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Hoya Names Harbor Optical Distributor of the Year

Hoya Vision Care, North America, has named Harbor Optical of Traverse City, Mich., as Hoya Distributor of the Year.

"Hoya and Harbor Optical are equally committed to quality products and the success of the independent eye care professional," said Barney Dougher, president of Hoya Vision Care, North America.

Distributor of the Year

Pictured, back to front, are Robert Kohn of Hoya Vision Care, Geff Heidbrink,
Bob Westlake and Mike Earl of Harbor Optical and Bryan Thorne of Hoya Vision Care.

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Opticote Intros ECP Reward Program

Opticote is launching a program that rewards eyecare professionals for dispensing multiple pairs of mirror coated sunlenses. Customers must complete a simple, one-time registration at www.opticote.com, where they can redeem certificates of authenticity from their lab. Certificates will arrive with each order placed. After six certificate of authenticity numbers are registered, customers will earn a reward certificate that is delivered via e-mail. The reward certificate or reward certificate number must be provided to the lab with the next mirror coating order. When the lab receives the reward certificate number, they will submit it to Opticote as part of the customer's mirror coating order. Opticote will provide the coatings free of charge, including matching backside AR, and the customer, in turn, will not be charged for the mirror coating by their lab.

ECP Rewards

"You have second-pair buyers who come into your office everyday," noted Mike Bellomo, Opticote's vice president of sales and marketing. "Dress eyewear sales should be a given. A sunwear sale with a mirror coating has never replaced a dress eyewear sale. In fact, it has only enhanced your customers perception of the value they receive as you demonstrate your concern for their ocular health and safety."

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ProFit Optix Offers Greater Savings on Free-forms to Buying Group Members

ProFit Optix
ProFit Optix
, a newly launched, Web-based virtual optical laboratory, has begun selling value-priced, free-form lenses through 14 buying groups. Using proprietary software, international manufacturing partners, an online ordering system and value pricing, ProFit can cut turnaround time on Rx orders and deliver quality free-form progressive lenses to eyecare practitioners for 30 to 40 percent less than most currently available free-form designs, according to optical industry veteran Alan Yuster, ProFit's chief operating officer. The company offers a wide range of lens indexes, Multi-AR, Steel Super AR + Hydrophobic, photochromic and polarized options.

The ProFit Optix website, www.ProfitOptix.com, makes it easier and more cost effective for ECPs to order free-forms, and now members of registered buying groups will save even more, Yuster said. Buying groups allied with ProFit Optix include ADO Buying Group, Alfred J. Villavecchia Buying Group, The Alliance, Block Buying Group, The Buyers Edge, Combine Optical Group, Diversified Ophthalmics, Inc., HMI, Optical Resources, Optical Synergies, Padro F. Corp. (C&E Buying Group), Premiere Vision, and VVS Group.

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Transitions Names Grand Prize Winner Of Watch And Win Sweepstakes
Susie Cashion and Jeanne Lu
Jeanne Lu, right, of San Francisco, Calif. won Transitions Optical's
Watch and Win sweepstakes grand prize of an ultimate soccer trip for
four to Los Angeles. Susie Cashion, left, Transitions Optical's business
director, lens manufacturing, congratulates Lu.

Transitions Optical has wrapped up its Watch and Win Sweepstakes, awarding the grand prize of an ultimate soccer trip for four to Los Angeles to Jeanne Lu of San Francisco, Calif.

The Watch and Win sweepstakes was promoted from March 30 through November during Telefutura's telecast of Major League Soccer. Transitions aired its commercial in Spanish for the first time during the 2008 Sunday games, reaching an estimate 127.5 million consumers about the sweepstakes and the importance of healthy sight and everyday benefits of Transitions lenses. The commercial drove consumers to a Web site, www.transitions.com/watchandwin, available in English or Spanish, where they could learn more about healthy sight and answer a variety of questions for a chance to win weekly soccer-themed prizes, including the grand prize trip.

Lu recently traveled with her family to Los Angeles, where they enjoyed a fun weekend getaway and scored tickets to a live soccer game.

"When I saw the Transitions commercial on TV, its message really got my attention. I logged onto the Web site to learn more, and can't believe I won," said Lu. "Transitions Optical has really provided a great experience for my entire family. We've always wanted to see a soccer game in person and can't thank Transitions enough for the opportunity."

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Vision-Ease Launches Coppertone Winter Sun Awareness Campaign

Winter Sun Awareness

In time for the not-so-dreary winter months, Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) announces its Coppertone Winter Sun Awareness campaign. With materials for both ECPs and consumers, the education-focused campaign offers insights into the importance of sun protection for the eyes during the winter months. "Being aware of winter sun hazards is important for eye care providers so they can educate patients about the necessity of year-round protection," said Jay Lusignan, marketing communications manager, VEL. "While many people know the risks associated with skin protection, they are unaware of damage caused by exposing the eyes to harmful high energy visible and ultra violet light. We are excited to be the first manufacturer to offer a campaign that truly addresses this issue." With Coppertone polarized lenses as the backdrop, the Coppertone Winter Sun Awareness campaign stresses the importance of protecting against dangers related to high energy visible (HEV) and UV light, glare-induced "blindness," snow "blindness," driving hazards and overall increased UV susceptibility due to winter weather conditions. Campaign elements include a technical education information sheet, an easel and information brochures for point-of-purchase, job stuffers and postcards for ECPs to send to customers. All materials are free and can be accessed at www.vision-ease.com in the VELcomm Center.

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Dispensing Tips

#1Use lens thinness charts to help show patients exactly what they can expect in the final lens when fitting a patient with rimless eyewear. Consider aspheric lenses in plus prescriptions to reduce lens magnification and bulge. It typically provides the patient a wider field of clear view. In addition, flatter front curves always make the assembly and adjusting of rimless easier. High-front curves in high-plus lenses adds complexity to any pair of eyewear, so use aspherics whenever .
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2The opportunities for multiple pair sales are there. Approximately 80 percent of all eyeglass wearers only purchase one pair of glasses every two to two-and-a-half years. That means explanations of the benefits of multiple pairs would increase the chances for sales to that 80 percent. In addition, if only 30 percent of the lenses sold are sold as anti-reflective lenses, then AR is a 70 percent opportunity. What is it in your practice?
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products

Clip&ReadManufacturer: Eschenbach
Description: Small reading glasses that attach to electronic devices for easy access
Clip&Read is a miniature pair of reading glasses that can attach to any portable device (cell phone, digital camera, laptop) using either a lanyard or velcro fastenings, so they are available when and where they are needed. Available in two powers (1.5D and 2.5D) and two colors (gray and red), with short flexible temples that sit in place on the temple of the patient without any pressure points. The glasses weigh only 3.3 grams and come with a case. A rotating 12-piece display is also available.
(800) 487-5389

E2G Blocking System

Manufacturer: Gerber Coburn
Description: Eco-friend blocking system consisting of the E2G blocker, new surface blocks, a deblocker, and a proprietary environmentally safe medium called Onyx-Bond.
Features: Onyx-Bond is the heart of the E2G blocking system. As a reusable, machinable, and eco-friendly blocking material, labs worldwide will benefit from the use of this material for processing all conventional and digital (free-form) lenses, according to Gerber Coburn. Because the material is neither wax nor alloy, it eliminates the harmful effects of alloy and EPA issues associated with alloy contamination, while removing lens cleanup issues attributed to wax materials.

Onyx-Bond is compatible with AR coatings. Additionally, with the blocking firmness of alloy and friendliness of wax, Onyx-Bond allows knife-edge and digital (free-form) lenses to be produced to the specifications required without damage to the lens or to generator cutting tools.

The E2G blocker is based on the technology of Gerber Coburn's Eclipse platform. It features one-touch blocking, automatic block and lens detection, and high volume throughput. The E2G has been enhanced to allow for full diameter blocking, which eliminates lens edge chatter issues by providing maximum support and stability during the generating process. Another enhancement is the single block design. Block-to-lens curve matching is no longer required, thus saving time and reducing block inventory. The newly designed blocks are available in Acublock or standard pin style and are fully compatible with downstream advanced lens processing equipment. The new deblocker easily removes the Onyx-Bond in a single wafer form, leaving no residue on the lens. It provides for easy cleanup and ensures a clean lab environment. Once deblocked, the Onyx-Bond is placed back into the E2G premelter, where it is remelted and ready for continued blocking.
(866) 843-1479

Optivision LMS
PhotoGator Gray

Manufacturer: Optivision
Description: Windows-based version of the Optivision Laboratory Management System
Features:Taking advantage of the user-friendliness, speed and other feature-rich functionality of the Windows operating system, Optivision's powerful lab software properties promote accurate job entry and automated lens processing for wholesale or retail surfacing, finishing and AR labs of any size, the company reports. From precise surfacing calculations, machine interfacing and lens manufacturing through complete job flow tracking, inventory control and lab business information management, the system can be tailored to suit the way each lab conducts business.
(800) 795-9927

Progressiv PureLife

Manufacturer/Distributor: Rodenstock/Optical Distribution Corporation
Description: Proprietary progressive design uses data and technology employed in the development of Rodenstock’s optimized and individualized free-form progressive lenses.
Features: Utilizes actual wearers' data gathered over the past several years which show changes in both human physiology and the way people use their eyes. Rodenstock's "Perfect Balancing" concept, allows for excellent binocular vision and image clarity as the eyes move across the surface of the lens.

Progressiv PureLife also incorporates the Retina Focus Principle, designing the lens in the as-worn position, which enables the image to always focus on the retina. This improves visual acuity in all fields, but particularly enhances intermediate and near vision. PureLife provides customized channel placement, using the patient's specific distance and add powers.
Availability: Choice of two progression lengths, with a minimum fitting height as low as 14mm, makes lens suitable for most frames. Lens material options include 1.50, ColorMatic 1.54 gray and brown, 1.60 and 1.67, with availability from +8.00D to -10.00D out to a -4.00 cylinder. The short corridor PureLife XS is available from +6.00D to -10.00D out to a -4.00 cylinder. Adds are from +0.75 to +3.00 on XS, with +0.75 to +3.50 on the longer progression length.
(888) 407-3937

Freeform TEK

Manufacturer: Rudy Project
Description: Digitally surfaced lenses with Shamir’s EyePoint Technology designed exclusively for Rudy Project frames.
Features: Enhanced visual acuity at every angle and distance; designed to restore natural vision.
Availability: FreeForm TEK lenses will initially be offered in Rudy Project’s ImpactRx photochromic and photochromic polarized material in both progressive and single-vision. The lenses are available in all of Rudy Project’s technical performance styles.
(888) 860-7597

Gold Pliers

Manufacturer: Vigor Optical
Description: Limited edition gold pliers
Features: Presented in a small leatherette case, the set of five adjusting pliers are recommended as gifts for valued employees, customers, or recent graduates. The adjusting combo is stainless steel with gold plating.
Availability: Quantities limited
(800) 847-4188

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