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Essilor Gears Up for Varilux 50th Anniversary Celebration

Essilor of America is planning a series of events to mark the golden anniversary of its flagship Varilux lenses this year. The company will kick off the festivities at International Vision Expo East in March with the release of a short, 3D movie, "The Varilux Experience." The movie will also be screened at the American Optometric Association's annual meeting in June and at International Vision Expo West in October.

Essilor CEO Xavier Fontanet, left, and Steve
Shawler, VP of marketing & commercial strategy
for Essilor's Asia Pacific region, at Essilor of
America's national sales meeting.

Essilor's Howard Purcell, OD, leads Essilor executives
in a toast to the 50th Anniversary of Varilux at the
Essilor national sales meeting, held earlier this
month in Palm Desert, Calif.

In April, Essilor will launch a Varilux road show consisting of special exhibits that will tour 10 to 12 major U.S. markets. A special Varilux anniversary logo will also be used throughout 2009 for events surrounding the Varilux anniversary.

Essilor has also created a timeline of key events in the history of Varilux, as well as a fact sheet with details about important people who contributed to the success of the brand.

Essilor's Rod Tahran, OD, left, catches up with
Essilor's Eric Poussin during a break between

Doug Pech of Pech Optical, left, met up with
Essilor's Mike Nathe and Steve Bailey on their
way to a seminar.

"Essilor is thrilled to celebrate the golden anniversary of this ground-breaking invention, which was the starting point of our longstanding history of innovation," said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor of America, who announced the news at Essilor's national sales meeting, held earlier this month in Palm Desert, Calif. "Varilux has greatly advanced lens science during the last 50 years, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to make sure people have the best vision possible."

Varilux, the first progressive addition lens, was invented in 1959 by Bernard Maitenaz, an optical and mechanical engineer who later became chairman of Essilor.

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Shamir is Newest Participant of AOA Ophthalmic Council

Shamir Insight has been named as the newest participant of the American Optometric Association's (AOA) Ophthalmic Council. As one of the leading recognized authorities for eye and vision care, the AOA serves as a key source for information, research, education and news; the AOA represents approximately 36,000 doctors of optometry, optometry students and paraoptometric assistants and technicians. Shamir will join some of the industry's most influential corporations on the Ophthalmic Council, such as Marchon, VSP and VisionWeb.

"The AOA is extremely grateful for Shamir's support of the AOA and the profession of optometry. We are looking forward to Shamir's participation and contribution on the Ophthalmic Council in 2009," said Howard Braverman, OD, chair AOA Ophthalmic Council.

"It's an honor to be invited by the AOA to sit on their Ophthalmic Council," said Raanan Naftalovich, CEO of Shamir Insight. "This will be a great opportunity for Shamir to build upon existing relationships with the individuals that represent such an instrumental organization. To be asked to sit on the AOA's Ophthalmic Council and help shape issues that affect the industry is a true privilege," added Naftalovich.

In addition to their invitation to sit on the AOA's Ophthalmic Council, Shamir has signed on as a Silver Sponsor of the AOA, to support the organizations ongoing efforts to set professional standards and provide research and education leadership. As a sponsor, Shamir will provide three educational pieces that will appear in upcoming issues of AOA News as well as sponsor attendee bags at the 2009 Optometry's Meeting.

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Transitions Films National TV Commercial At Innisbrook Course

Transitions Optical recently filmed a national television commercial at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, home of the Transitions Championship for Healthy Sight. Transitions signed on as title sponsor of this PGA Tour event earlier this year. The commercial, filmed on Innisbrook's Copperhead Course, will focus on the importance of ensuring healthy sight in changing light conditions both on and off the course. The spot will also highlight Transitions lenses as essential gear for enthusiasts of all playing levels-not only to improve their vision, but to improve their game as Transitions lenses darken as light conditions change and enhance visual quality by reducing glare, enhancing contrast and blocking 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

"Golf enthusiasts depend on healthy sight for optimal performance," said Matt Killen, professional golf instructor and swing coach to many PGA Tour players. "With such obstacles as varying light and playing conditions and ongoing exposure to ultraviolet radiation, visual ability can be affected without proper eyewear. The link between Transitions and golf is clear, and Transitions lenses make total sense for golfers of all levels."

Transitions lenses are the Official Eyewear of the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour. The national television commercial is part of Transitions Optical's ongoing consumer outreach initiative.

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Younger Offers New Wallchart, Tech Specs Binder

Younger Optics is making product reference easier and more convenient for its customers with the introduction of an updated wallchart and a new technical specification binder. The updated wallchart reflects product lines that have grown considerably to include the new Image Wrap lens, NuPolar copper and Green-15, 1.67 high-index lenses, flat-top 28 Trilogy Transitions lenses, Transitions 1.60 high-index lenses and odd base curve ranges throughout several product lines. There's even an entire new category of lens—Drivewear lenses Activated by Transitions. The wallchart, measuring 33.5 inches by 28 inches, is designed to be both functional and graphically appealing.

The new technical specifications binder contains loose-leaf pages that can be removed and replaced when new products become available, and is large enough to accommodate additional literature and product materials. Like the wallchart, it is designed to be visually appealing as well as an easy and convenient reference point for all of Younger's products.

The wallchart and binder are available through Younger's sales reps or by contacting the company's marketing department at (800) 877-5367. Visit Younger's new Web site, www.youngeroptics.com, for information about the company and its products, including downloadable versions of all of Younger's technical specifications.

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Kaenon Launches New Web Site

Kaenon Polarized has launched a new Web site, www.kaenon.com, that offers visitors a user-friendly platform with interactive educational features and enhanced ecommerce capabilities. The site provides easy-to-use tools and resources, including a product guide that helps customers select the best Kaenon styles based on gender, fit, sport, and environment. An educational section on polarization helps visitors learn about the importance of Kaenon Polarized lenses and the benefits of Kaenon's patented SR-91 lens technology. The online store allows customers to securely and conveniently shop online or access the directory of convenient Kaenon retail locations for prescription and nonprescription eyewear.

"We are excited to debut the new Web site which offers customers the same balance of sophistication, style and performance that holds true in our collection of polarized sunglasses; we call it luxury performance," said Steve Rosenberg, founder and president of Kaenon Polarized.

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Dispensing Tips

#1 FrameOptimization Technology customizes the lens design specific to each patient's prescription, frame dimensions and fitting measurements. By using Digital Surfacing, a method of precisely cutting the progressive surface required, this technology calculates and modifies the assembly of the distance and near zones, corridor length and optimizes them with the peripheral portions of the lens.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2 All spectacle lenses prescribed for children must be impact-resistant and 100 percent UVA- and UVB-absorbing. Anti-reflective coatings and fixed tint, photochromic or polarizing lenses provide improved quality of vision and should be considered in children's eyewear the same as in eyewear for adults.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Digiform Plus Software for Accura Edgers

Manufacturer: Briot USA
Description: Digiform Plus provides Briot's Accura edgers (Silver, Silver Plus and CX) with the capability to do shape modification for customized jobs. The software also saves frame tracings and virtually an unlimited number of original and modified rimless shapes in the computer's hard drive.
Features: Proportional shape modification increases/decreases entire shape proportionately; vertical shape modification is dedicated to near vision fitting in narrow rimless frames; horizontal shape modification adapts rimless frames to wide faces. Job storage function allows permanent storage and easy access of frame tracing data. Pattern storage allows for faster, more simplified process when processing all rimless frame styles. Frame shape is stored in computer database, eliminating need to manually trace each job.
(800) 292-7468

iHot Mirror

Manufacturer: Chemalux
Description: Heat-resistant mirror sunlens
Features: Withstanding up to 200°F without crazing, iHot mirror, based on patented nanotechnology materials, can be safely worn and left in hot environments (e.g. summer, car dashboard). iHot offers four flash mirror colors on PC lenses that allows for customer personalization and to meet customer's fashion needs. With heat-resistant AR on the lens backside, iHot mirror AR eliminates backside glare and reflection; providing the wearer superior comfort. iHot possesses super- hydrophobic properties, making it easy-to-clean.
(818) 727-9786


Manufacturer: Eschenbach Optik of America
Description: Small reading glasses that attach to electronic devices for easy access
Features: Clip&Read is a miniature pair of reading glasses that can attach to any portable device (cell phone, digital camera, laptop) using either a lanyard or Velcro fastenings, so they are available when and where they are needed. Available in two powers (1.5D and 2.5D) and two colors (gray and red), with short flexible temples that sit in place on the temple of the patient without any pressure points. The glasses weigh only 3.3 grams and come with a case. A rotating 12-piece display is also available.
(800) 487-5389

CTO Option for Gerber Coburn DTL Generators

Manufacturer: Gerber Coburn
Description: High-speed, Crib-to-Oval (CTO) option for Diamond Turning Lathe (DTL) generator series, the flagship product of Gerber Coburn's Performance Series line.
Features: Capable of cribbing all lenses to oval dimensions under 10 seconds per lens. CTO option can be incorporated on existing DTL100, DTL150, and DTL200 units, or can be ordered with the DTL directly from the factory.
(800) 843-1479

Multigressiv MyView

Manufacturer/Distributor: Rodenstock/Optical Distribution Corp.
Description: Newest generation in Rodenstock's line of optimized progressive lenses.
Features: Using free-form technology, MyView places the entire progressive prescription on the back surface of the lens. In addition, MyView provides a customized inset based on the patient's monocular PD, which further enhances vision in the intermediate and near zones. MyView also comes in three progressive zone lengths, with a minimum fitting height as low as 14mm.
(888) 407-3937

UNI-KP 60 P100 and UNI-KP 60 Twin Z

Manufacturer: Universal Photonics
Description: Chilling, filtering and processing systems designed to reduce costs, increase lens quality and deliver environmental compliance.
Features: The UNI-KP 60 P100 (right), a fully automatic centrifuge system for one to two lens generators, is self-cleaning and maintenance-free. With integrated compactor, cooling coil or chiller, 132 gallon tank, and 26 gpm flow rate, the P-100 delivers continual, efficient cleaning. The UNI-KP 60 Twin Z (left) offers similar high performance with a compact footprint and two supply pumps for two generators. It will operate on one centrifuge while the other is discharging solids.
(800) 645-7173

Gold Pliers

Manufacturer: Vigor Optical
Description: Limited edition gold pliers
Features: Presented in a small leatherette case, the set of five adjusting pliers are recommended as gifts for valued employees, customers, or recent graduates. The adjusting combo is stainless steel with gold plating.
Availability: Quantities limited
(800) 847-4188

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