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Shamir Educates and Entertains VEE Attendees
Shamir Educates and Entertains VEE Attendees
Stan Gusciora of Eye First Vision Center in Red Bank, N.J. won an Olympus digital camera in Shamir's Vision Expo drawing.

Shamir provided attendees of last month's Vision Expo East with an educational experience and an innovative promotion. Visitors to the lens company's booth watched a video, "The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision," which led them on an educational journey hosted by Shamir's animated character, Mr. Progresso. The video presented a brief overview of Shamir's semi-finished and Freeform progressive designs as well as information about the Shamir's proprietary EyePoint Technology, which is used to design their lenses.

"Delivering our message in this format allowed us not only to educate the audience, but to do it in a non-traditional way that got their attention, got them involved and allowed them to have fun. The goal was to continue to provide the attendees with key information without overloading them; our video and promotion tied our message together seamlessly in a simple manner," said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing. For individuals interested in seeing Shamir's VEE video it can be viewed online at www.youtube.com/shamirinsight.

Shamir Educates and Entertains VEE Attendees
Gary Davidson of North Jersey Eye Associates in Clifton, N.J. (left) being congratulated by Shamir account executive Josh Sarlin for winning a Dell laptop.

Following the presentation, attendees had their photos taken for Shamir's EyePoint Technology, "Become The Design Inside" photo collage, which Shamir intends to use in future advertisements. Attendees were then entered in Shamir's daily prize drawings.

Stan Gusciora of Eye First Vision Center in Red Bank, N.J., Marilyn Barnell of New York, N.Y. and David Gurian of Gurian Hearing in West Caldwell, N.J. won eight-mega pixel Olympus digital cameras. Jeremy Ways of Joel P. Ways, OD in Sharon, Pa., Heidi Heim of Rebman Eyecare, Elizabethtown, Pa. and Gary Davidson, North Jersey Eye Associates, Clifton, N.J. won 15-inch Dell laptops, equipped with Intel's Core 2 Duo processor.

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Transitions Plans Contest for ECPs, Consumers

Transitions Plans Contest for ECPs, Consumers On April 1, Transitions Optical launched a "Live Your Vision" promotion, designed "to create dialogue about the importance of eye health and the vital role vision plays in every day life," according to the company. Transitions also plans a "Take Your Shot" game to reinforce the benefits of its lenses post-sale.

In the "Live Your Vision" contest, running through Oct. 31, consumers and eyecare professionals illustrate how healthy eyesight allows them to realize their dreams by uploading a photo and caption to www.Transitions.com/liveyourvision. The photo should exemplify how they live their vision in their professional or personal lives.

Online voting will be used to identify the top 15 entries in both consumer and eyecare professional categories, which will move on to the judging phase. Judges will select one grand prize winner and four finalists in each category, based on the photo's demonstration of how the entrant "lives their vision," not just on photo quality alone. Grand prize winners receive a $10,000 prize, and will choose a charity to receive a $10,000 donation from Transitions; finalists get $1,000.

"This program should encourage consumers to think about how important their vision is and ultimately talk to their ECP about ways to protect and keep eyesight healthy," said Rose Wallace, Transitions' marketing manager, channel marketing.

To continue the dialogue about healthy sight once a patient has made a purchase, Transitions is sponsoring "Take Your Shot," an instant-win game open to participants with a valid Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Transitions. Consumers who register their Transitions lenses using their COA can play an interactive instant-win game offering $100 daily prizes. Additionally, each time an ECP location or a customer registers for the promotion, a donation will be made to a charity supported by the Transitions Healthy Sight for Life Fund.

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Briot USA Announces Price Guarantee on New Edging Equipment

Briot USA announces a price guarantee for customers purchasing new edging equipment. Through the remainder of 2009, if Briot advertises a more beneficial offer within 60 days (excluding trade show specials), the company will refund the difference or credit the customer's account.

"In uncertain economic times, customers want assurance they are getting the best deal," said John Hemphill, VP of Sales at Briot USA. "The price guarantee is one of many programs we are implementing to give our customers confidence in purchasing Briot equipment."

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Opticote Launches ECP Rewards Program

Opticote Launches ECP Rewards Program Opticote is launching a promotion that rewards eyecare professionals for dispensing Opticote mirror coatings. For every mirror coating sold, Opticote provides a certificate of authenticity. Five registered CA's earns a $20.00 gift certificate from My Choice Gift Cards (www.quickgifts.com). Rewards are available from more than 100 retailers.

"Every day you have 'second pair customers'' that walk through the door, and as temperatures rise, sunwear sales will increase," said Mike Bellomo, Opticote's national director, sales and marketing. "Mirror coatings are the perfect blend of fashion, performance, and comfort. With your guidance, your customers receive a coating that is expertly matched to their sunwear and their outdoor-active lifestyle. Of course when your customers benefit, you benefit. Satisfied customers are loyal customers. Your store profits from another second pair sale, while Opticote and your lab provide another pair of mirror coated lenses. Isn't this scenario why we're all in the business?"

To earn My Choice Gift Cards, register at www.opticote.com/ecp/register.asp. Every time a mirror coating is sold, Opticote will include a certificate of authenticity with the order when it is shipped. Visit www.opticote.com/ecp/login.asp to log-in and register the certificates.

For every five certificates registered, Opticote will email a My Choice Gift Certificate redeemable for a gift card valued at $20.

The promotion runs from April 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009. All certificates of authenticity must be registered no later than October 31st , 2009 to be eligible for consideration toward My Choice gift cards. Other rules and restriction apply. See Opticote ECP Program Rules for details.

Vision-Ease Lens Announces Polarized Stimulus Plan Promotion
Vision-Ease Lens Announces Polarized Stimulus Plan Promotion

To partner with eye care professionals (ECPs) during the height of the sun season, Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) announces its "Polarized Stimulus Plan" promotion. The promotion supports the newly extended Coppertone and SunRx polarized product lines by reminding ECPs to discuss polarized eye protection with customers and allows ECPs to earn cash rewards for each pair of qualifying Coppertone or SunRx polarized lenses sold.

For every pair of Coppertone and SunRx lenses purchased from April 1, 2009 through August 31, 2009, VEL will send ECPs a check for the total amount earned every month through the promotion period. ECPs can earn up to $15 for every pair of qualifying Coppertone polarized lenses sold and up to $10 for every pair of qualifying SunRx polarized lenses sold.

"Through the 'Polarized Stimulus Plan' promotion, Vision-Ease Lens is helping ECPs stress the importance of a healthy sun strategy," said Dominique Jara, marketing manager, VEL. "Offering patients sun protection is not about selling, it's about offering an eye health solution."

To participate in the promotion, ECPs can visit the professionals' section within www.vision-ease.com to sign-up online and access promotion details.

Dispensing Tips

#1 To make the thinnest and also lightest lenses (within any person's budget), choose a frame whose "frame PD" (DBC) is as close as possible to the patient's PD, avoid lens shapes with extreme corners, and suggest higher index materials.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 Successfully fitting a child with eyeglasses begins with determining the primary fitting limitation and then addressing any secondary limitations. A fitting plan answers questions about the two greatest challenges for this child, the prescription the most likely diagnosis, lenses possible, frame and lens requirements cosmetic considerations and obstacles to compliance.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Hilco Progressive Lens Identifier

Pupillo Progressive Lens Identifier Manufacturer/Distributor: Hilco
Features/Functions: For quick and easy identification of lens reference points the Hilco Pupillo lens identifier eliminates errors in the fitting progressive. Provides clear, lighted view of etchings in a compact footprint of less than six inches.
(800) 955-6544

Hoyalux TACT 1.60

Hoyalux TACT 1.60 Manufacturer/Distributor: Hoya Vision Care, North America
Description: Indoor extended focus progressive lens designed for computer users and people who perform visually intensive work or hobbies.

Features: Provides extended focus lens design for near and intermediate viewing zones. Delivers “exceptionally wide intermediate and near viewing zones with optimized periphery,” according to Hoya. Offers a flexible progressive design with a minimum-distance field of view available. Designed to relieve eyestrain and Computer Vision Syndrome. Lens made from thin and optically pure material optimized for rimless frames Compatible with Hoya’s HiVision, HiVision with ViewProtect and Super HiVision anti-reflective coatings.

Availability: Two fitting options for optimizing vision. Eye Point 40 (EP40), for Intermediate Vision Emphasis, is recommended for patients who wear glasses primarily while at the desktop computer. Eye Point 60 (EP 60), for Near Vision Emphasis, is recommended for patients who wear glasses when reading and working on a laptop computer.

(866) 812-8893

ClearNote Portable

ClearNote Portable Manufacturer/Distributor: Optelec
Description: Portable workstation with real-time video magnification for educational and professional use
Features/Functions: Slim, lightweight design and flexible camera head. A complete high-performance laptop magnification solution featuring a light, foldable design. Connect to any desktop or laptop computer via the USB port; plug-and-play technology makes it possible to work on-the-fly.

Built-in, flexible camera rotates for almost 360 degrees, providing crisp and clear images taken from any distance. Connectable to VGA monitor and laptop. Integrated light and battery life of five to six hours, also powered directly through the PC. Powerful 18X continuous auto focus camera. Multiple axis camera head positioning. Auto-adjustment of pre-stored settings when changing from distance to close or to mirror view: zoom, contrast, viewing mode. Left/Right hand use.

ClearNote Portable “Always-In-Focus” technology insuring crisp clear focus on every image. Full color, black and white and reverse viewing modes. “Picture-In-Picture” software enables the viewing window to be positioned anywhere on the PC screen. Automatic software and driver installation. Logic controls on keyboard and remote control. Lightweight 3.90 ounces. Compatible with Zoomtext, Lunar+ and Supernova. Collapsible to ultra small package.
Availability: Order through Optelec’s dealer and distribution networks
(866) 966-9188

Green LenSaver Tape
Green LenSaver Tape

Manufacturer/Distributor: Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI)
Description: Used to protect the lens during processing
Features/Functions: Provides high performance and outstanding visibility of the lens markings especially on camera assisted blocking systems. Offers excellent adhesion but is easy to remove and deblock without residue. Can be used with alloy or wax on all lens materials and curves without wrinkling.
Availability: PSI Green LenSaver Tape, part #1005, has a thickness of 3.4 millimeters and comes on a 36-yard roll.
(800) 237-8154

LifeRx Light-Responsive Trifocal

LifeRx Light-Responsive Trifocal LifeRx Light-Responsive Trifocal
Manufacturer/Distributor: Vision-Ease Lens
Description: Photochromic 7 x 28 trifocal in polycarbonate
Features: Manufactured with 100 percent renewable energy. Rapid darkening, industry-leading fade-back speed and better indoor clarity.
Availability: Gray and brown. Also in D28 flat top bifocal, Illumina and Outlook progressive lenses, Aspheric SFSV and Spherical SFSV.
(800) 328-3449

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