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Transitions Taps Allen, Rauscher for SOLFX Team

Roland Allen

Transitions Optical has announced two appointments to Transitions SOLFX, its global sunwear brand. Roland Allen will assume the role of director, sunwear–EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and Asia Pacific, and Catherine Rauscher has been appointed marketing manager, sunwear. Both are newly created roles to help drive accelerated growth in the sunwear business. The new sun lens brand, Transitions SOLFX, which debuted in March 2009, includes a family of dynamic sunwear products that self-adjust outdoors with the sun, automatically changing level of darkness and color to provide optimal vision in sun and shade.

Cathy Rauscher
Allen, who joined Transitions in 2001, previously held the position of business director for Northern Europe. In his new role, he is responsible for driving sales and earnings growth in the sunwear business in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

Rauscher, who joined Transitions in 2004 as a production engineer, held various marketing positions within the company and most recently served as associate brand manager, responsible for managing the Transitions brands, including the core brand equity and architecture projects and supporting the global marketing team. In her new role, Rauscher's duties will focus on managing the Transitions SOLFX brand, including developing the long-range sunwear strategic marketing plan, assisting with the development of regional sunwear marketing plans, and defining all sunwear branding and co-branding parameters.

Both Allen and Rauscher report directly to Grady Lenski, global director, Transitions Sunwear.

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Shamir Debuts Two Products at VEW

Shamir's Matt Lytle and Raanan Naftalovich announce two new products and answer questions at their VEW press conference.

Shamir Insight introduced two new products earlier this month at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas, including a new Freeform Blank–a Shamir Freeform Certified single-vision blank for the production of Freeform lenses–and a new addition to its Hi-Index material line, SuperLite 1.74.

"The substrate you use for Freeform design is just as important as the design and the equipment used to create the lens. If the lens is not manufactured to the same specifications as what Prescriptor needs (Shamir's software used to grind Shamir Freeform designs) then the results in the finished lens may cause issues for the patient," said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing, speaking at a press conference on the VEW's opening day.

The Freeform Blank is available in a variety of materials to accommodate patients' prescription and safety needs, while the new SuperLite 1.74 lens material enables the production of a thinner, aesthetically pleasing lens for patients with a high minus or high plus prescription.

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Varilux Comfort Reaches Dispensing Milestone

Essilor of America reported that its Varilux Comfort progressive lens has reached a major milestone. The perennially popular PAL has been dispensed over 100 million times to patients all over the world. Ten thousand pairs of Varilux Comfort have been sold every day around the world since 1994, the year after the lens was launched, according to Essilor.

"We are thrilled that ECPs and their patients continue to embrace Varilux Comfort, selling a record-number lenses and proving the endurance of the design," said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America.

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Polycore Optical USA Engineers New Website to Enhance Customer Service

Polycore Optical USA introduced a newly developed Web site, www.polycore-usa.com, in an effort to better serve the needs of its customers in North and South America. While the Web site provides a variety of product information, product availability and contact information for all in the industry to use, it was developed with serving customers in mind, according to Polycore. The site features a customer login section where established accounts can view various technical documents, literature, and other reference files.

Future improvements to the site are expected to include the ability to place lens orders, print invoices and statements, track orders and shipments, and many other business transactions. Polycore also intends to continually improve the site to be a resource for eye care professionals throughout the industry.

Dispensing Tips

#1 The ingredients that make up lens adaptation problems are manifold. They range from evolution's influence on our visual and perceptual development, all the way to a lack of awareness on the part of otherwise experienced ECPs about their own habitual, error-prone measurement techniques. Throw in eyewear prescriptions influenced by the combination of the flawed geometry of today's 10-foot, folded exam room, human transcription errors and doctor's discretion, it's a wonder so many people find their new eyewear as visually satisfying as they do.
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#2 Do I want to improve my competitive service advantage? In office edging helps retain patients who leave because they demand faster service or a better price. It allows a better ability to compete with the "super-opticals" and can increase new patients with an advertised in office lab.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
HyperPro 1.67 Short Corridor PAL

Manufacturer: Optima
Description: High-index, short corridot progressive designed for small frames
Features: Superior aspheric soft design for easy adaptability, an 11mm corridor length. 1.67 material can be surfaced to 1.3mm center thickness.
Availability: 1.50, 2.50, 3.80, 4.80, 6.40, and 8.00 bases with adds from +0.75 to +3.50D in +0.25D steps.
(800) 621-1216

Micro-PAL Identifier

Manufacturer/Distributor: Optisource International
Description: Compact, reliable PAL identifier
Features: Device allows PAL etchings to be viewed easily. Super-bright LED light makes it simple to read reference points, add-power, manufacturer, lens model and material markings. Can be used for identifying patient's current lens, marking lenses or finding test points, regardless of the age of the lens, scratches, tint or coatings. Use during final inspection to clearly see blemishes or imperfections. Uses 4 "AAA" batteries. Automatic shut-off feature preserves battery life (optional 7V, 0.5A power pack available separately).
Size: 7 ¼ inches deep by 3 ½ inches wide by 6 inches high
(800) OPTISOURCE (678-4768)

Clip-Mounted Devices/Mounted Loupes

Manufacturer/Distributor: Tech-Optics International
Description: Custom mounted loupes and telescopes
Features: Clip-Mounted Devices are for evaluation purposes and actual use. Mounted loupes are for fixed focused reading. Slide reading material along surface of loupe. Frame-Mounted Devices are for telescopes and higher-powered loupes (provide PD). Choice of right or left mounting, optional frosted balance and height. Polycarbonate lenses are used on all frame mounting. Frame provided is unisex or patients frame may be substituted.
(800) 678-4277

iZon SL Lenses in Transitions VI

Manufacturer: Ophthonix
Description: "High definition" wavefront-guided high-index, photochromic lens
Features: Provides patients with a UV light activated changeable tint that can offer many high definition vision benefits, including better vision in low luminance and intermediate contrast conditions. 1.60 index of refraction. Includes index-matched scratch resistant coating and premium anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic coatings. Produced from patient's optical fingerprint, or iPrint, that contains all 2nd to 6th order aberrations of the eye measured by the Z-View aberrometer. The iPrint, coupled with Ophthonix's proprietary algorithm, is used to determine the best sphere-cylinder fit for the back surface of the new iZon SL Lens in Transitions VI.
Availability: Gray and brown tints in single-vision and progressive designs.
(877) 367-4966

PureCoat by Zeiss

Manufacturer: Carl Zeiss Vision
Description: Top of the line AR coating for Zeiss, SOLA, AO and other lenses
Features: High 99 percent luminous transmittance delivers crisper vision that is virtually free from distracting reflection. Anti-static technology sealed with a super-slick coating resists smudges and dirt, keeping the lenses cleaner much longer. Exceptional abrasion resistance and a long-lasting hydrophobic coating resists scratches and makes the lenses easy to clean for the life of the prescription. Independent testing by COLTs Laboratories shows that the surface retains 96 percent of its hydrophobic capabilities after the equivalent of two years of normal wear and tear.

Availability: Currently available on over 400 substrates, including most Zeiss, SOLA and AO lenses, and many lenses from other manufacturers, with more substrates being qualified continually. Over 10 labs are certified to apply PureCoat, including: Carl Zeiss Vision California, Carl Zeiss Vision Cumberland, Carl Zeiss Vision Florida, Carl Zeiss Vision Great Lakes, Carl Zeiss Vision Kansas City, Carl Zeiss Vision Kentucky, Carl Zeiss Vision North Central, Carl Zeiss Vision Southwest, Carl Zeiss Vision Virginia, Expert Optics and Perfect Optics.
(858) 790-7700

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