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Transitions Introduces Bilingual Eye Exam Guide

In an effort to help enhance doctor-patient interaction during the exam process, Transitions Optical, Inc. has created the What to Expect: Bilingual Eye Exam Guide. The guide includes 12, 8-by-8-inch cards detailing each common test and pre-test usually included as part of the exam. The cards feature an illustration of how the test will be conducted and include sections on the equipment used, why a patient is taking the test, how the test works and what the results mean to the patient's eye health. Each card includes the full explanation on the front in English and on the back in Spanish.

"The eye exam process can be confusing, or even intimidating for the patient," said Greg Marko, marketing director, North America, Transitions. "This tool helps eyecare professionals overcome these challenges, enhancing the exam experience for the patient, while reinforcing that the eye exam is a crucial step in achieving healthy sight.


Designed to provide flexibility and ease-of-use, the guide comes in packaging that can also serve as a counter top display for the eye doctor's office. The cards are held together with a ring, giving eye doctors the opportunity to reorganize them depending on the order in which they typically perform the tests.

"While we created the tool so that it can easily become a fixture in the exam room, the cards can also be separated and carried to wherever any preliminary eye tests may take place," said Martha Rivera, multicultural marketing manager, Transitions. "Additionally, the inclusion of English and Spanish explanations on the cards allows eyecare professionals to meet the needs of all their patients, while reinforcing cultural sensitivity toward both English- and Spanish-speaking Hispanic patients."

The guide includes the following tests and exams: preliminary tests, near-point, color vision, depth perception, autorefraction, visual field, eye pressure, examination, visual acuity, penlight, refraction, biomicroscopy, dilation and Goldmann Tonometry.

Eye doctors can request a What to Expect: Bilingual Eye Exam Guide and other tools to help meet the needs of their patients by calling Transitions Optical Customer Service at (800) 848-1506 ext. 7448.

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Shamir Announces the 'Creation and Cruise Your Destination' Winner
August Winner
Darwin Grant, Shamir account executive, left, congratulating Ben Upright, OD of Regis Optical in Salt Lake City, Utah for being the August winner of Shamir's Creation and Cruise Your Destination promotion.

September Winner
Bryan Fox, Shamir account executive, left congratulating Steve Sickbert, OD as the September promotion winner.

October Winner
Marj Wubbles, Shamir account executive, left, congratulating Jill A. Schneider, OD, Shamir's October promotion winner.

Shamir's "Creation and Cruise Your Destination" promotion, which ran from August 1 to November 30, 2008, gave all eligible eye care professionals the opportunity to win a seven-day cruise of their choice to one of four dream destinations.

Shamir has announced the grand prize winner: Harold Lappin, MD, PA of Hackettstown, N.J. Dr. Lappin's practice won four cruise tickets to one of the following destinations: Hawaii, Alaska, the Bahamas or the Panama Canal; the grand prize also included airfare to the port of departure.

In addition to the grand prize winner, Shamir also awarded monthly prizes to participating practices throughout the duration of the promotion. Shamir's August winner, Regis Optical of Salt Lake City, Utah, was awarded a $500 Maui Jim gift certificate. The September winner, Steve Sickbert, OD of Rushville, Ind., won a Sony Handycam digital video camera. The October Winner, Jill A. Schneider, OD, of Monument Vision Clinic in Scottsbluff, Neb., won a 16GB iPod Touch. November's winner, Stephen Y. Reed, MD of Reed Vision in Toledo, Ohio, won a $500 Nordstrom gift card.

"This promotion was very successful for Shamir and the Creation brand, and we're looking forward to running more national promotions like it this year. Our goal is to think outside of the box in regards to promotions, to keep pace with our advertising and branding; ECP's should keep an eye out for new, cutting-edge promotions from Shamir in the near future," said Matt Lytle, vice president of marketing for Shamir.

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Carl Zeiss Vision Forms Partnership with Bollé

Carl Zeiss Vision has formed a partnership with Bollé, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bushnell Outdoor Products, to promote a national prescription sunglass program throughout the Carl Zeiss Vision laboratory network. The exclusive agreement will enable both companies to offer a variety of customized prescription sun eyewear and to employ patented wrap lens technology, and extends a pre-existing relationship between the companies for plano (non-prescription) sunwear. The national program will be offered through all 17 Carl Zeiss Vision labs, and will include VSP orders.

"We are pleased to be the exclusive provider of Bollé lenses," said Claude Labeeuw, vice president of marketing and business development, North America for Carl Zeiss Vision. "Increasingly, eyewear manufacturers and optical dispensers are recognizing the tremendous benefits offered by our lab network, including state-of-the-art lens designs, proprietary customization and manufacturing technology, practice-building and marketing support, and fast, reliable service."

The Bollé King is one of the styles that are
available with wrap lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision.

Dani LaGace, Bollé's product and marketing director, commented, "Expanding the scope of our existing relationship with an industry leader like Carl Zeiss Vision says a lot about our technological capabilities and commitment to quality. Together, we are able to bring a unique product with clear performance advantages to a wider audience."

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Kaplan Earns Honors at Santinelli NSM
Kaplan Earns Honors

Santinelli International hosted its annual national sales meeting in Vernon Valley, N.J. in early January. Executive management, product management, sales and marketing gathered to focus on improved efficiencies toward increased client satisfaction.

At the reception dinner, awards for top sales were presented to Mark Kaplan. During his eight years with the company, Kaplan has consistently received similar achievement honors. Capping his success, Kaplan received the 2008 Chairman's Award, an all-time sales high achievement.

"This time together is invaluable as we strategize, learn and share information," said Rick Clemente, Santinelli's executive vice president of sales and client service. "We walk away from the experience a closer-knit team, determined to reach greater heights. It was also the ideal opportunity to recognize sales achievements throughout our team, particularly that of Mark Kaplan."

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National Optronics Edger Auction Benefits Boys and Girls Clubs

Boys and Girls ClubAt the 2008 International Vision Expo West, National Optronics hosted a silent auction for the #1 David Beach Limited Edition 7E HLP Edger. Because Beach has always been passionate about children, he decided before the auction was held that he wanted all proceeds to go to The Boys and Girls Clubs. The winner of the auction was John J. Marcin, OD of Dr. John J. Marcin and Associates in Melbourne, Florida.

On December 18, 2008, National Optronics' Southeast field technician Tim Helms, along with Dr. Marcin and his assistant, Karol Juliano, presented a check for $23,007 with all of the proceeds from the auction to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Florida in Melbourne.

Pictured, left to right, are an unidentified staff member, Tim Helms of National Optronics, Karol Juliano and Dr. John J. Marcin with members of The Boys and Girls Clubs.

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Dispensing Tips

#1 Polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and required for the situations that high-performance sports require. In that way, all wearers are prepared for everyday occurrences. In addition, SV and progressives are readily available to fill the majority of all prescriptions received. Impact X NXT is a new material with exceptional impact resistance, will not stress or star crack if drilled and is unaffected by acetone. Its lightweight (1.11g/cm3) and low dispersion (45 Abbe) will improve comfort and reduce the peripheral blur in higher-powered lenses. Currently in plano, it will soon be available in prescription.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 By using aspheric and double aspheric designs as your primary dispensed single-vision lenses, you can give your patients a better-looking pair of glasses while delivering improved optics, even for high prescriptions. For the patient's budget, aspheric and double-aspheric lenses are the logical step before free-form, preparing the patient for the option of customized single-vision lenses via direct surfacing as that becomes part of the regular products available from your laboratory.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Zeiss Individual

Zeiss IndividualManufacturer: Carl Zeiss Vision
Description: Progressive lens that is precisely personalized for the individual wearer.
Features: Entire design can be automatically expanded or contracted for the size and shape of the patient's chosen frame, balancing all viewing areas and ensuring the widest fields of vision. This feature enables wearers to select from an unlimited number of frame choices. The corridor is continuously variable in 0.1mm steps, allowing for fitting heights from 13mm to 35mm.

Provides maximum visual acuity for any face. The patient's monocular PD, vertex distance, pantoscopic angle and frame wrap angle are incorporated into the design calculation to create optimum performance in that patient's unique wearing position.

Lens offers optimized optics for every prescription. The lens creates and optimizes the design in "real-time" based on the patient's exact combination of sphere, cylinder, axis and add power, eliminating the visual compromises that semi-finished lenses create for most prescriptions, Zeiss reports.
Availability: Zeiss Individual is available in clear and Transitions VI lenses (Gray and Brown) in 1.5 hard resin, 1.59 polycarbonate, and 1.67 high index. It is also available in 1.6 (clear only). Independent eye care practices can order Zeiss Individual through Carl Zeiss Vision Laboratories, enabled wholesale lab partners Perfect Optics, Expert Optics and Three Rivers Optical, and a network of authorized premier Zeiss distributor labs.
(888) ZEISS-4U

Specialty Lens Designer Software

Specialty Lens Designer SoftwareManufacturer: DAC International
Description: A design tool for both retail office and wholesale laboratory settings.
Features: DAC International's new "Specialty Lens Designer" is used as a design tool in both retail office and wholesale laboratory settings. With it, the optician can confidently design and model advanced specialty lenses, such as blended bifocals, blended bi-centric, 8-base wrap, slab-off, reverse slabs and lenticular designs, which are included in the optional "Specialty Lens Menu" of the DAC Digital Lens Surfacing System.

The "Specialty Lens Designer" software allows the optician or lab to view the lens, using 3-D graphics, prior to manufacturing and visually witness the changes in critical elements like zones size, edge thickness, frame shape, and material. As an example, the "Specialty Lens Designer" software will give a graphic illustration of the difference in thickness between a standard plastic, high-index plastic or any other material. The new software simplifies the ordering process for both the optician and the lens manufacturer by sending the optician's completed orders, via email transfer, directly to partner labs using the DAC Surfacing System and Specialty Lens Menu Software.
(805) 684-8307

Next Generation of Crizal Avancé with Scotchgard Protector

Crizal Avance with Scotchgard ProtectorManufacturer: Essilor of America
Description: New generation of Crizal Avancé lenses featuring Scotchgard Protector offer all of the features and benefits of the prior generation, plus an improved scratch resistant layer.
Features: Integrated multi-layer AR stack, anti-static properties and super-hydrophobic topcoat utilizing Essilor's High Surface Density Process and Pad Control System. Scratch Resistance Booster Layer is an improved layer of scratch resistance that is twice as scratch resistant as Crizal Alizé and ensures durability and visual acuity over time, according to Essilor.
Availability: Finished and semi-finished single-vision.

Green LenSaver Tape

Manufacturer: Practical Systems, Inc. (PSI)
Description: Tape that protects the lens during processing.Green LenSaver Tape
Features: Provides high performance and outstanding visibility of the lens markings especially on camera assisted blocking systems. Offers excellent adhesion but is easy to remove and deblock without residue. Can be used with alloy or wax on all lens materials and curves without wrinkling.
Availability: PSI Green LenSaver Tape, part #1005, has a thickness of 3.4 millimeters and comes on a 36-yard roll.
(800) 237-8154

GTX-R Roughing Wheel

GTX-R Roughing WheelManufacturer: Salem Vision Group
Description: High-performance roughing wheel
Features: GTX-R roughing wheel is the product of the latest diamond bonding technology. The result is a significant increase in the overall performance of plastic lens edging, regardless of the material. The GTX-R cuts faster and cleaner, virtually eliminating wheel loading even with polycarbonate and Trivex lens materials. This innovative bond also reduces torque to maintain accurate axis alignment during edging, according to the manufacturer. The gold colored wheels can be used on all plastic lens materials and are available for all major brands of edgers.
(800) 234-1982, ext. 232

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