, so does the demand for product information," said Nathan Troxell, marketing manager, optical materials, PPG Industries. "This module is a user-friendly overview of the various aspects of Trivex material for industry professionals, and the online format allows us to provide free and easy access to anyone interested in learning more."

The e-learning course is available in the education section of the recently redesigned Web site for Trivex material: www.PPGTrivex.com/education.

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Essilor Vision Foundation Honored for Mission Achievement

Ed Fjordbak, president and CEO of Essilor Vision Foundation, accepting award from Aleta Stampley, senior vice president, community relations manager, Bank of America, which sponsored the award.

The Essilor Vision Foundation has received the Excellence in Mission Achievement Award for organizations with operating budgets under $1 million by the Center for Nonprofit Management in Dallas. The foundation was recognized for its success in its efforts to eliminate poor vision and its lifelong consequences at the "A Night of Light" annual awards dinner, held here November 12.

"We are sincerely grateful to the many individuals and organizations who have contributed to our programs," said Ed Fjordbak, president and chief executive officer, Essilor Vision Foundation. "The Essilor Vision Foundation looks forward to expanding our reach to continue to help children see the world more clearly."

The Excellence in Mission Achievement $5,000 award honors an organization that has developed and implemented a program, project or technique clearly focused on advancing its mission. The program or process must be tied to an articulated mission statement addressing a critical community need.

The Essilor Vision Foundation's Kids Vision for Life program was applauded for uniting partners to bring attention to children's vision problems and actively address these issues. The program served about 1,200 Dallas children during the 2008-2009 school year and has been expanded to assist more schools.

The Center for Nonprofit Management is a leading management support organization that works with non-profit groups in north Texas.

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POG Fights Cancer With Courage Coating

Precision Optical Group Labs (P.O.G.) is launching a new marketing initiative aimed at fighting cancer. The Creston, Iowa-based wholesale lab is contributing two dollars to the American Cancer Society for each pair of lenses made with its proprietary Courage Coating.

"Unfortunately, everyone is affected by cancer in some way," said P.O.G. Labs co-founder Mike Tamerius. "That is why when we launched our new hard coating we decided to do something about it."

Courage Coating is available with or with out anti-reflective coating. Each order of Courage Coating is delivered with a cleaning cloth, authenticity card and a Courage to Fight Cancer bracelet.

P.O.G. Labs is the only authorized distributor of Courage Coating.

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Sonoran Desert Eye Center Hits Briot USA Jackpot

Sonoran Desert Eye Center of Chandler, Ariz. won Briot USA's Vision Expo West Jackpot Drawing. Customers who visited Briot's booth to see the latest in edging equipment were entered into the drawing. Sonoran Desert Eye Center will receive $15,000 over five months which can be used to subsidize business expenses or practice improvements.

"Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Quaranta and his staff," said Tom Pfleging, president of Briot USA. "Briot is proud to support and partner with the ECP's. During these tough economic times, it's even more important for us to work together and help increase profits."

Dispensing Tips

#1 Visual fatigue is a combination of factors; environmental, physiological and activity related. The environment includes lighting, stress, air conditioning, screen location, chair, multiple computer screens, screen location or any combination.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Abbe Value is a measure of the optical quality of a lens material. In prescription lenses, clear or sun, the high the Abbe Value, the clear the lens periphery, all other characteristics being equal. Len materials with lower Abbe Values product off-center "chromatic aberration," increasing with lens power and distance from center. This blue is a result of color fringes around objects seen peripherally.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Visual Fatigue Solutions Lenses

MANUFACTURER: Essilor of America
DESCRIPTION: New lens line consisting of Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses and Essilor Computer lenses designed to address the symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS).
FEATURES: Essilor Anti-Fatigue lenses are intended as a primary-pair replacement for patients' single vision lenses. They feature a special "Power Boost" area in the lower portion of the lens to give the wearer's eyes greater clarity and comfort when focusing up-close for extended periods.

Essilor Computer lenses are recommended for presbyopes experiencing symptoms of visual fatigue and are intended as a second pair to complement the wearer's primary pair of progressive lenses. The lenses do not require any special ordering procedures and can be ordered like any other progressive lenses, according to Essilor.

Essilor Computer lenses offer clear vision at full distance. A larger intermediate area creates a more relaxed, comfortable visual experience, with no head tipping required to find the correct intermediate power.
(800) 843-3937

Clarity EcoClens Lens Cleaner

DESCRIPTION: Eco-friendly cleaner
FEATURES: Solution is made from biodegradable components in a 100 percent recycled plastic bottle which is silk-screened to eliminate label material. Product is shipped in 100 percent recycled cardboard cartons. Formula has earned high rating for safe cleaning of soils, fingerprints and dirt without leaving streaks or haze. Proven safe and effective on all eyeglass lenses, including AR and superhydrophobic surfaces. Also effective on camera lenses, computer screens, binoculars and other optics.
PRICING/AVAILABILITY: $1.00 per one-ounce spray bottle in cases of 50. MSRP of $2.49. Available to ship January, 2010.
(216) 674-1430

Super MaxVue 1.67

MANUFACTURER: Seiko Optical Products of America
DESCRIPTION: Advanced free-form single'vision lenses
FEATURES: Double-sided aspheric single'vision lenses combine Seiko's patented aspheric front design technology with advanced free-form lens processing on the back. The result is a high-index lens with superior optical performance, thinness, lightness and comfort. Unique combination of patented low base curve and free-form aspheric back-surface design virtually eliminates power error, distortion and marginal astigmatism. Front surface includes Seiko's exclusive 10mm spherical fitting button. Free'form back surface provides precise aspheric/atoric compensation calculated for patient's individual Rx. Unlike traditional aspheric lenses, which compensate for primary aberrations in the spherical power, Super MV lenses correct these aberrations throughout the entire cylindrical axis, virtually enabling the edged lens to have "optical center vision" everywhere. The result is exceptional clarity of vision throughout the entire lens, even in Rx's with high power and cylinder.
AVAILABILITY: +6.00 to -10.00, out to a -5.00 cylinder (total power of -10.00 diopters), with up to 3 diopters of prism.
(800) 235-5367

Ultra Wrap

MANUFACTURER: Shamir Insight
DESCRIPTION: SuperLite 1.60 and SuperLite 1.67 semi-finished, single vision lens blank optimized for wrap frames
FEATURES: Can be used to grind either single vision lenses or to make any Autograph II back-side progressive design. SuperLite 1.60 and SuperLite 1.67 Ultra Wrap lenses will be re-designed with an updated back curve to allow for a wider range of prescriptions to fit wrap frames. This updated back curve will easily accommodate a prescription range from +5.00 to -5.00D.
AVAILABILITY: Select base curves offered in addition to the standard SuperLite 1.60 and SuperLite 1.67 material availability. Offered in both clear (HC/UC) and Transitions.
(877) 514-8330

Thindex 1.70

MANUFACTURER: Vision-Ease Lens
DESCRIPTION: Thin, lightweight lens with high-performance optics
FEATURES: Thinner and lighter than 1.67-index lenses and rival 1.74-index lenses for greater comfort in mid-to-stronger prescriptions. Higher Abbe value than 1.67 and 1.74 lenses results in less chromatic aberration. SuperHydro anti-reflective coating on the FSV offering allows lenses to transmit maximum light for sharper night vision and reduced glare, while offering effective liquid repellence, high abrasion resistance and anti-static properties. Oleophobic coating resists smudges and oil, making lenses easy to clean. Novella Short Corridor Progressive provides additional benefits, including 120-degree far vision field for unmatched comfort and a wide, far distance. Soft design allows for smooth transition between viewing zones; 14mm fitting height and 11mm short corridor accommodate small, stylish frames, allowing near vision and reading areas to remain intact.
AVAILABILITY: Aspheric semi-finished single vision; aspheric finished single vision with SuperHydro AR; Novella Short Corridor progressives. Wide range of powers and bases.
(800) 328-3449

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