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Essilor Wraps Up National Visual Arts Tour
Howard Purcell, OD of Essilor toasts Essilorís guests and the 50th anniversary of Varilux.
Howard Purcell, OD of Essilor
toasts Essilor's guests and
the 50th anniversary of Varilux.

Essilor of America recently completed a "visual arts tour," a 12-city show featuring an interactive art gallery and 3-D Varilux Experience Theatre. The tour celebrated Essilor's history of innovations and partnership with eyecare professionals as well as the 50th anniversary of Varilux, the world's first progressive lenses.

The tour provided ECPs with an opportunity to enjoy an interactive art gallery spanning each of Essilor's major lens brands, Varilux, Crizal, Xperio and Transitions, as well as a Varilux Experience Booth featuring the "Varilux Experience 3D" theatre, an eight-minute adventure highlighting the history and future of Varilux progressive lenses.

Steven Ferrucci
Ruth Sikora, left, and Roger Corley of
Oculens Optical chatted with Essilor's Beverly Delaney.
"The visual arts tour was a unique expression of Essilor's appreciation for ECPs," said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America. "We were excited to celebrate our premium brands and commitment to ECPs and their patients with this interactive traveling exhibit."

Howard Purcell, OD of Essilor toasts Essilorís guests and the 50th anniversary of Varilux.
Essilor's John Walborn, left, and Raki Shah
mingled with guests at Union Station.

The tour began in Boston on March 31 following the International Vision Expo in New York and traveled through Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Houston, Tampa, Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, ending in Los Angeles on April 30.

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L&T Marketing
Shamir Introduces the Panorameter Kit

Panotameter KitShamir has added new technologies to its Autograph line: As-Worn Technology and FreeFrame Technology. Available in select Autograph designs, As-Worn Technology requires eye care professionals to provide their lab with three patient measurements to ensure an even more fine-tuned Autograph design. To help ECPs obtain these measurements, Shamir is introducing the Panorameter Kit.

Shamir's Panorameter Kit provides ECPs with easy-to-use tools for taking patients' vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and panoramic angle. Each of these is a required measurement needed to place an order for a Shamir Autograph® design with As-Worn Technology. (If no measurements are given, then a default will be used, according to Shamir). Each of Shamir's Panorameter Kits comes with two tools to take the patients three measurements as well as instructions detailing the correct way to use each tool.

The Panorameter Kit was designed by Shamir scientists, specifically to take the measurements associated with As-Worn Technology.

"This tool kit will become an important instrument for practices to have in their offices to easily and accurately take the patient's vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and panoramic angle in order to maximize the benefits of Autograph's personalization capabilities," said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing for Shamir.

ECPs interested in ordering a Shamir Panometer Kit should contact their local Shamir account executive for more information.

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Signet Armorlite Names First Kodak Lens Puzzle Challenge Winner
Steven Ferrucci
The staff of 20/20 Vision Associates after learning that
the practice was awarded the first grand prize
in the Kodak Lens Puzzle Challenge.

Signet Armorlite awarded 20/20 Vision Associates of Riverside, Calif. the first grand prize in its Kodak Lens Puzzle Challenge. The practice, which was the first to turn in a completed puzzle, won an all-expense-paid trip for two to New York City during Vision Expo East 2010. It participated in the sales promotion through Empire Optical lab in North Hollywood, Calif.

There will be four winners in all for grand prize New York trips. The remaining three winners will be drawn in August, after the end of the promotion. Additional prize drawings will be held for pocket-size Kodak digital video recorders. Participants received a $50 gift card for every puzzle solved.

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SoloHealth to Expand Use of EyeSite

Solo Health KioskSoloHealth, an Atlanta, Ga.-based startup company that makes EyeSite self-service vision testing kiosks, is teaming with Transitions Optical, Optos, and other leading eye care companies to deploy 30 of its EyeSite kiosks in St. Louis this summer. Locations will likely include drugstores, grocery stores, malls and other high traffic locations.

According to SoloHealth, EyeSite offers free, simple and quick vision assessments coupled with education on the need for a comprehensive eye exam. Manufacturers can also market products on the interactive kiosks, which are placed in a variety of locations meant to capitalize on consumer demand and traffic. EyeSite kiosks allow consumers to assess their near and far vision, schedule an appointment with a local eye doctor, and learn about general eye health conditions.

Established in late 2007, SoloHealth has placed EyeSite kiosks throughout its home base of Atlanta in retail locations such as Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart and regional malls. Since September of 2008, SoloHealth has screened over 100,000 people.

Optos is a leading medical retinal imaging technology company.

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Partnership for In-Office Edging Expands On-line Content

Partnership for In-Office Edging Web SiteThe Partnership for In-Office Edging, a online joint venture of Vision Monday and 20/20 magazine, is expanding its content with the addition of a new feature article. Entitled "How to Make The Critical Purchasing Decisions for In-Office Edging," the article advises eyecare professionals on how to evaluate their goals and objectives when selecting an edger or other lens processing equipment.

Now in its second year, the Partnership for In-Office Edging (PIE) is a comprehensive resource to help eyecare professionals set up and operate their in-office labs efficiently and profitably during every phase of in-office edging. PIE features exclusive content on how to design an in-office lab, the newest technology benefits and the keys to patient satisfaction.

For additional information, log onto www.visionmonday.com or www.2020mag.com.

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Express Lens Lab to Host Free C.E. for ODs
Steven Ferrucci
Steve Ferrucci, OD

Express Lens Lab, an independent wholesale lab in Fountain Valley, Calif., is hosting three hours of free continuing education for optometrists on June 14 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The program, which is co-sponsored by Transitions Optical and Carl Zeiss Vision, will be presented by Steve Ferrucci, OD. It begins with a two-hour course about the treatment and management of diabetes. Brunch will then be served, followed by a one-hour session on the treatment of age-related macular degeneration.

The program will take place at the Westin South Coast Plaza, 686 Anton Boulevard, Costa Mesa, Calif.. To register, contact Express Lens Lab by June 8 at (800) 276-LENS ext. 1, or at expresslenslab@yahoo.com.

ECPs who send 10 jobs to Express Lens Lab before the event will be entered into a drawing for two free airline tickets anywhere in the continental United States that American Airlines flies. Attendees can also sign up at the event for a Complimentary, personal pair of Zeiss lenses.

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Giles Joins Innereactive Media

Kristin Giles
Kristin Giles
Innereactive Media, headquartered in Ada, Michigan, has expanded team of optical marketing specialists with the addition of Kristin Giles. Based in San Diego, Calif., Giles has over 11 years of experience in the optical industry managing an optical office, as well as outside sales.

Since 2003, Innereactive Media has provided specialized marketing services to optical practices and laboratories. Innereactive Media also provides graphic design services, corporate branding, video production, interactive sales and training applications, as well as Web site development.

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Epic Labs to Accept Online Orders, Launches Web Site

Epic Labs Web SiteEpic Labs, a specials lab located in Waite Park, Minn., has launched a new website, www.epiclabsinc.com. The company will now be accepting orders directly through the site as well as lab-to-lab transfer through Vision Web.

"The new site will allow us to interact with our customers on a whole new level," said Epic vice president Jesse Arndt. "And utilizing Vision Web's expertise will certainly help streamline the process of farming out difficult jobs with lab-to-lab transfers. I think our customers have been waiting for this so we're very happy to provide this new outlet to them."

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Tech Optics Relocates Offices

Tech Optics International, a supplier of low vision products, was recently acquired by Dentrex Inc. The company, which has been in business for more than 20 years, has relocated its operations. Its new address, phone and fax numbers are: 600 Deer Road Cherry Hill, N.J. 08034; phone: (800) OPTICS-7; (856) 795-8585; fax (856) 427-7940; email lisa@techopticsinternational.com.

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Dispensing Tips

The upper number, the numerator, represents the distance at which the subject can just discern the line of optotypes (letter or numbers) being tested. The bottom number, the denominator, represents the distance at which a "normal" sighted person would stand to see the same line of optotypes. In the U.S., we use feet as the unit of distance measurement, meters could be substituted easily in the same fractional notation.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

Frame size
is the most significant element of thin lens design.
Lens shape is a significant factor; rounder shapes result in thinner lenses.
Decentration means more thickness.
Index of Refraction or material determines thinness; the higher the index, the thinner the lens, all other things being equal.
Aspheric design offers plus lens patients flatter base curves and lens peripheries plus great cosmetics while still preserving good vision.
Reduced center or edge thickness from material impact resistance allows thinner lenses to start.
Frame type affects thickness. For example, some high-plus lens prescriptions may not lend themselves to rimless mountings, drilled or grooved unless thinner and lighter materials are used.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Crizal Sun with Scotchgard Protector

Crizal Sun with Scothgard ProtectorManufacturer/Distributor: Essilor of America

Description: Scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, and easy-to-clean sun lenses

Features/Functions: Combines the superior performance of Crizal Sun with the protective power of Scotchgard Protector. Engineered to be easier to clean and stay clean. Patented HSD Process forces molecules in the top coat to be packed together very densely, giving strength and uniformity to the surface of the lens. This creates a higher surface contact angle and gives the top coat the durability that prevents it from breaking down, even after 20,000 cleanings.

Over 99 percent of the reflections and glare from the back of the lens are virtually eliminated so patient's eyes do not have to work as hard to see on sunny days. Proprietary process prevents unwanted color changes to tinted lenses.

Availability: Crizal Sun lenses with Scotchgard Protector can be added to tinted and polarized lenses. Colors include brown, grey, grey-green and black tints as well as silver, blue and gold mirrored lenses. For peak performance, Essilor recommends Crizal Sun with Scotchgard Protector on Xperio polarized lenses.


Hot Air Warmer

Hot Air WarmerManufacturer/Distributor: Grobet/Vigor

Description: Upscale hot air warmer with digital display and multiple heat settings.

Features/Functions: The electronic system is highly energy efficient and controls temperature internally. A digital readout shows current working temperature and when unit is restarted the temperature returns to latest setting. Heat is controlled with simple up and down buttons for extreme control. Supplied with cup, intensifier and lid. 800 watts. 9.25 inches by 5 inches by 9.75 inches

Availability: 110V and 220V

(800) 847-4188

Carbonite AR

Carbonite ARManufacturer/Distributor: Nexus Vision

Description: High-performance, next-generation anti-reflective coating

Features/Functions: Uniquely formulated process incorporates new technological advances in all layers of the AR stack to provide added durability and longevity. Combines new super oleophobic topcoat, AR layering process and solvent-based, backside hardcoat. Comparable to factory applied front surface coatings, the backside hardcoat ensures a durable and long-lasting substrate, providing an ultimate platform for the Carbonite AR process.

Extended Life Process incorporates advanced materials that last for the life of the Rx, creating valuable patient benefits. Easy-to-clean oleophobic topcoat and increased abrasion resistance provide greater overall wear resistance.

Every Carbonite job includes Nhesive, an outer coating that eliminates slippage and reduces edging errors.

Availability: Carbonite AR and other NVision AR products are available with next day service in most cases. A complete line of sales aids is available including a lens demonstrator and various ECP and patient brochures.

Nexus Vision is an organization comprised of independent laboratories primarily located in the Southeast.

(866) 492-6949


Far ViewManufacturer/Distributor: Optelec

Description: Portable, powerful magnification solution designed for people with an active lifestyle

Features/Functions: Offers the benefits of distance and close-up viewing in a compact, stylish design. Users simply point, click and save. Innovative design allows user to read street signs, departure times, or select your favorite coffee.

Use as a reading device for school, work or home, during a business meeting or in the classroom to capture essential information on the whiteboard. Easy to use buttons allow use to easily scroll through text. Set scrolling speed and return to the beginning of the page easily. Built-in menu allows user to enhance reading comfort with six viewing modes, rotate, and magnify images up to 90X.

Offers document and distance viewing; six reading contrast viewing modes. Can magnify and zoom images from -2 up to 90X. Capture a complete document or multiple pages of a book or magazine, store up to 100 images on the device and access. Ergonomic scrolling buttons help the user to navigate through any document easily and comfortably. Auto-scroll function brings the user back to the beginning of the text line within a snap. Images and text can be adjusted to the user's needs though rotation, picture alignment, contrast and brightness settings. Connect to a VGA monitor or PC via USB to read, share or save images and text. 4.3 reading screen. Weighs10.2 ounces, measures 6.6 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches. Battery life up to four hours.

Availability: Order through Optelec's dealer and distribution networks

(866) 966-9188

'Click Mode' for ME-1000 Edger

Manufacturer/Distributor: Santinelli International

Description: Specialized software enables ECPs to create customized Chemistrie sun lenses from Eyenovate that magnetically self-align onto prescription eyewear.

Features/Functions: Operator can use ME-1000's touch pad and automated "Click Mode" to manufacture Chemistrie lenses and accompanying Rx lenses in five steps.

Availability: As a special introductory offer, Santinelli International is providing the lens edger "Click Mode", a full Chemistrie Sunlenses starter kit, complete with necessary materials for five sets of sunlenses, and an attractive point-of-purchase Display, with the purchase of an ME-1000 Lens Edging System.

(800) 644-EDGE

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