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Transitions Lenses Named Official Eyewear of PGA Tour

PGA Tour
Announcing Transitions Optical’s marketing partnership with the PGA Tour are,
left to right, Rob Ohno, senior vice president of corporate marketing at the PGA Tour;
Brett Craig, Transitions Optical president; Dave Cole, managing director for the Americas;
Lawrence Lampert, OD; Matt Killen, golf pro and coach.

Transitions Optical and the PGA Tour have entered into a global four-year official marketing partnership designating Transitions lenses as the Official Eyewear of the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and Nationwide Tour. Executives from Transitions Optical and the PGA Tour announced the partnership at the Ridgewood Country Club here on August 20, the second day of the Barclays tournament, which kicks off the 2008 PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedEx Cup.

The move represents a significant expansion of Transitions Optical’s involvement with the PGA Tour. In June, company announced it is sponsoring The Transitions Championship for Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event which will take place at the Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Palm Harbor, Fla. in March, 2009.

As part of the announcement, Transitions introduced a broad-reaching consumer education program—Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game—including tips and tools that link healthy, quality sight to athletic performance. Eyecare professionals will be able to leverage the Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game materials and program in their own patient marketing and education efforts. Industry professionals can sign up to receive the latest information about the program and the Transitions Championship For Healthy Sight at www.Transitions.com/golf.

“Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game embodies Transitions Optical’s commitment to educate consumers about the importance of healthy sight and quality of sight as contributors to optimal sports performance,” said Transitions president Brett Craig.

Improve Your Vision, Improve Your Game will be introduced to consumers later this year through retailers, independent eyecare professionals and an interactive experience. Point-of-sale materials, educational tools and a Web site featuring a downloadable widget will offer healthy sight and golf tips to enhance vision and improve performance. Consumers can also enter to win a weekend getaway for two at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club.

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Consumers Win New Wardrobe And Eyewear Makeover from Essilor

Essilor of America has named the five winners in the Varilux with Crizal Lenses Wardrobe Makeover Consumer Sweepstakes. The program is a partnership with fashion expert Finola Hughes (pictured at right) who shared advice for smart accessorizing and congratulated each winner with approximately $1,000 in fashion merchandise and great new state-of-the-art eyewear.

As the host of Style Network’s top-rated show “How Do I Look?” Hughes uses a discerning eye to help others update their look and is doing the same for the sweepstakes winners. “No one wants to age himself or herself by wearing outdated styles—especially when it comes to eyewear,” said Hughes. “My best accessories are my Varilux with Crizal progressive lenses, which help me see near, far, and everything in between, while keeping my look fresh and young with no bifocal lines and no glare. Just as we do on our show, I’m helping consumers update their looks with the perfect wardrobe pieces.”

Sweepstakes winners will receive approximately $1,000 in prizes reflecting Hughes’ favorite accessories of the season, including berry-colored lip gloss, enamel bangles, bright-colored platform sandals, Varilux with Crizal lenses, a bold patterned scarf, a structured trench coat and an eco-friendly piece.

“As an ambassador for fashionable eye health, we’re pleased that Finola Hughes’ fashion influence has expanded into eyewear and that five more people will see the world more clearly as a result of her wardrobe makeover tips,” said Carl Bracy, vice president of marketing for Essilor. This year’s fashion-focused program with Finola Hughes has garnered more than 68 million media impressions, reaching consumers in all of Essilor’s sales districts nationwide and creating a tie between the function of Varilux with Crizal lenses and the fashion-conscious interests of the company’s target audience, according to Essilor.

The following five winners will be incorporating Hughes’ fashion tips into their wardrobes: Carla “Cat” Harrell of Winfield, Kan., Bridget Heckman of Rexville, N.Y., Roblyn Honeysucker of Prairieville, La., Marilyn Robertson of Cedar Park, Texas and Kimberly Wouters of Portland, Ore.

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Santinelli Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Gerard Santinelli, left, with Joe Santinelli
Santinelli International is celebrating its thirty-fifth anniversary this year. Founded in 1973 by Joseph Santinelli, the company has grown from a one-man operation based in Santinelli’s home office to become a leading supplier of lens finishing technology, with 75 employees headquartered in central Long Island. For the past 17 years, it has been the sole U.S. distributor of the Nidek line of finishing equipment.

In 1998, Joseph Santinelli, who is chairman of the board, appointed his son Gerard to lead the company. Under Gerard’s leadership, the company’s “single retail lens edger” product line has grown and expanded to what is now the widest range of both retail and wholesale lab lens edging equipment available.

“We never forget for a minute that our success is due to our many loyal clients in the retail sector and industrial labs,” said Gerard Santinelli, president and CEO. “We also believe our passion for this industry played a big part in helping us to get where we are today.”

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iCoat Launches New Web Site

iCoatCompany WebsiteiCoat, the coating and prescription laboratory in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., has launched a new Web site, www.icoatcompany.com. Visitors to can find complete information on iCoat’s lenses and coatings as well as its surfacing and finishing services. The easy to use site also offers specific educational information for eyecare professionals and consumers, quick access to collateral and sales support materials, information on promotions and discounts, the latest news and event information and various useful links to other optical Web sites. An on-line ordering section provides information on how to place orders through RxWizard, a Web portal that allows ordering, tracking and archiving of all orders. This system also provides current availability on all lens products and enables quick and accurate placements of prescription orders.

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Dispensing Tips

#1Computer Vision Syndrome is an eye and vision problem related to near work, experienced during computer use. There are several different lenses that can be used to correct CVS including single-vision lenses, traditional bifocal, trifocal or progressive addition lenses and task-specific computer progressive lenses.
    For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

#2It is always recommended to use a good hardcoat underneath an anti-reflective coating. AR returns can be reduced by using a compatible hardcoating on both the front and back surface and in general, thermal cure coatings provide the best foundation for an AR coating.
   For more information, and to take this CE course online, visit www.2020mag.com

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New Products
Augen Digital Easyform Generator

Augen Digital Easyform GeneratorManufacturer: Augen Optics
Description: Affordable free-form lens processor
Computerized five-axis surface generator produces premium lenses in an efficient process that saves both time and material. Compact, modular unit allows labs to make modest investment in free-form processing and expand capacity as business grows. According to Augen, the EasyForm Generator can produce any lens design that can be mathematically rendered, including Augen Centurion Series Aspheric/Double Aspheric Single Vision and Centurion Series Progressive and Short-Corridor Progressive designs.
(866) 284-3611

Essilor Junior Lenses

Essilor Junior LensesManufacturer: Essilor of America
Description/Target Customer: New lens line designed especially for children and their active lifestyles.
Features: The first product in the Essilor Junior line, finished single-vision (FSV) Airwear Jr. Trio EZ Blue, features Trio EZ Blue, an easy-to-clean, anti-reflective treatment. A polycarbonate lens, it is 60mm in diameter. A two-sided, slippery topcoat makes the lens easy to clean yet tough enough to resist scratches and smudges. All Trio EZ Blue lenses will be equipped with the patented Pad Control System to help provide consistent edging. Essilor Junior lenses will replace the LiteStyle Kids IQ brand through ELOA.
Availability: Power range is +6.00 to -6.00D, sphere up to a -2.00 cylinder
(800) 377-4567 (ESSILOR)


Optivision DigitalTrace

Manufacturer: Optivision
Description: Software that connects satellite tracing locations with a centralized edging lab
Features: Combining a simple order entry interface with input from a frame tracer, DigitalTrace allows a satellite location to use the Job Entry window to enter the Rx and attach a frame trace with the job. The Job Entry window sends the job to the centralized database that accepts jobs every minute of every day, ensuring that the satellite will always successfully transmit the job. The job is checked prior to sending, helping eliminate data entry errors. With DigitalTrace quick and easy job entry, a doctor's centrally located edging lab can receive a trace from a satellite location to have the job blocked and edged in minutes.
(800) 795-9927


VFT-orbitManufacturer: Satisloh
Description: High speed, compact generator
Features: Engineered for processing All-Format lenses, the VFT-orbit produces up to 100 lenses per hour in “cut to polish” mode and generates both conventional and free form surfaces, which is 15 to 25 percent faster than Satisloh’s VFT-ultra. It combines proven voice coil-actuated technology used in Satisloh’s VFT generating line with proprietary Circumvolution Technology—an innovative orbital aligned tool and axis layout. With this new tool arrangement, the VFT-orbit has a compact footprint (same size as the VPro); weighs 30 percent less than Satisloh’s VFT-Ultra. The circular tool arrangement allows for smoother, faster transitions between processing steps, resulting in increased throughput while maintaining error-free surface geometry. The VFT-orbit will be available for delivery this fall.
(800) 866-5640

CB Fusion

CB FusionManufacturer: Schneider Optical Machines
Description: Blocking station designed with technical, environmental economical considerations in mind.
Features: New blocking material, Connex, replaces conventional alloy. Connex is an environmentally friendly, high-performance plastic that is economical, reusable and guarantees optimal mechanical stability of the blocked lens. CB Fusion uses Connex by fully supporting the lens area. Unwanted vibrations during surfacing are reduced. Benefits include high precision blocking; full-block support for maximal strength; recyclable blocking material for lower costs; no toxic waste, environmentally safe; easy process integration into existing surfacing lines; operator-friendly touch screen; interface to all existing lab server systems.
(972) 247-4000

Shamir Creation PolyPlus Transitions

Manufacturer: Shamir Insight
Description: Shamir’s PolyPlus material combined with Transitions VI
Features: Clear lenses indoors and at night. Quickly darken when you go outdoors. Block 100 percent of harmful UVA and UVB rays. reduce discomforting and disabling glare. Compatible with virtually all frame styles. Shamir PolyPlus is manufactured in Israel at new, state-of-the-art plant using latest energy/ecological saving production technologies and highest quality control. 80mm blanks fit a variety of prescriptions. Lenses received high marks in Bayer test. Lightweight, highest impact resistance. Bifringence-free and “water white” clear. Six times more resolution than standard lenses. Developed with Shamir’s Freeform Optics. Extended base curve selection. Up to 40 percent flatter, thinner than standard-index lenses.
(877) 514-8330


3M Leap LSE Pad Manufacturer/Distributor: 3M/Signet Armorlite
Description: These edging pads are the newest additions to Signet Armorlite array of 3M optical lab supplies.
Availability: 1,000-pad rolls. Choices include #1707, an 18mm oval shaped half-eye pad (same size/shape as 1696M LEAP III), and #1708, a 24mm round pad (same size/shape as 1695M LEAP III). Complimentary pads included with every pair of Kodak Unique digital lenses ordered with Kodak Clean’N’CleAR AR Coating. Samples available upon request.
(800) 759-0075

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