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Seiko Expands Partner Lab Network

Michael Rybacki

Seiko Optical Products is adding seven new partner labs to its network of manufacturing labs for the Seiko Succeed & Supercede free-form PAL products. The labs are Central Optical, Italee Optical, Luzerne Optical, MJ Optical, Rite-Style Optical, Rochester Optical and The Lens Work.

"We are proud to welcome these fine independent laboratories to our network of manufacturing labs," said Michael Rybacki, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Seiko Optical. "We believe we have the finest free-form progressive lens designs available, and we look forward to assisting our manufacturing partners in bringing this advanced technology to their customers."

Information on Seiko free-form lenses and other Seiko lens products, as well as a complete list of manufacturing labs and non-manufacturing partner labs is available on-line at www.seikoeyewear.com.

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Indo Inks Strategic Alliance With Hoya Vision Care

Indo Internacional S.A., the Barcelona-based multinational lens, eyewear and equipment company based here, has signed an agreement with Hoya Vision Care, described as “an alliance which “will allow the interchange and supply of technology and of products, as well as collaboration in matters of research and development between the two companies.” The agreement, which will remain in effect until the end of 2015 and which is extendable, stated that Hoya will pay €15 million for the purchase of technology, while Indo Lens Group will purchase between 25 percent and 30 percent of its annual supply needs from Hoya Vision Care, especially semi-finished products, which are currently purchased from other suppliers around the world.

According to Indo’s executive chairman, Juan Casaponsa, a key aspect of the agreement is that the two companies “will continue to independently compete in all the markets, maintaining differentiated commercial strategies and complete independence in the management of each company.”

The technology exchange is part of a strategic plan by Indo that includes a refinancing agreement with bankers and a loan of the Institut Català de Finances.

Earlier this year, the restructuring of the company’s three business units focused on the signing of an intention agreement between Indo and Buchmann for the merger of its equipment units with a view to creating a new global leader in optical machinery. Both companies will implement this alliance when market conditions are favorable, Indo said.

To optimize Indo’s eyewear business unit, Indo announced in June an agreement reached with McLaren for the design, production and worldwide commercialization of a McLaren eyewear collection, to take place by the end of 2009.

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21st Century Releases High-Performance, Private Label AR

Xtreme AR logo21st Century Optics, the New York based wholesale lab that is part of the Essilor group, is releasing a value-priced, private label anti-reflective lens called Xtreme AR. As its name implies, Xtreme is a high-performance product. According to 21st Century, the lenses earn high marks for anti-scratch, AR efficiency, anti-smudge and cleanability. The lenses boast a 110-degree contact angle, exceeding that of several leading AR brands. (The steeper the contact angle, the less surface area is exposed water or other liquids.)

According to 21st Century Optics sales and marketing director Anthony Fulco, Xtreme AR is produced with the same AR technology used in Essilor's Crizal AR lenses.

"Recognizing the need for value alternatives in today's economic climate we chose to create a proprietary AR instead of a more brand recognized AR," he said. "Bykeeping the product private label as opposed to a branded product we were able bring this AR to market at a price that is very attractive to ECP's looking to sell their patients a value alternative AR while not sacrificing quality.

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Schartner Celebrates 50 Years of Service in the Optical Industry

Carol SchartnerCarol Schartner, commercial services education and training manager, Transitions Optical, is celebrating her 50th year of service in the optical industry.

Schartner began her career on July 1, 1959, and for 23 years she delivered quality eye care to patients as an optometric assistant in private practice. She later found her true passion for education after she moved to a position at Liberty Optical and then Optical Radiation Corp., where she consulted with eyecare professionals and labs for 14 years.

In 1994, Schartner came to Transitions Optical, where she first served as customer training coordinator for six years. In her most current position as commercial services education and training manager, she provides education for lab partners and works with various industry associations in coordinating and presenting seminars and educational meetings. She received the Transitions Award of Distinction in 2008.

Schartner has always shown a penchant for leadership and mentoring. An ABO-approved presenter, she has been invited to speak to optometrists, paraoptometrics and opticians from the local to national level. The courses she presents speak to her knowledge in practice management, lens design, materials and dispensing techniques. She has been active in professional organizations, serving as the first chairman of the American Optometric Association, paraoptometric section and Pennsylvania Paraoptometric Association.

Dispensing Tips

#1 The doctor's prescription will be modified when taking the additional fitting requirements (vertex, tilt, faceform) into account. The lab will return the glasses with two prescriptions; the original prescribed Rx and the "as-worn" Rx. Use the as-worn Rx to verify the lens prescription in a lensmeter.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com.

#2 The screen and triage of patient complaints over the phone can be a daunting task, to say the least. In a matter of a minute or two a patient must be interviewed, their symptoms reviewed and the correct level of urgency gauged.
   For more information visit www.2020mag.com.

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New Products

QuattroManufacturer/Distributor: DAC Vision
Description: Advanced lens polish chemistry specifically designed for resin lens materials.
Features/Functions: According to DAC, Quattro can improve throughput by up to 33 percent while offering “unrivaled surface quality.” It improves clarity with less haze outperforming other leading polishes, and is recommended for both conventional and free-form processing systems. 
(800) 800.1550

PAL Identifier

PAL Identifier Manufacturer/Distributor: Hilco
Description: Progressive lens identifier
Features/Functions: Allows for quick and easy identification of lens reference points. Eliminates errors in the fitting of progressive lenses. Provides clear, lighted view of etchings in a compact footprint of less than six inches.
(800) 955-6544

Hoyalux Tact 1.60

Hoyalux Tact 1.60Manufacturer/Distributor: Hoya Vision Care, North America
Description: Indoor extended focus PAL designed for computer users and people who perform visually intensive work or hobbies requiring near and intermediate vision.
Features/Functions: Delivers exceptionally wide intermediate and near viewing zones with optimized periphery. Flexible progressive design with a minimum-distance field of view available. Made of thin and optically pure lens material that Hoya recommends for rimless frames.
Availability: Eye Point 40 (EP40), for intermediate vision emphasis, is recommended for patients who wear glasses primarily while at the desktop computer. Eye Point 60 (EP 60), for near vision emphasis, is recommended for patients who wear glasses when reading and working on a laptop computer. The lens is compatible with HiVision, HiVision with ViewProtect and Super HiVision anti-reflective coatings.
(866) 812-8893

SunRx Coated and Uncoated Plastic Polarized Lenses

SunRx Coated and Uncoated Plastic Polarized Lenses Manufacturer/Distributor: Vision-Ease Lens
Description: SunRx polarized product line extension
Features/Functions: SunRx plastic polarized lenses eliminate 98 percent of reflected glare allowing better vision outdoors and while driving, and help protect eye health by blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays. Available with a scratch-resistant coating ensuring lenses last longer, SunRx lenses provide improved visual acuity and depth perception.
Availability: 77mm semi-finished single vision (SFSV) and 77mm D28 bifocals, both offered in base curves of 2.25, 4.25, 6.25 and 8.25. Bifocal options offer an add range of +1.00 to +3.00. 76mm finished single vision (FSV) planos in a 6.25 base curve also also available. All lenses offered in gray and brown.
(800) 328-3449

1.67 Flat-Top 28

1.67 Flat-Top 28Manufacturer/Distributor: Younger Optics
Description: Flat-top bifocal in high-index plastic.
Features/Functions: Positioned by Younger as an upgrade for flat-top wearers with high prescriptions, the lenses are manufactured with high-performance MR-10 resin, allowing them to be ultra-thin. The lenses work especially well in drilled rimless eyewear, according to Younger.
Availability: Adds from 1.00D to 3.50D.
(800) 877-5367

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