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DVI 2009 Workshop Attracts Wide Range of Customers

John Granby of Deschutes Optical in Bend, Ore.,
left, who is a 20-year DVI customer, received a
pioneer award from DVI president Gordon Keane.

One hundred seventeen optical lab customers convened in Portland, Ore. from June 11 to 13 to attend Digital Vision, Inc.'s (DVI) annual workshop. The attendees discussed all aspects of DVI's award-winning "Vision" optical software system, and heard presentations on topics from remote ordering" and digital surfacing to frames-to-come management, all with emphasis on how to improve data acquisition and lab efficiency.

DVI executives offered demonstrations of the new Windows GUI software functions, including lens pick lists, lens data inquiry and account profiles, plus frame database management. They also introduced new tools for inventory processing, including handling clips and sideshields.

Adam Winkleman of Perfect Optics, Vista, Calif.,
asking a question during a workshop.

The workshops also featured roundtable brainstorming by DVI customers. These sessions enabled workshop attendees to generate specific items for upcoming software development and provided the opportunity to "talk shop" with peers in the optical lab industry.

Pioneer awards were presented to customers who have been with DVI for 20 years, including Deschutes Optical, the Dayton lab of Hoya Vision Care, and QC Optical.

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Italee to Distribute Shamir Autograph Freeform Line

Shamir Insight has added Italee Optics, a Los Angeles, Calif.-based wholesale lab and frame manufacturer, as its newest Shamir Autograph partner lab. Italee joins 11 other Shamir partner labs that distribute Shamir's line of Autograph Freeform lens designs.

"Our Lab Launch team worked closely with Italee's team to prepare for the Autograph launch by providing the educational background, support and collateral needed for a prosperous launch. As a distributor of high-end fashion frames, Italee is well aware of the importance of providing patients with a high quality product like Shamir Autograph. We look forward to a successful relationship with Italee Optics," said Hilaire van der Veen, director of Shamir Insight.

Shamir's Autograph line is digitally back-surfaced, allowing both the Rx and the design to be ground on the back-side of the lens; this technology enables each Shamir Autograph lens to be created at an an optical accuracy of up to 1/100 diopters. Dispensers can select from among six different designs to ensure each patient receives an Autograph lens personalized to their specific lifestyle needs. Because the designs are ground on the back surface of the lens, patients can get up to 20 percent wider fields of vision. Two proprietary technologies-As-Worn Technology and FreeFrame Technology-allow Shamir Autograph to be further fine-tuned for each patient by taking additional measurements and frame selection into account in the design.

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Essilor Vision Foundation Earns Kudos For Providing Eye Care To Troubled Teens

Praising their efforts to help troubled and incarcerated teens, the Dallas County Commissioners Court recently passed a resolution recognizing Essilor Vision Foundation for providing free vision screenings, eye exams and glasses to youths of the Dallas County Juvenile Justice Center.

As part of the Kids Vision for Life program, Essilor Vision Foundation has partnered with the Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation to conduct onsite vision screenings and exams on approximately 600 incarcerated and at-risk teens at the Youth Village, Medlock Center, the Henry Wade Detention Center and the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program. Essilor Vision Foundation expects to provide free eyeglasses, equipped with polycarbonate lenses, to approximately 300 teens before the end of September.

According to Jacques Stoerr, chairman of the Essilor Vision Foundation, studies show that children with uncorrected vision are more likely to drop out of school and may go on to face lifelong struggles with literacy, low self-esteem, unemployment, poverty and crime. He adds that approximately 80 percent of what a child learns is acquired through their eyes.

Shown here are (standing from left to right) are Dallas County Commissioner Maurine Dickey, Patrick Esquerre; member of the Board of Directors, Essilor Vision Foundation; Sarah Riley, optician, Essilor of America; Suzanne Kubelka, R.N., M.S.N., F.N.P., Director of Health Services, Dallas Independent School District; Leslie Wilemon, Vice President of Human Resources for Essilor of America; Marina Patino, Programs and Events Coordinator, Essilor Vision Foundation; Audrey Reed, Executive Director, Essilor Vision Foundation; and Barbara Graettinger consultant to Essilor Vision Foundation. Seated (in the front row) are Dallas County Judge Jim Foster and Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.

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Precision Optical Group Launches New Web Site

Precision Optical Group (POG) recently launched a new and improved web site, precisionopticalgroup.com. The new site will keep current customers informed of new products, promotions and information and will showcase all their products and services to potential customers.

"The web site has new features that we hope will make our customer's life easier and our company more efficient," said Mike Tamerius, vice president and co-founder of POG.

One of the new elements on the site is the "live chat" feature. Anyone can go online and chat with one of POG's friendly and knowledgeable sales or customer service representatives who can answers questions on orders in process, optical products or quote pricing.

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DAC International Updates ISO 9001 System

DAC International has announced the revision of its standard operating procedures to reflect the recent adoption of new ERP software. To compliment and enhance the transition to the new software, DAC is also revising its ISO 9001:2000 quality management system to comply with the new ISO 9001:2008 international standard.

The company said the new systems will foster continual process improvement, reaffirming its commitment to quality and ensuring high standards of service and products.

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Dispensing Tips

#1 It is necessary to evert the upper lid and evaluate the upper tarsal plate using a slit lamp to determine the stage of the condition. In stage 1, the tarsal conjunctiva appears relatively normal with its velvety appearance and no observable papillae. The only signs are the patient's complaints of mucus discharge in the morning, and itching on lens removal.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 The control of bevel position and bevel shape, in new edgers, allows an infinite number of improved looks for even the toughest prescriptions; it better customizes cosmetics and the overall reliability of lens retention. New edgers allow adjusting the angle of the bevel (steepen and moved to the front surface) so "wrap" frames or very high base lenses can be edged in-house. It also ensures that these lenses stay in the frame since steep bevels are usually required.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
1.74 FSV Hydrophobic AR

Manufacturer/Distributor: Chemilens/UVCO
Description: Finished single-visionUltra high-index, aspherical AR lens with impact-resistant primer
Features: One of the thinnest and flattest lenses (in the same power) on the market. 1.1mm center thickness. Abbe value 32. Specific gravity 1.46. Includes multi-layered hydrophobic AR coating. 98.9 percent light transmittance with AR coating. Blocks 100 percent of UV up to 400 nm.
Availability: Extended range
(212) 356-0010

Definity Fairway Transitions SOLFX Lenses

Manufacturer: Essilor
Description: Progressive sunlens designed for presbyopic golfers.
Features: Combines patented Dual Add 2.0 technology and Ground View Advantage of Definity lenses with advanced photochromic technology of Transitions SOLFX sun lenses to allow golfers to follow the ball more clearly. Lenses help enhance visual performance by intuitively adjusting to all outdoor sun conditions. They change from amber to a darker brown outdoors, improving contrast and depth perception to help golfers see the contour of the greens and better see the ball. Lenses also block 100 percent of harmful UV and UVB rays.
Availability: Material-Airwear polycarbonate; sphere : +4.00 to -7.00D; cylinder- up to -4.00D; add power: +1.00 to +3.00D; prism: up to 6.00D; systematic AR coating on Crizal Sun Mirrors with Scotchgard Protector (silver only); systematic Transitions treatment on Transitions SOLFX.
(214) 496-4000

Eyeego Screw Repair Kit

Manufacturer: Eyeego, LLC
Description: Eyeglass repair kit containing a new type of eyeglass screw designed to simplify repairs.
Features: The screw, which is patent pending, features a feeder tab that allows it to be handled with ease. Users simply guide the tab into the hole in the eyeglass hinge, tighten the screw and snap off the feeder tab.
(518) 487-1550

Lens Wipe Dispenser

Manufacturer: Hilco
Description: 60-count lens wipe dispenser
Features: Effectively cleans AR coated and other lens types without streaking. Sixty disposable wipes; compact, convenient dispenser. Refills available.
(800) 955-6544


Manufacturer: National Optronics
Description: Versatile lens machining center
Features: Industrial edging center (auto-loading option available) designed for basic edging as well as complex processing. Five-axis technology enables extreme versatility through variable angle processing for all edging functions, including beveling and drilling. Ability to match nearly every frame or lens curve means expanded process capabilities and improved accuracy and quality. The milling and shelving that's only available with five-axis technology allows processing of sport frames that are otherwise non-Rx-able. Adding automation with Helix Auto speeds up the workflow, increases productivity and eliminates need to sort work. Powerful with small footprint. On-board vacuum system. Competitively priced. Environmentally friendly dry-cut technology. Optional shape design software allows editing of existinig trace files or creation of new complex designs.
Range: Maximum lens blank size is 100mm (effective diameter). Minimum finishing B size is 18mm rimless; 20mm bevel.
Size: 28 inches wide by 43 inches deep by 68 inches high
Weight: 750 lbs.
(800) 247-9796

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