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Shamir Wins CEBA Award Again

For the second year in a row American Business Media has selected Shamir Insight as a winner of its 14th Annual CEBA (Creative Excellence in Business Advertising) Awards. The CEBA Awards recognize top business-to-business advertising campaigns from 2008 and 2009. From hundreds of entries, 39 finalists were chosen to compete in 14 different categories. Up against two national ad agencies, Shamir's in-house team, created an award winning ad campaign that captured the CEBA Award for their category.

Shamir's "Keeping Your Attention" ad campaign, which won a Gold Hermes Creative award earlier this year, was nominated in the Single Ad-Spread or Larger category. The campaign, which began running in June of 2008, was designed to get the reader's attention by utilizing unconventional imagery and copy. The "Keeping Your Attention" campaign competed against Continental Airlines' ad campaign, created by New York ad agency Mediavest and KI's "Strive Collection" campaign, created by Eric Mower and Associates. This is Shamir's second CEBA Award; the first was awarded in 2008 for their "In the Office: Autoreply" campaign.

"To be recognized among advertising's elite agencies and in-house design teams such as BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, McCann Ericson and Yahoo! for two years in a row is definitely an honor. Our trade advertising and marketing collateral is very untraditional, to say the least, but along with our premium products and technologies it seems to be getting us noticed by not only the optical industry but other industries as well," said Matt Lytle, Shamir's VP of marketing.

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Trivex Material Success Stories Shared

PPG Industries has lauched a redesigned Web site for its Trivex lens material, including a special section with testimonials from optical professionals who are having success with the material. The "True Life Testimonials" page, located at www.PPGTrivex.com/testimonials, features the personal experiences of large and small optical practices and labs who recommend Trivex material. In their product reviews, these professionals share specific selling tips and demonstrate how Trivex material is being used to help boost sales and strengthen customer loyalty.

"Many optical professionals are experiencing success with Trivex material. We're excited to be able to feature their stories and to allow others access to these best practices," said Nathan Troxell, marketing manager, optical materials, PPG Industries.

Testimonials can be submitted via email to Troxell, at troxell@ppg.com. Contact information-including a phone number and/or email that can be used to obtain additional details-and a brief description of experience working with Trivex material should be provided.

In addition to the new testimonials page, the redesigned Web site provides access to the latest Trivex material point-of-sale materials, which can be downloaded or requested free of charge. The site also features links to research related to Trivex material and to industry associations and organizations that can offer more information. To aid those who are interested in successfully processing lenses made from Trivex material, the re-launched website offers guidelines on drilling, finishing, surfacing and tinting, as well as a section on edging that includes instructional videos.

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Transitions and Younger Kick Off Drivewear Transitions SOLFX Test Markets

Transitions Optical and Younger Optics have launched an outreach campaign in Chicago and Houston test markets to educate consumers about the benefits of Drivewear Transitions SOLFX sun lenses for enhancing visual performance and comfort while driving. Activities include radio ads and interviews with local eyecare professionals, new content and an interactive demonstration on TransitionsSOLFX.com and an online Widge ad that allows consumers to simulate the Drivewear experience and encourages them to discuss dynamic sunwear with their eyecare professional.

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Eschenbach Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Eschenbach Optik of America recently celebrated its 25th year of being in business with a party for its employees and special guests. Held at the historic Keeler Tavern in Ridgefield, Conn., the company's hometown, the evening featured dinner, a slideshow and presentations by key members of management including Wolfgang Rebstock, CEO of Eschenbach Optik GmbH, from the company's worldwide headquarters in Nuremburg, Germany. Special recognition and a plaque were given to Jeff and Karen Moss who co-founded Eschenbach Optik of America 25 years ago.

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Dispensing Tips

#1 Although most opticals work by appointment, it can't hurt to utilize the same strategies that retail locations with high walk-in traffic employ. The first thing people should see when they enter your location is the product you would like to see on their noses when they are leaving. Successful retailers always have the best "pieces" immediately visible when you enter the store.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Fitting multifocals?

        For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Alta Pro

Manufacturer: Briot USA
Description: High speed, flexible edger for retail and wholesale labs
Features: New high-speed motor operates up to 43 percent faster. New edging wheel dedicated to high curvature lenses (Tilted Bevel System) allows operator to change bevel angle to match angle of frame groove, and to adjust the back facet up to 3mm. Water consumption reduced to about 1/3 the average per lens processed on other edgers, also making Alta Pro an environmentally friendly edging technology. Offers all the edging and drilling functions of Briot's Alta NX edger including angled drilling, synchronized grooving, automatic beveling, front and back safety beveling, rimless and bevel polishing. Can be used in a VCA/OMA environment or linked with the Alta XS or XL tracer-blocker. Available with Briot or Weco block configurations.
(800) 292-7468

Varilux Ipseo IV

Manufacturer: Essilor of America
Description: Latest version of Essilor's top-of-the-line customized PAL
Features: Designed with Essilor's proprietary W.A.V.E. (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) technology and created with DDV technology. Relies on wearer's unique visual behavior based on head and eye movements. DDV technology enables utilization both lens surfaces. Wearer's add power is split between front and back lens surfaces based on head to eye ratio and the stability coefficient, allowing for management of deviations in the lens and offering benefits to both head movers and eye movers.

Dispensing requires Essilor's VisionPrint System (VPS), which measures visual behavior of patient's head and eye movements and allows lenses to be individually designed to optimize a patient's field of vision.

Improved lens design includes individual fitting parameters, increasing the level of personalization. ECPs will measure the vertex, pantoscopic tilt and frame wrap, which will then be added to lens design to create most natural vision for wearer, according to Essilor.
Availability: Available with new and improved Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector or Crizal Alizé in 1.5 Index Plastic and 1.5 Index Plastic Transitions VI Gray, Airwear and Airwear Transitions VI Gray, Thin&Lite 1.67 and Thin&Lite 1.67 Transitions VI Gray and Brown and Thin&Lite 1.74
(800) 843-3937

Ice 900

Manufacturer: Santinelli International
Description: "Intelligent" CAD blocker for retail and wholesale labs
Features: Integrated Shape Imager (ISI) photographs any demo lens, including those for rimless drill mounts, and identifies hole position. ISI function is supported by a "wizard tutorial" directly on blocker's screen, featuring computer generated renditions of its operation. Advanced Shape Editor function edits shapes in completely customizable fashion. Data management feature allows for storing, searching, and recalling of traced data.

Compact unit lets operator send data to lab through an internet portal or, in a lab environment, directly to an LMS. All-new motorized lens blocking process takes only two seconds, increasing productivity. Unique Tilt Display allows the LCD operation screen to be viewed from 27 degrees to 60 degrees from vertical, making it ergonomically friendly whether sitting or standing. After setting up layout and clamping lens, display changes to blocking display automatically. "Aero-nautical" color-coded system virtually eliminates operator error. Layout and grinding conditions are easily entered by use of "quick jog" dials. Operator also has ability to enter these conditions using touch screen.
(800) 644-EDGE, ext. 349

1.74 Transitions FSV

Manufacturer: Seiko Optical Products of America
Description: Ultra high-index plastic photochromic lens
Features: Made with the same new, improved 1.74-index monomer as Seiko's 1.74 AR lens. Both lenses use Seiko's patented MX aspheric design, which corrects primary lens aberrations and provides spherical fitting button in center of lens for instant accommodation. Uses Transitions VI technology in gray.
Availability: Minus spheres from -3.00 to -10.00, in 0.25 diopter steps, out to a -2.00 cylinder.
(800) 235-5367

The Freeform Blank

Manufacturer: Shamir Insight
Description: The Freeform Blank guarantees a front curve that is consistent and truly spherical, resulting in a personalized lens that provides the most optimal vision for the patient.
Features: Each Shamir Freeform Certified single vision blank is configured to the software specifications set for each Shamir Freeform lens design.

Shamir's Prescriptor software, which is used to grind Shamir Freeform designs, uses the front true curve of the single vision lens upon which to base its grinding calculations.

Availability: SuperLite 1.60, SuperLite 1.60 Transitions, SuperLite 1.67, SuperLite 1.67 Transitions, PolyPlus, PolyPlus Transitions, SuperLite 1.74.
(877) 514-8330

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